Tuesday Tidbits #80 Glass-blown Goblets

Welcome In! It’s already Tuesday and it’s June!

With all the disheartening news out there… I hope when you come here for a visit that your mind can take a break from it all.

When coming down Mingus Mountain … I saw these Wild Irises all over the forest. They brought nothing but Joy to me when I saw them!

After seeing the Iris… I mentioned to Sweet Man that I wanted to go to Jerome, AZ since we were so close. Once an old mining town… Jerome has become a neat little mountain town full of artsy boutiques, gift shops and wineries.

You never know what you will come across in this fun town!

You see, Arizona has lifted their Stay at Home order a bit more. So with masks on we went into a few stores. I was happy to see that some stores had re-opened. I sure hope the other stores can open and stay in business.

After seeing this cool truck… I was on a mission to find the local Glass Blower. His name is Tracy Weisel and he makes beautiful glass creations. I purchased 2 glass goblets from him a few years ago but wanted two more to add to my set. After walking down the hill to his shop I saw a sign that said OPEN! And you know I was unbelievably thrilled when I walked in and saw him!

Here he is Tracy Weisel

Tracy was not blowing glass this day but was creating a casserole dish out of clay! We chatted with him while I looked over his glassware. I chose two more glass goblets to add to my others. He packaged them up and we were off. I was as happy as a clam!

One evening I had to set the outdoor bar for the two of us… but used all 4 goblets. And why not?

The wine was chilled… the evening temperature outdoors was perfect and our desert patio was open! I cut some Bougainvillea Flowers and placed them in one of the goblets. It’s nice to use what you have.

Al Fresco dining is always lovely but it’s even better with my New Goblets!

I chose colorful paper napkins, a yellow plate and a green charger on a straw placemat. Casual and fun! And the little added yellow lantana added a touch of freshness.

Even my Frog Wine topper made it out!

I really do love these goblets and am glad that he signs each and every one.

It sure is special when you can purchase something local and are able to meet the artist as well.

I wish you could have joined us for wine…

Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration the next time you share a bottle of wine with your love or with a friend.

61 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #80 Glass-blown Goblets

    1. How about that truck! And yes it was LOW!
      Glad you enjoyed the goblets. I just love them.
      Have a great Tuesday, Chris!

    1. They really are! Sweet Man and I have done two workshops in Glass Blowing. We have lovely glass pumpkins too prove it.
      I am so glad you enjoyed our goblets. Have a beautiful Tuesday!

  1. We were in Jerome in February, it was so busy we were in a line of traffic, nowhere to park, so we just drove through and kept on driving. I’ve been there once before, about 20 years ago. Next time we’ll try to stop!

    1. Yes… in the Spring Jerome gets very crowded. We take all our guests to Jerome as it’s such a cool place for interesting gifts to take home.
      And …There’s also a winery with a wonderful view of the Red Rocks of Sedona.
      They have added a parking lot. Hopefully it will help.
      Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hey Nancy! Your stories of visited towns is great to read.. that view of the mountain is beautiful!! That’s so cool to meet a glass maker.. (glad they still exist here in America) and you chose some beautiful glassware.

  3. When we visited Jerome last autumn, I liked the town, but was disappointed at the same time. The tour had been announced as visiting a ghost town, but that must have given me the wrog impression. It sure must have bee a ghost town at some point in its history, but no more. Interesting it still was, though and I took quite a few pictures. I love the wide vistas from there, across the valley. And one real surprise: I saw a small VW Bully camper van there, from Germany, with a number plate from the administrative district I had lived in for 35 years!

    1. Yes it’s a different kind of Ghost Town… It is known for actual Ghosts … haunting ghosts. There is the Grand Hotel that is supposedly haunted as it was the hospital where many miners died when it was a mining town in the 30’s. They say the number is close to 9,000 deaths.
      There is a Ghost Town of old Trucks! It’s amazing! I have many pictures of those old trucks handing in my office. I will have to share them one day.
      If you ever want to see a fabulous Wild Wild West Ghost Town… Wickenburg has a fabulous one. I shared a post of Vulture City Ghost Town. Here is the link…
      Happy Tuesday to you Mr. Pit! Thank you for the visit!


  4. Nancy, your goblet collection is beautiful! Your outdoor bar setting looks so pretty and colorful! What a fun place to spend the evening enjoying wine and dinner! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

    1. To own these real hand blown goblets makes me happy. I love real art made by real people in front of me. Thanks so much for visiting Shannon. Enjoy your Tuesday my friend.

  5. I love the way you make your meals special for no special occasion. You seem to make life fun just because you can. Those goblets are exquisite. I am glad some places in Jerome are opening and hope that will be the case for more–all over the U.S.

    1. Thank you so much! I am one to set a table just for seasonal looks as well. It dresses up the house quite nicely.

      I just had to share these beauties… I really like them. Happy Tuesday my friend!

