Tuesday Tidbits #85 Country Living

Country Living

Welcome In… to some good ole fashion Country Living!

It’s been a fabulous summer here at the Lake. Temps have been nice… up until this week. It’s gettin’ hot, real hot temps and humidity are coming this week. So there will be a lot of this going on…

The weather has been pretty darn good… the farmers have had no problem getting the hay cut.

. Hay!

Have you ever seen Amish Haystacks? Here are just a few.

And the corn is living up to that old saying… “Knee High by the 4th of July.” Actually it’s higher.

Our country rides take us past beautiful back road sights.

Isn’t this the cutest Roadside Market?

We met a new little friend at the Market…

A one month old goat named Mayberry.

And this hay bale was out of place. It’s a good thing I came along to push it back!

We love seeing old tractors. Did you see Sweet Man’s tractor in my last post?

Didn’t he do a good job refurbishing it!

Here are a few more we came across…

After all that country sight seeing it’s always good to get back to the lake.

And we are always happy to see our flower gardens which are doing quite well.

I’m off to use these fresh eggs. The lady at the Roadside Market had me wait until she checked all her chicken coops. I sure hope you have had a cage free fresh egg. There is nothing like it. The golden yolks are not only beautiful but they are tastier!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. Thank you for stopping by. It’s always nice to hear from you. Happy Tuesday to you!

53 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #85 Country Living

    1. This is so funny… I just commented on your blog at the same time! Great gals thinking alike at the same time!

      Glad you enjoyed my Summertime post in the country!

      Hot and humid today… stay cool on this Tuesday! Happy week to you!

  1. Glorious Nancy! Country living is the way to go if you ask me ☺️ we’ve endured a long heatwave and are now relishing in cooler temps. Have a fabulous week 💗

    1. We do appreciate and enjoy! Lovin’ life and feelin’ good! Thanks for stopping over Mr. Mark!
      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Aren’t they? And yes… you said it perfectly …fresh free range… I could not think of it when I posted. They are so golden and so delicious!

      And how about those tractors! ❤️

      Thank you for the visit! Have an incredible Tuesday!

  2. Good morning my friend. I love country living and all the images that you have shared with us. Hay cut and baled, the old tractors, a red barn, a field of corn, and your lovely garden have made for a delightful visit with you in PA!

    Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!

    1. And a beautiful Tuesday it is when you stop by for a visit! I’m so glad you enjoyed your short time in Pennsylvania!

  3. Sum, Sum, summertime….oh so beautiful….summertime on the lake was always so much fun..we truly had a good “growin up” on it…

    1. It’s where I grew up… so lots of memories here!

      I hope you can go for a ride in your beautiful countryside. Thank you for the visit!

      1. My mom grew up on a farm and I spent lots of fun days there as a kid. I love to go out looking for barns. In fact I have a few from a trip a few weeks ago that I haven’t posted. Hmmmm….

      2. Oh I am looking forward to your barn pictures.
        My grandparents lived on a farm too. It was fun going and being a farmer for a few days. (Well, I thought I was a farmer…😃)

    1. And she had a twin! They were so fun to watch as they love to jump and leap!
      Thanks for the visit Pit! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Thank you for this fun country road trip! I love the roadside market. And Mayberry is adorable!! It used to be nothing but farms around here, but everything started growing up. I really miss the simple country living. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank so much Michelle for your lovely visit. And this is where ai grew up. Sweet summertime memories for me! Happy Tuesday!

      1. That’s so neat that you grew up there! They turned our family farm into Bojangles and an auction site. Super disappointing. 🙁

  5. Good morning, Nancy! I adore country living, and you have posted some beautiful photographs! I agree….there is nothing better than fresh eggs! Your flowers look gorgeous! I hope you have a beautiful week, sweet friend!

    1. Hello Shannon… country living with us country girls is a wonderful life.
      So glad you came for a visit. Happy Tuesday dear friend! 😊

  6. Hi Nancy, I love these country images. Lots of color. And I love the bee that came to visit your roses. Happy Tuesday, friend! ❤️

    1. Hi Sandra!
      That bee loved that rose. He flew away a few times and came back to that same rose. So funny.

      Lots of colorful toys on a farm. Thanks for the love!

    1. Thank you Chris… it’s been a lovely summer even with all the craziness in the world.
      That flag kept blowing off the tractor. You should have seen me picking it up and placing it on the tractor… several times!
      Thanks for the visit Chris… and I hope you have a wonderful evening!

  7. Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying some country drives and your flowers are lovely. It has been hot and humid here in northern WI. Not cranking out many projects because of the heat but am getting in boat rides. Gotta cool off somehow. Enjoy lake life!

    1. It’s been quite nice here but this week it’s going to be hot! So yes… boating is the way to keep cool.
      Have a lovely evening, Ingrid.

  8. I love the photos of the tractors and your Sweet man did a fabulous restoration job 🚜 (I also love the photos of the flowers 🌸) Happy Tuesday to you, Nancy.

  9. Nancy, I think you either find or make fun wherever you go. That is the cutest roadside market. I had never seen the Amish haystacks. Do they look like that because they are done by hand rather than mechanically? Gorgeous pictures! So many of them are frame worthy!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Yes …the Amish do not use tractors or machines. They do everything by hand. I have watched them plow a field and cut the hay. The horse pulls their plow or cutter. They live a very simple life.
      Thank so much for the visit!

  10. Another lovely, joyfilled Tuesday Tidbits. Photos are cheerful! Thank you, Nancy, for spreading that which is lovely!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  11. Such a beautiful countryside Nancy. Looks like you have been training to muscle up a giant hay bale. 🙂 I hope it doesn’t get too hot for you but then you always have the lake.

    1. Yes the lake is cooling for sure… and it also gives me comfort in these crazy times.
      Thanks so much for the visit sweet Sue!

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