Tuesday Tidbits #23

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Another edition of Tuesday Tidbits! Thanks for stopping in!

Sweet Man and I enjoy traveling… here, there and everywhere. Road trips are a way we can get to see the beautiful countryside… that is practically in our backyard! So last week we did just that. We headed to…

A Lake Havasu Get-Away

It’s pronounced “Have Awe Sue.” Lake Havasu is on the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and California. The Parker Dam at Lake Havasu creates this water reservoir/lake. You can read my last post HERE about the 4 dams, including Parker Dam, located on the Colorado River.

In 1973 a businessman, by the name of Robert McCulloch, flew over the area and was intrigued. He got together with C.V. Wood who designed Disneyland Amusement Park and the ideas began. Land was acquired but there was only one road leading in. The only way Mr. McCulloch was going to get people interested in the place was to fly them in. He brought people in from cold weather climates on private chartered flights to see the area and to tell them the potential of the place. Because of his efforts… by 1981 Lake Havasu City population was at 17,000.

Then one day he saw that London, England was selling their London Bridge because it was sinking. Mr. McCulloch bought it and had it shipped to Arizona. Many thought he was CRAZY for buying the bridge. But this landmark is the second most visited place in Arizona. The first is the Grand Canyon.

London took it down and labeled each piece of the bridge so that it could be put back together again at Lake Havasu.

This photo is from the Lake Havasu Visitor’s Center.

Unlike most bridges, this bridge was built on dry land. They added the channel around it after its completion. It is now called Bridgewater Channel.

Sweet Man inside one of the iconic English phone booths.

We walked along the beautiful Bridgewater Channel. It is full of eateries, outdoor bars, water boats sports rentals places and lovely areas to relax or have a picnic. We really enjoyed how a boat could pull up onto the bank and fish or let the participants wade alongside their boats.

This place is definitely a Boater’s Paradise!

While walking along the Channel walk we noticed…

Mock Lighthouses…

Each one is a replica of a Lighthouse from the USA.

Here is one from Buffalo, New York that is on Lake Erie.

At the Lake Havasu Visitor’s Center this set up was for viewing. All 25 Lighthouses locations on Lake Havasu with the name of it and where it was from.

While viewing I noticed there was a Lighthouse I have seen before in real life. (The Vermillion, Ohio Lighthouse.)

Because I once lived near Cleveland, Ohio the Vermillion Lighthouse was close by on Lake Erie.

Here are a few more at Lake Havasu…

After our walk we enjoyed a relaxing moment with a selfie of course.

A delightful meal of mussels and garlic toast tips and craft beers from the local Barley Brothers Brewery was thoroughly enjoyed. The London Bridge was in view while dining.

With tummies full we ventured over to the English Village which is on the other side of the Channel. There are restaurants, gift stores and the Visitor’s Center at the English Village.

We were amazed by the beauty here at Lake Havasu. It’s a great place for a Get-Away. If you have a boat or kayak… you will love it here. Add this place onto my reasons why I say “Arizona is gorgeous!”

I am always happy that you follow along and appreciate your visits very much. Thank you!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #23

    1. Stay tuned Pit… I’ll make sure you visit Arizona! The Southwest beauty is amAZing!

      Actually in all fairness… this whole USA country… is beautiful. So many places to see!

      1. Well, we’re in the process of booking a few days in Sedona [with the “Texas Exes”, the alumni of Mary’s University of Texas in Austin], and extend thaat with some travelling on our own, for sightseeing and bicycling.

  1. Nancy, what a beautiful place that I have never heard of before. Buying bridge from London and having it shipped must have cost a fortune, a most interesting story. On another note, I can’t ever figure out the time in Arizona. It is 7:42 here, what time is it there?

    1. There is now a 3 hour difference. When the clocks change in the Fall we will be 2 hours different. Arizona does not change their clocks.

      Yes… it’s early here. Tuesday I wake early… to hear the birds sing, coffee brew smells, sunrise color and to get Tuesday Tidbits out early so East Coast friends get to see it bright and early, Lol! I don’t schedule my posts… I have had problems in the past with that. So Good Morning, Pam!

      In 1968, Mr. McCulloch bought the bridge from London, England for $2,460,000! By 1971 it was up and running! These facts came from the Lake Havasu visitors guide.

      1. It was and large at that time. We volunteer at Bill Williams NWR and our last visit the Motorhome broke down on the main street but Bob managed to get it over the side. We spent a miserable 2/3 weeks there. Kato had a ‘ball’s as we went out to the lake every day.

  2. See? I told you Lake Havasu was beautiful my friend.
    Have you ever taken a boat all the way down the gorgeous Colorado River from Laughlin, NV/Bullhead City casinos to Lake Havasu? They have rentals. It takes all day to go and return, but it is the most amazing ride through the canyons, and so peaceful….Definitely one with nature.
    We took that trip several times and would arrive to eat lunch near the London Bridge and then we would boat back to the Casinos at Laughlin. It has been years since we boated down the river….probably 1995….so I am sure what was once a little town is now a thriving city. thanks for sharing !
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

    1. You were right! It’s a beautiful place! We have not boated down the Colorado so that’s on my bucket list!

      Here is a story:
      our server told us that once he boated down to Laughlin. Docked then checked into Casino. When he came out the next morning … he thought his boat was stolen. As he got closer… they drained/released the river at that area. His boat was on the bottom of a dry river. He had to wait until they pumped water back in. YIKES!

  3. Lake Havasu is indeed a fun place to visit. We loved our nearly 3 month stay there last winter. Getting out on the water is always a highlight. There’s some fun and tasty eateries that we found ourselves returning to.

      1. Next time I visit, I want to go on one those ‘duck boat’ excursions. Would be fun to get a group together for a wild ride on the water.

  4. Having lived in So Cal, I have heard of Lake Havasu of course, and new it was man made and beautiful, but had no idea about the London Bridge or the lighthouse replicas, fascinating!! It looks like such a fabulous vacation spot, I know you must have had a wonderful time!

  5. I have heard of Lake Havasu several times, but didn’t even really know where it was!

    The history behind it is fascinating & I love that there is a London phone booth there- too fun.

    Ok, those light houses are too cool!!! How unique & interesting!

    LOVE the picture of you two <3 So sweet.

    What a beautiful memory!

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