Tuesday Tidbits #81 Our Quail

Hello Friends and Welcome In

It’s that time of year when the baby Quail are seen all around. And it just happens that we had a whole family in our backyard yesterday! They are so fun to watch. Believe it or not… these little ones are probably a week or so old. I have seen them smaller then this.

They are so fun to watch!

And are so darn cute!

We had a nest a few years back in a plastic tub of dirt in our side yard. They will nest almost anywhere.

And as soon as they come… they are off to bigger adventures!

Take care little ones… soon you will grow to be a beautiful Gambel’s Quail.

Thank you for visiting our Arizona Backyard and our Family of Quail!

44 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #81 Our Quail

  1. Nancy, thanks for sharing the quail videos, they are so cute. I have a family of rabbits living under my magnolia tree. Creation is always so interesting to watch.

    1. Me too! Except they are the roosters of the desert. We have a few that do their one cry at 5 in the morning! Lol!
      I’ve been having fun watch you and Al trek across the country!
      Safe travels to you!😎

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s a mess of babies! So adorable! I love the quail out there, in fact way back in 1989 I was in AZ with my folks and fell in love with the quail. My mom bought me a sterling and stone pin of a quail as a memento. She’s been gone 16 years now, and I treasure that little piece of jewelry.

    1. Oh I bet you do treasure that lovely piece!
      We love our Quail! We have fun watching them march across the top of our wall!
      Thanks for visiting our back yard. Have a beautiful day!

  3. They have made a home at your place, smart birds! The food always looks good and the place is gorgeous! Thank you for these heartwarming pictures Nancy! Take good care.

    1. Sandra… it’s always so good to hear from you. You always have such kind words to share. Thank you!
      Have a beautiful week!

  4. Nancy, I so enjoyed seeing the baby quail this morning. We used to have them around here, but for some reason they have disappeared. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day, sweet friend!

  5. How blessed you were to have this family move in with you–if only temporarily. So very cute! I used to see a family crossing a backroad occasionally on my way home from work. Such a pleasure! Thank you for sharing your videos.

  6. One of the things I miss in Arizona. I loved having the family parade crossing the street in the neighborhood or my favorite when Mom & Dad would lead the kids up to my home office window sill on their way to the backyard wall just a jump away from the window sill.

    1. They are so fun to watch!
      And when they are first born they look like tiny mice running so fast behind Mom and Dad.

      Sending well wishes to you my friend! Happy Tuesday!

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