It’s Bean Time!

Picnic in the Desert with Friends

What should we bring?

Crockpot Cowboy Beans!

Everyone at the picnic loved them! This recipe makes a lot. My Crockpot was full. This recipe could easily be cut in half.

Our local Rock and Mineral Club had a sunset picnic and then looked for fluorescent rocks at night!

Here is a display of our Fluorescent Rocks that we have… to show you that some rocks and minerals will fluoresce under long and short wave lighting.

Here is how I made the Cowboy Beans.

I bought thick bacon and chopped it up before frying it and drained the fat then added it to the crockpot.

I sautéed the diced onions in the same pan that I used for the bacon.

I browned the ground beef. When it was done, I drained the fat.

I added everything to the crockpot. Bacon went in first, then ALL the Beans,

then I added the onions…

And in went the Ground Beef.

I added the ketchup and Molasses (no picture) and stirred it all together. It all cooked on low for about 5 hours in the Crockpot. The end result was fabulous!

Thanks for reading and I hope you get to make these Beans. They are delicious and they serve a crowd.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

20 thoughts on “It’s Bean Time!

    1. It made a lot… but we had to feed a lot of people. Could easily halve the recipe. I know your Cowboy Beans are very similar and delicious!

      Being in the desert at night was a whole new experience. Very interesting!

  1. Nancy, any recipe with a pound of bacon has to be good! I am saving your recipe. Can you believe my almost three year old EM loves beans?!! Have a wonderful week my friend!

    1. This feeds a large amount of people… but it’s soooo good. Yum in the tum!

      …and good for Ella Mae for enjoying Beans! 😊

  2. I love the ingredients for this recipe and it sounds so good that it is going in my recipe file Nancy.
    I am so glad it feeds a bunch because the Captain and I are always feeding large groups of people. I had a recipe a long time ago from an old Betty Crocker cookbook that is similar only it called for several cloves of garlic too and it went into the oven instead of a crock pot. This seems similar so I know we will like it. Hugs my friend

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