Hamburg, Germany

Cruising on the English Channel was awesome!

Seeing the White Cliffs of Dover (from far away) was fabulous. It was a bit hazy though!



The English Channel.

After cruising the English Channel we then entered the Alb River in Germany.

Elbe River



P1030307 - Copy

Beautiful scenery on the Alb…



P1030328 - Copy


P1030325 - Copy
The First Biergarten has been spotted!
The city of Hamburg is in focus…

P1030329 - Copy

Hamburg was having a Ships Festival when we arrived at port.

We began to see many ships, boats, and yachts of all sizes. We were blowing our horn and all the other ships were blowing their horns! It was awesome to hear!
We were bigger then them!


Another Biergarten!  Do you see the graffiti? We saw a lot of graffiti when we were in the city as well.
The Festival on Land can be seen as well.




The port was quite beautiful. European architecture is truly amazing…
The ships are waiting for their okay to set sail.
And when they got the okay… the port was taken over!


All different kinds of cruising vessels go by.




We then took part in the festival and saw some of the city. I did not bring my camera as I left it on the ship.

But… let’s just say.

We enjoyed a few German Beers.



Next stop is Port of Le Havre, France where we rented a car to go to Normandy!


51 thoughts on “Hamburg, Germany

  1. While you were watching my bird post, I’m here viewing your fabulous cruise trip! Such a beautiful city, love the captures of the architecture! The the ship festival looks so much fun. What a trip, Nancy! 🙂

    1. An awesome trip indeed!
      Hmmm… dooo dooo dooo do… kind of like the twilight zone with us looking at each others’ blog at the same time. Too Funny!

  2. I might enjoy this type cruise better than the islands. Sailing in nothing but water for days isn’t my idea of fun. But traveling in the river looks wonderful! The port was a zoo…crazy!

  3. You’re looking mighty fine in that last pic of you serving beer LOL. What a busy and crazy port. I do love European architecture.

  4. Oh that looks like so much fun! We have never done a cruise but you are doing a great selling job! Perhaps best to leave the camera behind when going for some great German beers. 🙂

  5. Photographing form the perspective of the water certainly was advantageous for you. The photos are just stunning, Nancy, and how exciting a journey. I especially enjoyed seeing the others vessels sharing the waterway with you. Thank you for sharing your continuing adventures. 📮

  6. Hamburg my pearl, thats what we say! Did you eat a Fischbrötchen ” a bread roll with fish”?

  7. Nancy, beautiful photos. I well remember crossing the English Channel and seeing the White Cliffs of Dover. I have been to several places in Germany, but not Hamburg…looks fascinating!

  8. Being a native German, I’ve always come from the “land side” to Hamburg, not from the sea: all the more interseting to see your pictures of going up the Elbe.
    One thing, though: those pictures at the end, of a girl in a “Dirndl” service beer, a “Tirolerhut”, and a “Brez’n” – that’s Bavarian, not northern German. Sorry to say, but that should not appear in a post about Hamburg. We Germans have our regional pride. 😀
    Best regards from a German in Fredericksburg/Texas,

    1. So glad you found your way to my Hamburg post.

      As for those Bavarian Girls… this little ole Slovak gal from Pennsylvania had no idea! Lol!

      I have been to Fredericksburg, Texas severally times. My sweet man and I start our day at the cute little Pie Place.

      We have family in Boerne, Texas.

      1. Hi Nancy, I’m happy myself that I stumbled across your blog.
        As to Germany/Bavaria in the US: I always find it amazing, that “German” equals “Bavarian” in the US. Even here in Fredericksburg, that was settled by Germans definitely not from Bavaria. I always suspect that it is because after WWII Bavaria was in te American zone, and thus all the GIs that were – and still are here – are stationed in southern Germany. Maybe also because “Lederhosen” are such a distinctive piece of clothing.
        So have family in Boerne, and you’ve been to “Fritztown”. By “cute little Pie place” do you mean the Fredericksburg Pie Company? We love their pies. Maybe we can enjoy their pies together some day.
        Enjoy your day,

      2. That’s the Pie Place! You never know when our paths may cross. I have met Ingrid and another gal here in BlogWorld!

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