LakeHouse Happenings

The summer is continuing to be good to us. We have been having fun enjoying family and friends who live close by. Traveling here and there. And loving the flowers inside and out!

Sun sprinkles into our Sunroom.

Our Cottage Garden and the creatures that visit!

Bringing the outside in is a constant joy.

Don’t you see the tomato and basil from our garden?

We enjoy the outside as well.

The apple dip is amazing! Take a little honey, sprinkle in just a touch of cocoa and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter! Delicious!

The vanilla strawberry Hydrangeas are amazing this year!

We had our first tomato ripen just the other day. Sweet Man planted them.

The lake never gets old.

Inside projects continue. Like the printers tray in the living room. I just added more rocks and when sweet man hangs it on the wall just a few inches above from where it is now…I will share a better picture of it. It really came out great!

The project of antiquing and thrifting continues to add to my collections which makes our sunroom a lovely spot.

I’m off to make a peach cobbler in the kitchen. My sweet man built this shelf for the kitchen. The space is not large enough for a hutch so this works out fabulous!

I sure hope your summer is going well!

Now back to that peach cobbler!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Our Memorable Landscapes

When I first saw that Wandering Wednesday was going to be landscapes… I said, “Easy Peasy!”

But not so fast…!!

Because we travel and have homes on both sides of the Mississippi we see numerous places. I don’t have favorites as each place evokes wonderful memories for us! The archives are overflowing with captures of wonderful places. It was difficult to choose! Therefore let’s start this with the seasons.


Bryce Canyon, Utah

Winter in Edinboro, Pa. Just down the street from our LakeHouse.

Northern Arizona


Spring in Arizona…


Washington Island, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio

New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia


Pennsylvania countryside.

Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

Travel takes us to see amazing sights!

Puget Sound Seattle, Washington

Niagara Falls, Canada

Stonehenge England

Haleakala Summit of the West Maui Mountains

Normandy, France

Always remember, without any exception, there’s always beautiful landscapes right around the corner!


Brandywine Falls, Ohio

Each capture I shared brings back sweet memories and stories to tell.

I sure hope you can find some beautiful LANDSCAPES to share for Wandering Wednesday that Ingrid from Live Laugh RV hosts.

By the way… a little side note. Here is Ingrid and I at our place in Arizona preparing dinner for us, her husband Al and my sweet man.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

A Stroll Through Oglebay

If you have not been to Oglebay in Wheeling, West Virginia you must try to go. It’s beautiful!

It’s a 1600 acre municipal park of rolling hills with golf courses, a petting zoo, pools, a lodge …for overnight stay, and cottages as well. The grounds are well taken care of and the florals and gardens are a sight to see!

Since 1926 the Park has been open to the public from when Earl Oglebay deeded his Waddington Farms over to the city of Wheeling.

So come with me on a Stroll.

A lovely get away that was thoroughly enjoyed by us.

Thank you for coming along on a Stroll through Oglebay.

Linking up for a Garden Party with Home and Gardening With Liz . And Everyday Living Gardens Galore with Pam.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Fifties Diner

There’s just something about Summertime and having a root beer float!

But when you go to an outdoor diner to have that root beer float. It’s just more special! It’s a throwback in time.

The White Turkey Drive-In is located in Conneaut, Ohio. It’s about a half hour away from us here at the LakeHouse.

They are known for their rich Richardson Root Beer.

The couple who opened this nostalgic place back in 1952 named it after their Turkey sandwiches. The Turkey came from their Farm where they raised White Holland Turkeys. Hence White Turkey Drive-In.

Sweet Man got the cone but I opted for the float! What a treat!

The day we went… there just happened to be a classics car show down the road a bit.

What fun and so appropriate for a nostalgic day! The whole day was set back in time …just a bit!

A perfect summer day as far as I’m concerned! Ice Cream, Root Beer floats, and old trucks! Oh yea!

Going back to 1952 was fun.

(Definitely a retro edit!)

I also enjoy classics edited this way!

Have you ever tried a Root Beer Float? Have you gone back in time and enjoyed a treat from the past at a nostalgic diner?

If not, perhaps it’s time! I highly recommend it! I relived memories from when my Mom made them for me when I was little. Of course… I made them for my kids when they were little.

This video has great sound… please make sure your volume is up!

It’s all about FOOD today at WANDERING WEDNESDAY that Ingrid at Live Laugh RV hosts.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Niagara On The Lake Canada

Just about a half hour north of Niagara Falls is a quaint little town called Niagara on the Lake.

The Canadian Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada

We always drive by the Falls when we head north to Wine Country where Niagara on the Lake is located.

We stayed at this gorgeous Hotel ~Prince of Wales. It’s located right in the heart of town.

Prince of Wales

When visiting in the summer the town is filled with flowers that align the streets and buildings!



Not only are the flowers outside but they are also inside many of the buildings.

Each evening we found a rose on our pillows.

The lobby had beautiful displays as well.

Strolling through town and all the shops is just part of the fun!

Carriage Rides and Trolley Tours of the area along with local wineries are available.

We chose this Tour Company through our reservation at the Hotel~Prince of Wales.

First it took us to see the gorgeous neighborhoods of the area.

Then we were off to three wineries. First was Strewn Winery. We were given a tour of the winery and three tastings along with a wonderful description from the host.

I actually bought a late harvest wine here. Not quite an ice wine but close. What is ice wine, you ask? This area of Canada is well known for their Ice Wine which is hand picked in late November and December where the grapes have to be frozen on the vine. It’s a more concentrated dessert wine or a sweet wine. It comes in a smaller bottle and costs more because it’s more tedious to make.

This is the bottle I purchased. Because it’s not considered an Ice Wine it can be harvested a little differently late in the season but still has some of the sweetness as an Ice Wine. The price tag was much more reasonable. I am going to use it as an after dinner drink but also to marinate fruit and then serve with whipped cream.

Off to Konzelmann Estate Winery. Truth be told… this whole area reminds me of Napa. This estate winery was proof of that.

The wines were quite good.

The third winery was okay. Their presentation was not wonderful and I did not care for the wines. Therefore I am not going to comment about them here.


Although the day before we had fabulous wine at Sister’s Winery. It’s a fallacious estate of gorgeous vineyards and darn good wine. Since this was a get away with my sister and my two wonderful friends who are sisters as well. This was the perfect winery for us.

There are many restaurants to choose from. One evening I had a Clam and Muscles Fettuccine from Orzo Restaurant. All four of us were extremely happy with our dinners.

The next day we had High Tea at The Prince of Wales. A nice added treat to our weekend stay.

The scones were warm and delightful!

Our time together was fun and girls just need to have fun especially SISTERS!

I encourage you to visit Niagara on the Lake, Canada. View Lake Ontario and the surrounding area! There is an annual Peach Festival August 12, 2018 That is sure to be fabulous!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my captures of our fun Sister’s Get Away!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Itโ€™s the โ€œLittle Thingsโ€ that Count

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for Wandering Wednesday which my friend Ingrid at Live Laugh RV hosts. This Wednesday the prompt is “The Little Things” and she asked in her own words for us to … “Share a photograph of something little, something less obvious, something that took you a moment of observance to see.”

I went through my archives and found these.

…the road looks like it is falling into the mountains.
…the saguaro inside the arch… I pointed out to some friends that were with me.
…yes we all see the moon but do we see the bird as well?…
I love when clouds show up in my captures!
Editing in a different way adds to this capture. Reminds me of a Norman Rockwell.
Two birds? ๐Ÿ˜Š [[[[
Big Ben from afar… framed in trees.
The saguaro climbing the rocks.
A view of London from a famous bridge.
The light house added to the deck of this houseboat.
sewer pipe fun
















A photo changes when seenย differently. Look at how the treesย make the photo more special in the second shot.

Palm trees frame the Black Sand Beaches of Hawaii.




I sure hope you enjoyed the images I chose for the prompt “The Little Things” for Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday.ย  Thank you Ingrid for hosting.

Until Next Timeย  ~Nancy






Summertime is Here

You can tell just by looking at our gardens that it’s Summertime. The lilies, daisies, and coneflowers are all in bloom. Plus the green foliage is abundant!

This double Lily was planted in my garden, by my Mom, 40+ years ago along with the Daisies. I not only inherited some of her beloved flowers but also her love of gardening.

I am thrilled that our gardens are giving us seasonal color. From spring to Fall we can expect blooms!








The gardens bring us welcomed visitors…



However… gardening does bring us surprises. When I planted this Siberian Iris last summer I really had no idea what the bloom would look like.

What a SURPRISE to our eyes…

It is not a spring iris like most but instead a mid summer bloom. The delicate petals were such a delight.

