Saying Goodbye ~Tuesday Tidbits #95

Good morning friends… it’s 43 degrees outside. The coffee is brewing, the candle is lit and the sun is coming up. I am sharing a hygge moment with you… don’t you think? Here it is on video.

A lovely sunrise this morning…

When the soybean fields start to turn yellow and the trees start to show some color I know it’s time for us to say goodbye to our LakeHouse and get ready to go back to our home in AZ.

Oh, just hold on a minute… there’s still lots to enjoy here before we head west.

Poke berries! A lovely sight especially for the birds!

Just take a ride on a back country road and there you will see… glimpses of Purple Wild Aster blooming in the fields of Goldenrod.

And migratory ducks enjoy stopping by the lake for a rest.

The day after I took this picture of this house on Lakeside… she changed her flag to a pumpkin instead of the sun.

Speaking of Lakeside… another road post has been painted. If you missed my blog writings on this Lakeside Event you can read all about it here.

Isn’t this gorgeous!

I like how this artist incorporated the Street names onto the post.

It was kind of cute to find some sunflowers growing almost directly across the street from the newly painted post.

A short walk up from Lakeside this truck can be seen often…

…an edited version…

There is still some time for a few more visits to our local watering holes…

What’s nice for us is… not many patrons are here due to the 25% capacity. It’s nice for us but not so great for the restaurant. However, TakeOut has become extremely popular for many of these places.

And there’s always Sunset Grill to watch a sunset, be outdoors and partake in an adult beverage as well.

The garage door opening framed this picture nicely.

Saying Goodbye will be hard. We will miss friends and family that are close by …but what a lovely summer it has been to be here by the lake.

Thank you for all your visits this summer!