Get Out and Explore

Sweet Man and I like an adventure…

And here in Arizona there is beauty around every turn.

We head out in our Jeep and further investigate by hiking some trails our Jeep can’t go.

You never know what you might see…

After “Morning has broken…”

I sure hope that you are able to

…Get Out and Explore…

…because God’s Beauty is out there to be seen!

Thanks again for visiting! Hope you can get out and enjoy the simple things…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

31 thoughts on “Get Out and Explore

    1. I am about to head out… hopefully more gets in my camera soon! …to share with all,of you as well!

      Thanks for strolling right along with us!

    1. Judy I am so happy that you visited. Yes this was an adventure and you should see the adventure in my last post with a Galentine’s Party! You would have loved it! 💗

  1. You are a great photographer dear friend. I love looking at them. Thank you for sharing, you made my day as I am remembering my New Mexico. LOL

    1. I am glad you get to see our Arizona through these captures. We love it here.

      Thank you for always visiting and your kind words are so appreciated!

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