A Trifecta!

We got up at “O-Dark Thirty” and we took the Jeep up to the top of our favorite spot to watch the sunset. It’s a nice sized hill… pretty darn close to being called a mountain. You need a 4 wheel to get up to the top or you can hike it. So at that hour… plus I had camera “stuff” …we drove up!

Here is the first of the Trifecta. The Super Moon! Which however was called a Blue Moon because it was the second super moon this month. (the second part of our trifecta!) That doesn’t happen very often … the reason we get the phrase…  “That doesn’t happen only once in a Blue Moon!”

The Super Moon or January Blue Moon






The last of the trifecta was the Lunar Eclipse that caused the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon was definitely red. You will also see as the moon begins to eclipse back and it then sets over the mountain. Watch the slide show for the Lunar Eclipse.


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What an amazing experience! All photos were taken on my Lumix FZ 200.

Let’s not forget that the sun was coming up behind us when ALL this was going on!

Morning glow begins…


Time to go home and have more coffee! Thanks so much for stopping by!


48 thoughts on “A Trifecta!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. It truly was a wonderful experience!

      Thanks for coming along for the lunar eclipse event!

    1. Yes… this morning when I saw the whispy clouds I got a bit worried!

      When the moon started to set it got quite hazy. But we hung in there. It was a fabulous experience!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful rest of the day to you!

      1. It definitely will not be the Spring we had last year! We do need rain!

        I have seen some early blossoms on the trees due to our warm winter. My lavender is blooming much earlier then usual. Hopefully the cacti may still show off their blooms when spring comes.

    1. It was amazing! We enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much for taking the time to view the pictures. Your kind words are so appreciated!

    1. Let me tell you… it was hard but someone had to do it! Ha! Ha!

      So glad you got to view! And I always look forward to your wildlife shots.

      Enjoy Tucson!

      1. So am I as we have had nothing but rain and cloud and fog lately so haven’t seen a thing in the sky:(

    1. How very kind of you!

      I am so glad you got to experience the trifecta right along with us.
      We are “lunar lovers!”
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  1. Oh you got some fabulous photos! This moon has been quite the seducer this month hasn’t it. I got one decent photo of the eclipse, but since it was just the one, it just didn’t dazzle. But you, Girlfriend…you really captured it all so well and really got the dazzle of it. An excellent post. Thank you.

    1. How kind of you! Your words really made me smile.

      We had a lot of fun viewing it! Even though getting out of a warm bed was very hard!

      Thank you ALWAYS for your kind words! I love hearing from you!

  2. What amazing pictures you were able to capture!!! You got incredible shots of every phase!! So thrilling and rewarding after getting up so early!!! And to be able to see the sun come up too in such spectacular fashion!!!! Wow!! It was cloudy here so we did not get to see it, glad to see it through your eyes!!!

    1. Oh I am so glad you got to see this! What an experience!
      I just saw you live video on Instagram of your newly fallen snow! I bet you snowshoe and see some amazing views as well!
      Thanks for stopping in!

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