Tuesday Tidbits #8

Happy New Year!

Live from Arizona!

No projectiles were used! Noise only cannon blast! 😃

Sweet man built his cannon back when he was in high school. It still works beautifully!

Welcome 2019!

We wish you all health, happiness and lots of love and laughter!

Until Next Time ~Nancy


A New Year is about to embark upon us. Reminiscing brings us fond memories. 2018 was a fabulous one for us. We enjoyed many travels and a beautiful wedding where my oldest son married his beautiful bride.

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What a fabulous year!

Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people. I appreciate all your words of kindness, encouragement and support. Thank you for enjoying my posts! Happy New Year my friends!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

A Christmas Tea

Christmas has found its way out to the She Shed.

When living in the Southwest … a Barbed Wire Wreath is a must! It hangs proudly along with the other Santa Wreath.

So come on in…

We are having tea.

There’s quite a bit of love in the above photo. The candle is from my daughter in love and son. The Santa is from my youngest son which he gave me many years ago! The Mexican ornaments are from my sister along with the Owl cookie cutter I used …to make the Owl Gingerbread cookies. The Santa glasses are from my neighbor. I am using them for the sugar and creamer. The Tartan plates remind us of all the Tartan Plaid at the LakeHouse. Oh, and don’t forget the Nut Horns… they remind Sweet Man of his Aunt Helen! She made these wonderful delicacies every Christmas.

Do you see the little sign I painted years ago as a reminder that I really do have a Blog! Two Trails One Road was Sweet Man’s idea for my Blog Name. I loved it from the get go. He also built my potting Shed!

Please pull up a chair… my potting bench has turned into a table. The homemade Christmas Cookies are delicious with the peppermint tea. It’s all quite tasty.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

We are all “a glow” that you did!

Merry Christmas from the Potting Shed … a.k.a …She Shed!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #6

Christmas in the Desert is a sight to see! We don’t have your normal evergreen trees to decorate so creativity is a key!

Seeing cactus lit up at night is a treat to see.

Of course each community has their lights display!

The Court House and trees on the square of Prescott are beautiful!

The Glendale Lights in Glendale, AZ are fun!

Our very own Anthem has a tall Christmas Tree. It’s the biggest Christmas Tree in Arizona!

Some like to have fun with their cactus for Christmas.

Whatever the case… we love Christmas here in the southwest!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #5

A wonderful way for displaying your travel memories are placing them on your Christmas Tree!

These are my photos on Christmas Ornaments that I make using Shutterfly. But you could most likely use any photo processing place.

I love the metal ornaments as they hold up very well! Plus… I can display photos on both sides. Here is my San Antonio ornament. When flipped to the other side… you are able to see more memories!

I hope you can start decorating your tree with your travel memories. We enjoy ours very much!

I am so pleased you stopped by for another Tuesday Tidbits. Thank you!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Welcome In

It’s Christmas in our home and we would love for you to come in and stay a while. The Christmas Glow is in every room.

So take off your boots and come on in.

As you enter our home you come into out gathering room. Here you will see our Owls and Southwestern tree.

We gather here and dine with friends and family.

The table is set with a lovely centerpiece adorned with feathers and poinsettias.

The peppermint fragrance coming from the kitchen is absolutely delightful. Lets go in.

Our Christmas Kitchen has a small tree decorated with cookie cutters.

And it comes in handy as a centerpiece as well!

Gingerbread houses can be found throughout. When I worked at a Preparatory School in Cleveland. They had a Gingerbread House contest. The houses were incredible! So my love of Gingerbread houses started at that time.

Our kitchen looks out into our family room.

The stockings were made by Sweet Man’s Mom. She has made hundreds for friends and family.

A touch of the Southwest is added by including my red boots. And you never know when I am going to change the coffee table tray.

Even though I am retired from teaching… children’s books are still loved! ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas illustrated by Mary Engelbreit sits proudly on the coffee table.

Our fireplace mantel can’t be overlooked… Sweet Man installed it perfectly!

The mercury glass glistens in the evening.

Our tree in here has special ornaments. My White House Historical Association Ornaments from 2002 and our travel ornaments that I make from my photos using Shutterfly.

You can find me resting from the Christmas Festivities in our Master Bedroom.

Our backyard patio doesn’t escape Christmas decorations as well.

A surprise awaits you around the corner…………


The debut of my She Shed!

I have always wanted a She Shed and Sweet Man built this one for me. Next week I will invite you in for a quick peek of the She Shed. It’s a real treat to see! But for now… let’s go back to the kitchen for coffee or cocoa. I have a Christmas Mug for everyone!

Thank you for your visit. We enjoyed having you!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #4

Osso Bucco

Do you need a lovely Holiday meal that’s easy and so delicious!

You can fancy this up or eat it for any weeknight dinner.

I used beef shanks.

Pat them very dry and coat them in seasoned flour (I added salt, pepper and onion, garlic powder to the flour.)

Place oil in the bottom of a heavy Dutch Oven. Get the oil hot. Then take your beef shanks and quickly sear them on both sides. Searing creates flavor and the flour will thicken your sauce.

Both sides have been seared.

I sear all the sides by using tongs.

When the shanks are seared remove them from the Dutch Oven and place them on a plate.

With Dutch Oven still hot add cut carrots and celery.

Sauté them in the drippings of the beef shanks. I added about a tablespoon of minced onions.

After the carrots and celery have begun to get warm add 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste to the veggie mixture. I like to brown the paste a little as it adds flavor to the sauce. Sauté all of this until browned and tender.

Add about 3 cups of beef stock and bring up to a boil.

Once it boils turn the heat down and add 3/4 cup of good red wine.

Add the seared beef shanks bring up to a boil. Then cover and simmer for 2-3 hours.

After 2 1/2 hours… check meat. If it is falling away from the bone. You are ready to plate it.

The sauce is rich and so delicious! Serve with red wine. Roasted potatoes or mash potatoes and peas are great side dishes.

Dress it up with a fancy tablescape for the holidays. Here I served it for our casual everyday meal.

Hope you try this delicious dish.


2 Beef Shanks the larger the better

Flour for coating the beef shanks

Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder To season flour to your liking

2-3 carrots sliced

1 stalk of celery

2-3 T of Tomato Paste

3 cups of beef stock

3/4 cup of good red wine



Thank you for reading! I enjoy all your comments and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Winter Wonderland

We arrived at The LakeHouse and snow welcomed us!

It was beautiful and it put me in the spirit to decorate for Christmas!

Using the Evergreens in our backyard, the tartan napkins that my sister gave me and Christmas plates from the Dollar Store … the Christmas spirit came to the LakeHouse!

I also got out a small tree to decorate the sunroom. This one has special meaning to me. When my youngest son was in the 4th grade, the teacher asked for $5 for their Christmas project. A few weeks later this tree came back with his homemade cinnamon ornaments and lights on it. It had a place on our Kitchen table at Christmas for years. It moved to the LakeHouse and today I am going to give it to my son. Shhhhh… it’s a surprise!

The living room got a touch of Christmas as well!

After the little bit of decorating.. out to the snowy wilderness I went! Up the road… I saw those two evergreens. So off I trekked to get closer.

It was gorgeous to see the trees covered in snow and ice droplets. The quiet and the crunch of the snow… was priceless!

It was worth the trek! A quiet winter wonderland! All that was missing was a red cardinal! 😊

Later… a walk by the lake showed us that the Canadian Geese were stopping by before it became frozen.

The kids at the local elementary school were enjoying recess!

They were not the only ones playing! So was I!

Enjoy the moments that surround you and remember to find your Christmas Spirit!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits #3

We have the LakeHouse on our minds! It’s time to head that way for a bit and check on things and be with our family!

We enjoy sitting in the sunroom. Last year we had mulled cider with apple fritters while we watched the birds come and go from the feeders.

Snow is predicted… with Lake Effect we have no idea how much is expected? ❄️

Don’t worry we can keep warm in the Living Room with a wood burning fire! That’s Sweet Man’s 10 point buck on the wall. ❤️

I’ll keep you posted on how much snow we get. Hope we don’t have to shovel! ❄️

Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Gold Dust Woman

When you live in Arizona you wonder if you can find Gold in “them there hills!”

Sweet man and I belong to a Gold Prospecting Club. We enjoy getting out in the back country not only for the beautiful views…

but for the hopes of finding beautiful rocks and perhaps some GOLD!

When you do serious prospecting you must first find your Club’s Federal Claims. We have a map and look for the Red, White and Blue claims. (that’s our club’s federal claim markings) Here are examples…

If it’s not our Club’s claim then we don’t prospect there.

We like looking for Gold in ravines, washes and creeks. Most of the time they are dry so thats the best time to look. Below you can see evidence that other prospectors were here before us. Their bucket prints can be seen.

Here is a ravine we will try our luck at.

This is not a time to be a fashionista! Ha! Ha! It’s dusty and dirty…

This is an old picture of me (I call myself Gold Dust Woman because at the end of the day we get pretty dirty and some of it could be gold Dust!😂)

Now here is what you need…

I use the vacuum. It’s loud and I use ear plugs and shooting ear muffs! Oh yea… I am quite the sight!!

I vacuum up the area that has black sand (gold is usually found in it) but also around rocks, crevices and bedrock (the rock at the bottom of the wash.) Gold is heavy… it sinks… so I try to get to the bottom of the area I am at.

When the bucket is full Sweet Man runs what I vacuumed into the dry washer. Remember… Gold is heavy… it will fall to the bottom of the dry washer and the sand, dirt and rocks fall off onto the ground. At the end of the day… we head home with a bag full of sand, dirt and hopefully GOLD!

We come across cattle gates. You may go through but ALWAYS close the gate. It’s the Law of the Land!

You never know what you may come across at these gates!

This sign gave us a chuckle!

Along with trying to find GOLD in the washes. We also look for dirty or “rotten” quartz.

Inside there could be gold. Sweet man has a rock crusher and we always hope to find some!

The bag of dirt is then panned at home where water is available. Panning is a technique that I cannot do! Sweet man can separate the dirt from the black sand.

And most of the time that Black Sand has Gold in it!

He then suctions up whatever GOLD is in pan into the Snuffer Bottle.

It’s a lot of hard work but we have so much fun! And we see beautiful Arizona at the same time!

Mines are always in the area. A tip off is when you come across a “dump” a “miners dump!” These are part of our Arizona History.

Many of the cans are Tobacco, beans, sardines, coffee and canned milk (cream for their coffee.) These are hard to come across so when you do …you stop and take pictures!

Many mines are blocked off but as we all are aware of some are not…

And once again… let’s not forget those gorgeous views toooo! How we love our Arizona!

Mt. Humphrey!

Now I leave you with this…


Those bigger pieces are called Pickers… about 1/4 of the size of my pinkie finger nail. Obviously we better keep our day jobs! Lol!

Thanks for gold mining with us! It was so nice to have you come along. Did you find a nugget?

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits

Many of you are getting ready for the Thanksgiving Feast! As your Turkey Festivities begin I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. From our house to yours.

Remember it’s all about the Simple Pleasures in life. I wish for you to read this post from a few years back. Being thankful for the simple things in life are really what brings us joy.

Thanks to all for your visits and sweet comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Until Next Time ~Nancy