  6. Whether you’re experienced at doing it or not, there is something to be said for anything you make by hand. I think it’s the love that inevitably goes into it 💜 Your goblets are gorgeous and they would look amazing in my al fresco dining area too.

    1. I think I need more… what do you think Clare?

      I’m glad you agree with me about handmade. Thanks so much for stopping by. I would have shared wine with you but just can’t do that virtually. Happy Week to you!

      1. I’ll think pf you when I enjoy a glass of red after work today. And yes. You need more 😊💜

  7. A couple of years ago, we sat in on one of Tracy’s glass blowing demos. Fascinating and talented guy. Your outdoor bar looks very inviting 😎

    1. I sat in one of his classes as well. It’s when I bought the first 2 glasses. He was not blowing glass recently, when we stopped in, as it was too hot to fire up the ovens.
      Sweet Man and I have taken two workshops in a Phoenix Glass Blowing Studio and made Glass Pumpkins. Tracy was aware of the studio and sends people to the studio to learn how to make beautiful creations.

      Ever since Sweet Man built the bar… we use it often! Except for now… it’s too hot!

      Thanks for the visit and we need to keep in touch this summer. 😊

  8. What great taste you have. I was with you once when you purchased one of these goblets..they are stunningly beautiful. What an awesome craft he creates.i remember this darling shop..your dining patio is perfect and so is your tablescape. Love and miss you so..wish I was there to sip some wine.

  9. What a fun outing!! LOVE the old truck, and the handblown glasses, swoon!! Those are gorgeous!! You always go on the best little day trips, so happy your area is opening a little! I am really missing shopping, I did go to a local market this morning, and it was so nice to do something normal, even though I had to wear a mask. Stay cool,

    1. I was hoping you would see these glasses! They are fantabulous. I think I need more… don’t you think?
      Having some stores open has been wonderful. Antique stores are open too!
      And I wear a mask too. 😷

    1. I need to do a post on all my old truck pictures. I have a whole gallery wall, in my office, full of my old truck captures! We see them a lot out in the desert. I love Old Trucks!
      And… This little town of Jerome has a Ghost Town of old Trucks that you can wonder around in.
      Oh yea… those goblets… I love ‘em too!

  10. Truly beautiful glassware that I’m sure you will enjoy for years to come. They are opening up some stores up here too. One fabric store allows two people in at a time while another one only takes appointments for one person at a time for 45 minutes and then they disinfect before the next client. I’m working from my stash or buying online because that is a little too much trouble.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed these lovely goblets. I am pretty sure I need two more! Don’t you think?

      I agree with you on too much trouble with the fabric stores. Hopefully they come up with a better plan.

      Oh one day this is all going to go away… right?

  11. I am sorry I am late for the fun party on the patio! The goblets are gorgeous, love them. I just asked hubby and we think we remember going to Jerome. Your bar area looks so fun, we have eaten alfresco the past four nights. I love all of your road trips, day trips…all of the fun places that you explore.

    It is so good to see your uplifting posts my friend!♥️

    1. Good s Morning Pam!
      I’m so happy you saw these goblets. I love them.
      Jerome is a fun town… we take all our guests there when they come to AZ for the first time. And you think you were there… how neat!
      Sweet a Man added the bar and we use it quite often. I am always so glad when you stop by. And You have been in my thoughts. Happy week to you! 😊

    1. Since sweet man built this bar it’s been a lovely addition to our patio. Great for alfresco dining or when friends come over.
      I think I need more goblets… don’t ya think?
      Stay safe and well my friend!

    1. Oh seeing those wild irises was such a treat! I never knew there were wild irises!
      He makes beautiful glass and these goblets are proof of that. Thank you for the visit! 😊

    1. Thank you! So the consensus says… I need a few more of these goblets to make a bigger set! What say you!
      Have a great weekend my friend!

  12. I am glad you did. To resist buying those wonderful goblets. The color combinations are terrific and add such energy to your table.

    1. I enjoy them very much. The colors are vibrant and yes, they are full of energy!
      Thank you for the lovely visit. Stay well my friend.

  13. Those goblets are stunning. Wishing we had been there to join you as well!
    Such fun to explore these quaint little places. If that truck could tell its tales. 🙂

    1. Oh those old Trucks have lots of stories! And so glad you enjoyed the goblets. Aren’t they fun?
      So glad to hear from you sweet Sue. You stay well!

  14. Jerome is so unique. Glad to hear it is starting to reopen. I had no idea there was such a talented glass blower there…..love his work. Stunning. Great post Nancy and thanks for sharing!!

    1. I’m glad you know about Jerome. It’s a place we like to take guests.
      Aren’t these goblets wonderful!
      So glad you stopped by.
      Take care of yourself Kirt!

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