Happy Easter!

He has risen! Christ Has Risen! He lives!

My dad would say Christ has Risen, in Slovak, on Easter Morning and greet everyone with that when they came to our house on Easter Day. (Kristus vstal z mŕtvych)

Oh, the sweet memories of Easter Morning… My mother would have the meal prepared and she would keep it warm in the oven. But first, we went to church…

Mother made my outfit and my sister’s as well. White patent leather shoes, my sweet little dress and a special Easter Bonnet. And of course… I had little white, lace gloves! We would sit in church and sing the best hymns ever… but “In The Garden” was my favorite. Here is a You Tube Video singing my favorite hymn…I just love it!


 After Church Mom would put out the spread… we would eat like Kings! My favorite part of Easter was the Paska Bread. I made some for our Easter Feast today.

It’s a sweet, dense bread. It’s delicious right out of the oven or toasted the next morning. Plain with butter or decadent with jam.

After our early dinner we would set out and look for our Easter basket. My Easter Basket today looks more like this…

Our table is set and ready for friends to come over…

Happy Easter My Friends! Christ has Risen! He lives!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

34 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter blessings! Your childhood memories sound so much like mine. Always a new dress, hat, gloves, and patent leather shoes. The bread looks delicious my friend. Wishing you a wonderful Easter 🌺🌸🌺 He is Risen ✝️

  2. Lovely Easter memories. I also remember the new dress, patent shoes, Easter bonnet and of course church and egg hunts.

  3. Do you remember how to say “Christ has risen!” in Slovak? Your Paska Bread looks delicious.

    1. I will after I talk to my brother or sister… they will remind me how it’s pronounced perfectly! I had a little help from google translation when I wrote this post! Ha! Ha!
      Happy Easter!

  4. And Happy Easter to you! Beautiful Easter decor in your home! So Spring-like and a good reminder of the new life that we’ll all have because of our Savior’s resurrection. Great post. Thanks!

  5. Yes HE LIVES..These were wonderful memories if going to church with that basket to be blessed. I just love this time of the year with rebirth everywhere. God bless you two. I love you..I love you for always reminding us of our awesome childhood.

  6. Yes, Nancy…the most important remembrance is …He came to save us…and died for our sins and rose again on the third day. Amen!
    I love your other remembrances …they are much like mine. I always loved my little white gloves and handbag. I felt so grown up.
    What wonderful traditions and unfortunately, so many of the younger generation don’t pass these traditions on. 🙁 !!! I LOVE that you make the Paska bread that your mother made. Is it a recipe to share?
    Happy Easter sweet friend and enjoy your Easter celebration dinner with your friends and family.

  7. He is risen indeed! Thank you for sharing your sweet Easter memories with us, Nancy <3 These pictures are beautiful & that paska bread is making my mouth water. It does sound perfect with jam. Mmmm mm! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thank you for stopping in Mackenzie. The Paska Bread was delish! Our Easter was wonderful. Wishing you al basket full of blessings!

  8. Happy Easter, Nancy! He is Risen indeed. Alleluia!! A beautiful, beautiful post. Glory! ❤️

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