Come Sail Away With Me, Won’t You!


A day at Presque Isle and at the Bayfront of Erie, Pennsylvania turned out to be a great day!

The Tall Ships were on the Lake and they were calling to me… Come Sail Away With Me, Won’t You!

I would have loved too…  But I had pictures to take. Ha ha ha!

Along with the Tall Ships was the largest Rubber Duckie in the world. 61 feet tall and 12 tons in weight!

And if the Tall Ships were not enough for me…

I found these…

House Boats! Anchors screwed into the lake floor and cables keep these house boats from floating away.

I heard the lighthouse on this house boat is a bathroom.

Off I went to explore again… and I found this beauty!

Presque Isle Light House

Presque Isle has 11+ Beaches and It’s a fabulous get away. There is a campground at the entrance of this State Park… For all my RV friends!

My great day had to come to an end…


Until Next Time      ~Nancy

36 thoughts on “Come Sail Away With Me, Won’t You!

  1. John tells me that I saw the house boats when we rode our bikes out there. I certainly do not remember. How cool! John went to school with a guy who’s family lived in the lighthouse back in the day. The peninsula is a great place to ride bikes and visit the beach. Thanks for the great photos:)

      1. We are back in PA (well, we are actually in NY for two weeks visiting my mother) until Oct 16th. We won’t be stopping in Erie this year. John’s sister, BIL, nephew and family still live there.

  2. We lived in Victoria, BC for a few years and it was always a treat to see the tall ships when they came into the harbourThere are so many different ways to live—I love all the different kinds of dwellings. Great photo essay. :))

  3. My heart is hopping mad with joy because of the boats! 😀 Could the second boat have been the “When and If”? I sailed on her this April [].
    Thanks for the great pictures,

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I believe this is the Niagara. As for the other ships …it may be the one you got to sail in. They get 8-9 vessels for the Tall Ships Festival.

      It’s so fun to watch and take a ride in!!

  4. The more I look at the second sailboat from the top, the more I am convinced that it really is the “When and If” on which I sailed last year.

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