Tuesday Tidbits #33

Hello! It’s Tuesday and Welcome to another Tuesday Tidbits!

Last Tuesday I told you how it was a wet Spring here in Pennsylvania. Since Summer arrived this past Friday… we have seen the sun everyday! Hallelujah!

With the sun shining warm and bright… We celebrated Summer with a trip to the local Ice Cream Store. (In my 60 years… can you imagine how many cones and sundaes I have had at this Ice Cream Stand!)

Yes! They were as good as they look! Mine was Strawberry with a cherry hard shell coating! Sweet man had Blueberry! Delish!

The kayak went on another voyage on the lake… we do enjoy it! And so do others!

The other day I giggled to Sweet Man when we were driving down a back country road. I told him… “these country drives here in Pennsylvania are similar to our desert rides back in Arizona. Just different scenery out our windows…!”

Believe it or not… one of the guys on the tractor raking the hay (above) …I went to high school with him!😊

The Pennsylvania countryside is loving the sun!

How about that She Shed! I could sit there on its porch all day!

Do you see two fisherman …fishing for trout, perhaps?

That country church was found on one of our back road rides! What a beauty!

And when we are not driving the back country roads… the bikes come out!

One day while biking through town I stopped by at a Grand Opening of a new Store! It’s called The Cottage Rose! A charming boutique!

Bike rides are enjoyable here in my hometown… the sweet memories flood my head! Growing up on this lake was outstanding… oh what an amazing childhood I had! We lived on this lake all day. Swimming, boating, skiing, fishing and even a rope swing down a little ways from here.

Watching the guys rake and bale hay…

Fishing at the falls…

Hanging out at the Beach and riding my bike up to the Penny Candy Store…

Sunrises and Sunsets…

Making sure I got home before dark!

We didn’t know we were making memories …that would last a lifetime!

Thanks for following along on my nostalgic adventure…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #33

    1. Judy… you said it perfectly!

      And we plan to keep enjoying!

      And praying for continued glorious sun! ☀️

      Thank you for the visit!

  1. Oh Nancy, thank you for a trip down nostalgia lane. Growing up in the midwest, your country drive was a good reminder. During wheat harvest time, I was either driving or riding in the dump truck taking the wheat to the elevator for weighing. If I wasn’t doing that I was walking the wind rows of alfalfa. Swimming in the state lake, going on family picnics,Always something to do in the summer time.
    Thanks for the trip inside the new antique store. I could spend hours in there. And who doesn’t think of ice cream in the summer?, Yummy!
    Great memories thank you my friend.

    1. I am thrilled, Kari, that we walked down memory lane together! Hugs!!

      And I’ll have an ice cream cone just for you!

  2. Nancy, I love this series and look forward to it each Tuesday! This post tugs at my heart strings…ice cream, country roads, hay fields, red barn, old tractor, country church, pasture fencing! What a beautiful place to spend your summers with all of your childhood memories as you make more memories with your man! Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Oh Pam! You just pulled on my heart strings! Yes, indeed… Sweet Man and I are making more memories here in our other a Paradise!

      Family time here is also so very wonderful! 😊

      Thank you Pam for the love!

  3. Oh what nostalgic memories this brings back to me. Thank you sweet sister…I love you and I love your TT so much you will never know.

  4. It’s so wonderful that you can share the lake of your childhood with your husband and be able to spend summers there now…I am sure you have so many wonderful memories, old and new! It looks like a beautiful charming place, I know you’ll have a wonderful summer!

  5. Wow that church is beautiful!! How awesome you were able to attend the grand opening of that store. All these pictures are just stunning on the lake.. WOW! What an amazing time full of beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing, Nancy! I always sooo love reading your posts.

    1. Mackenzie… I’m so happy that you enjoyed the little tour of my hometown! I do enjoy it’s charming quaintness and it’s memories!

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