Tuesday Tidbits #247 Changes!

Hi Friends!

October weather has come!

October weather can change in a heartbeat here in NW Pennsylvania. We witnessed that this past week. One day, it was 80 degrees and then 48 degrees the next. Today, it feels like October as I type this post. It’s cold and damp from on and off rain.

Last week we had a gorgeous day so we decided it was the perfect day to take the boat out before the weather turned. The lake was beautiful along with the surrounding trees in high color!

Fall at the Lake!

This was our last day of warm weather!

Fall in the Country

The Autumnal feels surround us everywhere we go. It’s been a joy to see God’s beauty change before our eyes this past month. Trees have turned bright colors, leaves are blowing down the road, and our mornings feel crisp while we wait for the sun to rise.

I saw the above view when I went to pick up fresh eggs and produce from a farmer’s market here in town. They decorated the hay barrels and gave me a chuckle!

I got the squash at the farmer’s market. These are our favorite kinds of squash. Buttercup and delicato squash.
Our favorite squash!
Chestnuts from our neighbor’s tree. They are delicious!
Outdoor Fall Decor.
Calling all witches!

We are enjoying the Autumn Colors around our home. Each day brings lots of Changes! How about you? Are you experiencing Autumn Colors where you live? Is it sweater weather yet?

Thank You!

That’s all I have for you this week. I hope you are embracing the seasonal changes and enjoying the simple pleasures that fall brings.

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

We wish all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

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