Tuesday Tidbits #92 Creativity Brings a Smile

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday. This week went by pretty darn fast. In fact, so has Summer. Today right here in our little town the kids are going back to school. (Some are going in the morning and some in the afternoon and a day of virtual learning while the school gets cleaned.) I know, I know we still have a lot of summer left… but when you see Halloween up all over the place and Christmas too… well it just gets me a bit discouraged.

Then my attitude changed when I went on my usual walk around Lakeside. I began to notice some changes!

The old road posts were getting a facelift! These old concrete posts are old! They were here when I was a young girl. They are ancient and of course are beginning to show their age… just like this old gal! 😆 So… now that we have beautiful street signs to guide us… a few local artists decided it was time to give these road posts a fresh new look.

This last one has a few pictures of memorable places that are now gone but were a big part of our summers growing up here on Lakeside.

Seeing this creativity brings a smile to my face. We all need that right now.

And for some of us… let’s keep on enjoying what’s left of summer!

Please know… my thoughts and prayers are with all those who are returning to a brand new school year.