Sheep Bridge at the Verde River


  TRIP so far…


Bloody Basin Road
Bloody Basin Road The Trail to Sheep Bridge

We first stopped at the Agua Fria National Monument

Sheep Bridge 007

To see the Indian ruins at…

Sheep Bridge 049

From the jeep to the ruins…

about 1/2 mile walk.

Look at that view!

Sheep Bridge 002 - Copy

Right after this picture was taken… the jackets started to come off. It warmed up real quick.

The winter weather here, just north of Phoenix, has been quite warm.

Sheep Bridge 044 - Copy
Pueblo La Plato ruins.

The Hohokam Indian Culture lived here and all through the Bradshaw Mountains.

Sheep Bridge 012 - Copy

After the ruins we were back on Bloody Basin Road.

Bloody Basin Road
Bloody Basin Road

The trail is long and very bumpy.

4 wheel drive is needed.

There are many photo ops along the way. Going with other people makes this trip fun!

I can’t tell you how many times we said …

“where’s  the  bridge???”


As I was looking out the window…


I saw it!

This picture was taken up on top of the trail coming down!

Sheep Bridge 097 - Copy
Sheep Bridge


Sheep Bridge 100 - Copy

During WWII sheepherders built a walking bridge to herd their sheep across the Verde River.

It was torn down in 1988. The new bridge is 598 feet between towers.  The walkway itself is 476 feet long and about 3 foot wide.  It crosses high above the Verde River.  We all walked across it and felt quite safe!

Below is a shot taken from standing on the bridge. We were all amazed of how clear the water was. Lots of hot springs surround the area!

Sheep Bridge 123 - Copy
The Verde River

Sheep Bridge 098 - CopyAs I was walking across the bridge …

I noticed this cactus on the rocks.

Doesn’t he look like he is trying to climb up the rocks…

Love this shot!

Sheep Bridge 103 - CopyWe all gathered to get our last glimpse of the bridge.

Sheep Bridge 130 - Copy

It was a L-O-N-G trip…

but well worth it!

Sheep Bridge 135 - Copy
Sheep Bridge

Start out early and make the trip!

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    1. We went back a year or two ago. And said we will never go back again. It’s just too long and too bumpy. But I hear if the Verde River is down and you are able to cross it… then it takes a lot less time coming in from the other side. THE BRIDGE IS GORGEOUS!

Thank You So Much... for sharing your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts.