Tuesday Tidbits #70

Have you noticed “The Helpers” coming out of the woodwork?

They are in every size, shape and form. Neighbors checking on each other to see if anything is needed when they make a run to the grocery store. Loved ones making reassuring calls. Others teaching others how to do this new “tech stuff” like group face time and live streaming church services. Grocery store workers using hand sanitizer while they stock the shelves. (Thank you grocery store workers… we need you!) And last but not least, a great big thank you to all of our Healthcare Workers… we can’t even imagine what you are going through!

I have slowed way down on social media and with writing blog posts. I am posting one blog post a week for now …as I am trying hard to stay connected to nature and family. I do read your blog posts and comment but please forgive me if I am a few days late.

We are very fortunate here in Arizona to have wonderful weather to enjoy while we stay home. The cactus and succulents are starting to bloom in the backyard!

The Desert is blooming too…

Our desert holly.
Great Horned Owl peeking between the Sweet Acacia Blooms.

Our local mountains are filled with the yellow blooming Brittlebush.

This past weekend I needed to get away from all “The News” …so a date day with sweet man to one of my favorite spots was in order! Wow! How it refreshed my soul!

Every time I come here… I feel like I’m on another planet. Perfect… considering what’s going on within our very own planet.

I also began my Easter decorating. Fluffing my nest is another soul pleaser!

I may not be having tea with friends any time soon… but I do have virtual friends. Care for any tea?

Sending all of you well wishes! Embrace The Helpers my friends! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! We will overcome this virus! Prayers for all!