A stroll through the gardens brings both of us and others such joy.

Whimsy may greet you when turning a corner…

Thankful to the Lord above for the beauty that awaits us each day…

The best part of gardening is the ever abundance of summer bouquets…

Thank you for visiting our Summertime Gardens. We enjoyed your visit. Please come back as you never know what surprises may await you.

I am linking up with Pam at Everyday Living as she is hosting a wonderful garden party. Thank you so much Pam for hosting such a wonderful gathering of gardens!

Get outside and see what’s blooming. Enjoy!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Creamy Blueberry Scones

How many of you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest or a Cook Book and then find a recipe that you just HAVE TO MAKE?!

These scones were on my mind ever since I saw a friend post them on Instagram a few days ago. She was kind enough to also post the recipe.


Therefore I headed over to Pinterest to find the exact recipe illustration from Susan Branch. Do any of you know of her? She illustrates not only her cookbooks but also Inspirational Books. She also has a lovely blog.

Here is Susan’s illustration of her recipe: Cream Scones. I followed it exactly but used Blueberries instead of currants. Source:


Welcome to the LakeHouse Kitchen

I hope you get to bake these soon. They were wonderful!

Until NextTime ~Nancy

Happy 4th!

Are you ready for the 4th?

Do you have your Red, White and Blue out?

Is there going to be a cookout?

Whatever you do… make sure there’s lots of desserts!

If you head out to see fireworks… Have fun and ENJOY!

Cleveland, Ohio Terminal Tower

Happy 4th of July!

(Linking up with Ingrid of Live Laugh RV for Wandering Wednesday Patriotic

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Road Trip

Do you cringe or smile when you hear the words “Road Trip?”


I actually love it! My sweet man and I often road trip. We don’t just jump in the car and go. We plan. Actually sweet man plans it all. He figures out the route, the hotels, antique stores and for me he thinks about photo ops. Which means the SIGHTS in the area that we will enjoy and I can photograph. I’ll also do some research about the SIGHTS. Then we head out.

I always pack healthy food to munch on while we are on the move. It helps us from getting “HANGRY!” …but we will partake in the local food. I love trying something new and enjoy what the area is known for.

This was from Ragun Cajun bar of Petersburg, VA. It was the best Crawfish ร‰touffรฉe I have ever had!
Shrimp n Grits in Savannah, Ga.

We also try to visit friends along the way…

Visiting friends along the Potomac River. They made us a fabulous dinner!

After fun fellowship it’s hard to get back on the road again but off we go!

You never know what a wrong turn will take you.

USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston.

Charleston Bridge in Charleston, SC.

You have to know and understand your partner when traveling. To say it simply… don’t let a beautiful trip turn into an argument. Know who is best at the driving and the navigating. And KNOW what works best for your situation. And if tempers do flare… forgive and forget as a road trip can be tiring! Play great music… some karaoke can make everyone happy!

My honey knows I love old trucks… when he sees one he will point it out or pull over so I can take a picture!

He waits patiently while I take a million captures.

Rainbow Houses in Charleston, SC

Fountains down at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC.

Looking across the water to Fort Sumter.

St. Michael’s Church in Charleston. Look at that cloud!

Sometimes with all the sightseeing a thirst for a cold one comes up! Especially if old memories need to be relived.

Moon River Bar of Savannah, Ga. Sweet man was here many years ago.

After a cold one we soak up more of the sights…

The homes of Savannah, Ga. are amazing!

Visit my friends over at Travel Tales of Life they have 10 great Couple Tips for traveling!

So the next time you hear Road Trip don’t cringe… make it fun!

Tell me your tips for a Road Trip!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Floral Frenzy

What is it about flowers that just make us smile!

Is it their blooming petals?

These flowers are from the Easter Lily Cactus. They last only a day.

Or is it their color?

Maybe it’s their abundance…

Could it be their fragrance? The floral scent of a flower fulfills the senses.

Lilacs are one of my most favorite flowers because of their heavenly fragrance. ๐Ÿ’œ

Does it matter the time of year?






Or Fall

Flowers bring so many of us joy including God’s creatures.

And when flowers are put into Floral Bouquets… my heart goes a flutter.

How about you? Why do flowers bring you joy?

I am linking up with my personal friend Ingrid at Live Laugh RVwith her Wandering Wednesday theme of Flowers!!

Until Next Time ~Nancy