Tuesday Tidbits #15

Critter Invasion!

These were made at a Wire Wrapping Class where a few people gathered and made the legs for them. One friend glued all the legs on to the beautiful tumbled rocks. Then another friend glued all the eyes on! They came out so cute!

These will just be one of the prizes that children will win after playing games at a Rock and Gem Show.

I just had to share!

Thanks for reading along…

Until Next Time~ Nancy

Get Out and Explore

Sweet Man and I like an adventure…

And here in Arizona there is beauty around every turn.

We head out in our Jeep and further investigate by hiking some trails our Jeep can’t go.

You never know what you might see…

After “Morning has broken…”

I sure hope that you are able to

…Get Out and Explore…

…because God’s Beauty is out there to be seen!

Thanks again for visiting! Hope you can get out and enjoy the simple things…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #14

It’s a Galentine’s Party! I guess that’s the new way to say a Valentine’s Party for your gal pals only. Friendship Gardens with special friends need watered so why not gather your gal pals all together for some fun! I decided to do just that !

I made the chocolate covered strawberries and ordered the cake! Isn’t it beautiful?!

Everyone was to bring an appetizer. And with my wings we had a delightful party! We had lovely tables to sit at…

I love how the light is shining on this table.

The family room was decorated as well!

I bought a crystal bowl at an antique store and I knew I had to have a Trifle in it!

The desserts are ready…

So all of us gathered… we nibbled and chatted the night away along with the enjoyment of some yummy wine! What fun!

I sure hope that you are able to attend a Galentine’s Party!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #13

Valentine TeaTime

I want to share a few teatime moments with you… that may get you in the mood for Valentines Day.

Outdoor patio…

Red inspiration…

At the coffee table…

For Breakfast…


At your kitchen table…

Wherever it may be … A Valentine Tea Time is a perfect excuse to stop, rest and re-energize.

I hope you can stop and enjoy a cup of tea today. It’s the little things that bring us joy. Thank you for visiting.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Oh NOLA, It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

We enjoyed our stay in New Orleans very much! It was an easy city to navigate with welcoming, friendly people around every corner.

Streetcar Transportation is easy and inexpensive. $3 per person for the day. But you must have exact change! You can hop on and hop off throughout the city. It’s fun to ride the historical line. And the green Street Car takes you up St. Charles Ave. through the Garden District.

In fact… here we go …”All Aboard!” We rode it all the way to the end. It’s a beautiful ride! You pass gorgeous homes, lovely churches and the Universities. (Loyola and Tulane)

At the end of the line… we got off but then got back on the street car and rode it back down St. Charles. As you ride you will see that the trees still have Mardi Gras beads leftover from all the many Mardi Gras parades that go down St. Charles.

We then hopped off at Washington Ave. We walked a block down and found a small restaurant where you could grab a coffee and a bite to eat before you walk all around the neighborhoods of where celebrities like The Manning family lives (where Eli and Peyton) grew up. John Goodman, Nicholas Cage and Emeril Lagasse call NOLA home and have homes in the Garden District. We also found another Cemetery… The Lafayette Cemetery was one block up from St. Charles On Washington.

I wanted to walk the streets lined with big oaks, magnolia trees and gorgeous homes. The rain had ceased and the sun was shining brightly!

We enjoyed the homes and loved seeing some decorated for Mardi Gras.

Back to the Street Car on St. Charles we went. We took it just for a few minutes and got off at the bar called The Avenue Pub where we had a beer and a rest.

We enjoyed our beers but wanted to go to Jackson Square, back in the French Quarter, to see the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral.

On the way we passed one of Emiril’s restaurants. We did not stop as we were going to eat in the French Quarter.

We did a street line connection at Canal Street which is the Main Street of the city. While waiting for our connection the beautiful building with a white tower top, once known as the Hibernian Bank, is seen. It’s a pretty spot in their skyline that is lit up at night.

Off to Jackson Square we went… an easy street car hop off and there we were. It’s easy to find as it’s on the Mississippi River and Decatur St.

A bronze statue of General Andrew Jackson is found and it’s is also why the area is called Jackson Square. We strolled right inside the church which was spectacular!

Off we went on foot to Royal St. a fancy street of fabulous shopping and high end antique stores. My son and his wife chose her engagement ring from a lovely jewelry store on Royal when they visited a while back. We were amazed by the chandeliers in many of the stores. The following picture was taken outside looking in through the window.

This spectacular chandelier went for a little over $170,000 ! 😳😳

A few more beautiful displays of lighting that you could purchase.

By this time we were hungry and we knew we wanted to eat at ACME. We started with fabulous Louisiana Oysters shucked right in front of us at the bar!

Then I enjoyed the Crawfish Étouffée and Sweet Man had Jambalaya, Gumbo, Rice and Beans with andouille sausage. A fabulous meal! And reasonably priced.

We highly recommend ACME Oyster House.

After dinner it was time to stroll back to our bed and breakfast. Making sure to take in the sights along the way.

We had a fabulous time in New Orleans and it was hard to say Goodbye. The people were extra wonderful and happy. We will be back!

