Tuesday Tidbits #78

Hello and Welcome In!

How are you doing?

We are living during a crazy time in history, aren’t we? I sure hope that you are staying well and safe. Are you taking time for YOU, now? Since we do have lots of time… why not make time for US! Time to stop and smell the roses… literally! I know it’s harder for some then others… but I hope you can try.

We have been enjoying our backyard gardens a little bit longer while enjoying our coffee or evening cocktail.

Love all the Yellows!

Our backyard creature visits have been fun to watch!

It’s fun to see our lizards. This guy is quite colorful!

The heat is warming up to triple digits! 😳 Therefore we head out for our bike rides early!

Sweet man leads our rides. Please remember our flat areas around here tend to incline… lol! In all fairness to us, actually me, we are in the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains so our rides can get a bit exhilarating! Lol!

But the sights along the way are fabulous!

Our saguaros do bloom! Most make crowns at the top of each arm.
Saguaro Blooms!

And if you follow me… you know we go on adventures. Last week we went on an adventure to higher elevation! We enjoyed getting out of the triple digits in temps. It was not only cooler but the vegetation was different as well.

The Ponderosa Pines are tall and fragrant!
That’s the Mogollon Rim you see in the background.
Here it is again.
And one more time!
Loved this unusual rainbow around the sun!

Another fun happening was that I got to go for a Ride- Along with sweet man as he golfed. What a beautiful golf course! I felt like I was in Tuscany!

Loved this view at the golf course!

And he had a great golf day!

In the coolness of air conditioning… I do help the economy with some retail therapy online. I added to my purple tea setting. I have started collecting Limoges and small trinket boxes. Do you see the small teapot and watering can… they are Limoges. And so is the small one in front of the watering can.

I just love them with my handmade felt heart made by me.

You can say we have kept busy… but it’s nice to come home and stay at home.

I hope you have found things to do during this pandemic. Thanks so much for reading another Tuesday Tidbits. And please know… I sure do enjoy all your visits and kind words.