Fallin’ for Niagara

Good Sunday Morning to you my friends!

We had the pleasure to take the grandkids North to see Niagara Falls. It’s a quick trip that’s less then 2 hours from our LakeHouse.

The American Falls were seen first and it was awesome to see that water rushing over the Falls. The first time you see them and hear the roaring of the water… you are in awe.

We arrived at the Falls very early in the morning to beat the crowds

…and the suspicion of rain.

After a quick look at the Falls we got in a short line for the Maid of the Mist. It’s the blue boat you see on the river. The red boat is called Hornblower and you can access it on the Canadian side of the Falls. They both take turns getting very close to all the Falls.

And yes… you get a wee bit wet…!

I suggest packing ziplock bags to keep your phone and important articles dry!

While we dry off we stop at the gift shop to buy a magnet and too see the cuteness they were selling.

After the magnet was bought we hopped in the car and headed for Canada across the Rainbow Bridge, which had no wait. The Rainbow Bridge is the walking bridge to Canada as well. And sometimes a rainbow can be spotted. The Peace Bridge, in my opinion, is always busy with a wait. Whirlpool Rapids Bridge was under construction and closed when we were there.

Seeing the Falls from the Canadian side helps you put it all into perspective.

Standing at the top of the Canadian Falls is magnificent! The rushing of water going over the Falls is a sight to behold!

The Falls are easily accessed on both borders. I will say… get there EARLY to beat the crowds and the expensive parking!

And who knows… you may even zip along side the Falls!

Another area to see …is the Niagara Whirlpool which is downstream from the Falls.

A ride on the Aero Car over the whirlpool might be fun!

There is much to do on both Borders around the Falls. This was a quick day trip for us.

So after a quick trip to the Duty Free store to purchase delicious Maple Cream Cookies… we were on our way back home.

The best tip I can give you when planning your trip to the Falls…is to ARRIVE EARLY!

Thank you for tagging along with us on our quick trip to The Falls! I appreciate each and every one of you. 😊

Until Next Time ~Nancy

32 thoughts on “Fallin’ for Niagara

  1. Nancy, your photos are amazing of Niagara Falls and what a fun trip with the adorable grands. Aren’t y’all all so cute soaking wet!!! We have never been to Niagara and I am not sure why, we must correct that. Happy Sunday sweet friend❤️

  2. I really enjoy Niagara Falls. I’ve visited many times and would love to go again. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I like the stuffed animals in their little ponchos.

  3. What a fabulous thing to do with your grandchildren! I’ve never been to the American side of the falls and hadn’t realized it was so easy to go between the countries. Wonderful photos and excellent tip on arriving early! Love that rainbow photo at the end of the article. Gorgeous.

    1. Glad you enjoyed that rainbow! They happen often. I took that rainbow shot on another visit because we dud not see a rainbow this visit.

      I’m glad you have seen the Falls! 😊

  4. I don’t know how I’ve missed going to Niagra Falls but there’s still time. It reminds me of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where you also get a pretty good shower.

    1. You have lots of time. And just North in Canada on Lake Ontario is a quaint little town called Niagara on the Lake. A beautiful wine country area! Hope you can travel there one day! 😊

  5. Great post and I can’t believe how much there is to do along with just seeing the falls…zip lining, etc. Just added to my bucket list. Beautiful pictures…..looks like you guys had a really great time!

    1. We did. There’s a lot to do. Plus a half hour north there is a quaint little town in Canada called Niagara on the Lake. It’s quite beautiful and it’s wine country as well.

    1. Thanks so much Pam! It’s funny … some of these places around us here in Pennsylvania I took for granted when growing up. Like Lake Erie, Presque Isle and Niagara Falls. Now as an adult I have such a greater appreciation!
      Thank you for the visit!

  6. Fabulous photos Nancy, I know your grands had a ball! Love the duck in the rain coat, so cute! I have been there once as a child, thanks for taking me again!

  7. So beautifully captured, Nancy! What a fabulous trip.I didn’t take cool photos, but I recall the powerful waterfalls. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. We love Niagra Falls! We went there for our 25th Anniversary! We took our kids along as well. That was a long time ago as we have been married going on 41 years! 😀

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  9. What a fun trip to the falls!!! I haven’t been in years—there really is something just so incredible and breath taking about seeing them in person. The true definition of “awesome”. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

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