Thanks so much for coming along on our NOLA Getaway!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #12

Rain did not spoil our second day in New Orleans. We had a Gray Line Bus tour scheduled. Sweet Man had this lined up ahead of time. We have done similar tours in other cities and we recommend them. There is always a tour guide who gives the history of the city along with their restaurant recommendations etc. This one did not disappoint.

While we waited we saw that the street car line was right across the street along with a Jackson Brewery. Which ended up to not be a place to taste beer but to only purchase it to go. However when the tour was over we were able to head over here for an extra umbrella as we did bring one with us.

As we waited for the bus to take off I noticed that the SteamBoat was floating down the Mississippi in front of us. It looked cold and miserable on the river.

The following pictures are not the greatest due to the bus windows being covered in raindrops. Even though Joan of Arc statue is covered in rain droplets she still welcomed us to NOLA.

The tour director gave us an understanding of what Shotgun Houses were. Forgive the picture but it shows you how small they are. There are several of these style homes in New Orleans.

Shotgun houses are narrow rectangle homes usually no more then 12 feet wide. The rooms are lined up right after another with no hallway. They built these because the taxation was on the frontage of the property and nothing else. It also was said you could shoot a shot gun through the front door and it would come out the back door.

Many homes in the French Quarter were quite colorful.

The tour took us past the Art Museum, the WWII museum and botanical gardens. All beautiful places but because of the rain I am not going to share the raindrop shots! If we would have spent one more day in New Orleans we would have gone to the Museums especially the world renowned WWII museum!

The tour did take us to our first cemetery called the St. Louis Cemetery. Here we did get off the bus to take pictures with an explanation as to why almost all the cemeteries are above ground and to how they were built.

Because NOLA is below sea level and the water table is quite high their cemeteries have to be above ground. Many of their cemeteries are hundreds of years old. And they are in row after row after row… almost like streets which is why the cemeteries are also referred to as “Cities of the Dead.” Each tomb/vault is for a whole family …believe it or not.

How in the world can all those coffins fit in one tomb/vault.??

In the next photo… this tomb is quite old and the front has crumbled away but it can also show how they can place and entire family in one tomb/vault. New Orleans has a law that when one family member has died and is laid to rest …two years must go by before another family member is placed in that tomb. At that time, the first coffin in the tomb is broken up and the bones of the first deceased person are put in a bag and placed down at the bottom of the tomb. Then the new coffin goes in. This can go on and on for years upon years. If by chance a family member dies before the two years… New Orleans have special vaults where the deceased can wait until they are able to be laid to rest in their Family Tomb. Believe it or not they have Society Tombs as well. I saw an entire volunteer Firemen organization that had a very large tomb. Other organizations did the same.

Old and New…

Many tours of many different cemeteries are are given throughout the day and night.

I don’t think I could go at night but maybe you can!

After our bus tour we headed to the famous… Cafe Beignet!

We had a great cup of coffee and shared 3 Beignets. They are as yummy as they look!

The beautiful Garden District of NOLA and Jackson Square will be featured in my next post. Thanks so much for following along on our wonderful get away…

Until Next Time ~Nancy


Arriving at New Orleans was easy after being picked up by our designated driver from our Bed and Breakfast. He was very informative and gave us a mini tour on the way into the French Quarter where we stayed.

When we arrived … wine awaited us.

While being checked in I had to take a few pictures of the Bed and Breakfast.

The gallery wall and chandelier caught my eye as they were amazing!

After being checked in…

…We were hungry and our driver recommended the best place for Shrimp Po-Boys. (A fabulous sandwich on toasted French bread with special sauce , fried shrimp and lettuce. The shrimp are butterflied to perfection.) It was a short walk away for the sandwich.

We split one in half and it was delicious!

Off we went walking as Bourbon St. was only a few blocks away. We were determined to have drinks at the oldest bar in America called Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. My son had told me about this place being lit by candles and twinkle lights at night.

It was built first as a home in 1770. It is one of the oldest standing structures in New Orleans and said to be the most haunted venue in the French Quarter. After a cocktail, with no ghosts seen, we were off. We were thrilled to see that Bourbon St. was not crowded and we made our way down to see a few bands playing at different establishments.

Outside on the street were a few frozen in time individuals. This man did not move an inch as we watched him a few minutes.

We were happy that Bourbon St. was calm and enjoyed the sights.

We stopped in at a small restaurant that was right around the corner from our bed and breakfast for a night cap. Not a touristy place but a neighborhood establishment…

One of the homes that lined the street on our walk back to our bed and breakfast.

Our first day in New Orleans was wonderful! And I had already had a Shrimp Po-Boy and walked on Bourbon St.. Two items already checked off My List of things to do in New Orleans! Stay tuned for my next post of Tuesday Tidbits! I will share our second day where more was checked off My List as well!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #11

Sometimes you just want something a little sweet but don’t want to eat unhealthy. I have the perfect recipe for you! These are called…

Energy Bites

And they are easy and delicious! No baking required!

