Tuesday Tidbits #89 The Livin’ is Good

Hi Everyone! It’s Tuesday and the Livin’ is Good!

Summer fun is happening all around us! The Captain …aka Sweet Man …took us for a boat ride. We definitely enjoyed ourselves!

The weather was fabulous up until a few days ago then the rain came. We are ready to build an ark. But I guess the flowers are enjoying it.

Because of all the rain we have decided that the corn is going to be over 10 ft. tall! It doesn’t matter to me as long as the sweet corn keeps coming! It’s been so good this summer.

The zucchini, summer squash and beans have been abundant! Which means lots of fresh summer meals have been made.

We even had our first harvest of tomatoes and a pepper!

The summer critters are still tormenting us.

Mr. Groundhog was spotted today. He’s been trying to take up residence under our sunroom. Grrrr!

We tried trapping him but he was not interested in the meal we left for him inside the trap.

And to make matters worse… this little squirrel is trying to live in our garage! Grrrrr… again!

At least the birds are staying where they are suppose to be!

And with all that critter excitement we are putting down a new floor in the kitchen. (Actually sweet man is… I’m the supervisor!) Pretty exciting stuff happening over here at Two Trails One Road!

And to think we were leaving for Germany and Italy this time last year… … … …

Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s okay… we all will all travel again… someday.

Until then …we will enjoy our close to home Summertime Fun!

I hope this finds you all well. Please take care my friends and whatever you do please stay safe.