1 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup honey

1 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1/4 cup raisins

1/4 cup craisins

1 tsp. Vanilla

Mix everything in a large bowl until mixed thoroughly. Chill in fridge for one hour. Once chilled roll into balls. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

Keep in refrigerator for a week…if they last! Or freeze.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

You will love these!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Desert Love

The desert is starting to bloom a bit early!

I enjoy hiking the trails of the Desert where scenes can be…

… breathtaking…


…and phenomenal…

It’s called Desert Love…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #10

Last week a bunch of us jumped into our 4 wheel drive Jeeps and/or trucks to explore an area of Arizona called Agua Fria National Monument which is filled with Native American Pit Ruins. Pit ruins are the ancient rock dwellings of the Hohokam Tribe. We found many dwellings but we were really in search of PETROGLYPHS!

As you can see we found them. But it took some climbing to get to them.

So what are Petroglyphs?

Petroglyphs were made by Native Americans who carved, chiseled, scraped drawings into the rocks near to where they once lived. No one really knows the exact interpretations of them. Only the individuals who made them really have the answer to their drawings. Some can be a spiritual, religious, visionary or dreams of the individual who made them.

Here you can see a cat chasing an animal… no one knows for sure what this Hohokam was trying to tell us except that he may have seen a Bobcat or Mountain Lion hunting for his dinner that day.

The Petroglyphs in Agua Fria National Monument are all of the Hohokam Style dating back to 300 AD to 1300 AD.

Here we see animals (bighorn sheep, deer, snakes) along with a people.

People hand in hand shows friendship according to Native Americans.


You can see that the Petroglyphs were found all along the canyon wall. There wasn’t a trail… so much climbing was involved. This was a beautiful example of a deer. Sweet Man is making sure I see it.

A snake? …but it also can symbolize migration. Many tribes used this symbol to show their migration from North, South, West and East until they circled back to where they called it home.

A nice example of deer and big horn sheep and how we had to climb among the rocks!

The temperatures were chilly so the threat of snakes was low. But I did find this snake skin…

We were thrilled with how many we found along the canyon wall.

These were found in the same area but are not of animals… the four direction symbol usually represents… four sacred mountains or four sacred crops or four stages of life or directions of north, south, east and west. It could even mean the four seasons.

This is not the only place in Agua Fria National Monument where we saw Petroglyphs.

The image below was not any where near Agua Fria NM. Is it a snake or the Migration symbol?

And Sweet Man and I visited Painted Rock near Dateland, AZ. This was an amazing area filled of boulders covered in Petroglyphs.

And we also saw Newspaper Rock in Canyonlands National Park in Utah.

There are millions of Petroglyphs in Arizona. The Anasazi, the Hohokam, the Navajo, the Hopi, the Apache and many more tribes… all have different styles.

We had a great day exploring!

Have you ever seen Petroglyphs? Would you like to see them out in the Wild, Wild West? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for coming along on our adventure!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #9

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Have you ever had Mexican Hot Chocolate? It’s rich and delicious! When there’s a chill in the air I make us some of the heavenly treat.

First you need a mug that can hold a lot!😊

A wooden Molinillo is also needed. It’s a wooden whisk.

Don’t forget the Mexican Chocolate.

I purchased mine at our local grocery store. It can also be found online.

Take one chocolate tablet…

and place it in a sandwich bag and break it up into pieces. I use my rolling pin.

Heat 4 cups of milk in a pot. When it’s warm add ALL the broken up chocolate.

Stir constantly…

Pour this rich deliciousness into a mug and enjoy! Add some cookies and you have the perfect treat!

I like to pour the rest in my handmade pitcher that keeps it hot until I want more.

A Castle Ride

It’s always good to get out in the desert. It clears our minds and refreshes the soul.

We gather our friends, in the early morning hours, and off we go.

There’s always a plan …on where we go. We all love to explore.

We have had more rain then usual so the desert has been more green then usual.

Grass in the desert is always a beautiful sight. But we love our rocks as well.

This road is called Castle Creek Road for a reason! We were in awe!

The Hoodoos greeted us with their vastness.

Around every corner we saw beauty on this ride.

Some beauty was in the eye of the beholder. This stopped us in our tracks!

Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s called an Arizona Blonde! Ha, ha, what a name! Yes, it’s a tarantula. They actually are not poisonous and if you are bit… the reaction is that the skin becomes mildly irritated. Our friend helped her get out of the road.

We actually saw 3 that day… all in different places. They hardly ever come out of their burrows unless it’s mating season. So… we think they were out lookin’ !

The petroglyphs are getting more modern…

Like I said, the desert is more green but we all had to stop when we saw an entire hillside covered in moss. We could not believe it!

This just doesn’t happen in the desert…

It was so beautiful to see!

I hope you enjoyed our Castle Ride… down Castle Creek Road. It wasn’t Ireland but we had our own Arizona version of castles and even some moss!

The wild burros enjoyed it very much!

The Arizona Back Country never disappoints. It’s why we love to explore!

There’s adventure around every bend.

Thanks for the visit!

Until Next Time ~Nancy