Love this Lake

Many of you ask where we go during the summer. It’s a little place called Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania.

I grew up on this lake and am so glad to be able to enjoy it in my adulthood as well.

I learned how to swim, fish, ski and skate on this lake. Edinboro Lake is a 245 acre lake found in NW Pennsylvania. The deepest area is 30 ft. Boating, swimming, skiing and fishing are popular on this lake along with ice fishing.

The area all around the lake is dotted with beautiful homes.

We enjoy our walks on the lake. It’s an easy going way… kind of life here. A place to call home…

Goodnight all!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

33 thoughts on “Love this Lake

  1. Wow.. ..i’ve never heard of this lake..I see why you enjoy going.. it looks like a great getaway. I chuckled at the home signs.. that’s too cute… you were very fortunate to grow up with the amenities of lake life.

    1. I sure was! There use to be a place called The Canoe Club where you could get a bite to eat and play pinball etc. It was also where the teenagers loved gathering. Oh the memories this lake holds!

      Thanks for coming over! Later we can take a swim! Lol!

  2. Nancy ,I know why you summer here in your childhood home…It is gorgeous! It looks like a peaceful respite from the cares of life! Thank you for sharing, I love each photo…so picturesque!

    1. You said it oh so perfectly! “A peaceful respite from the cares of Life!”

      It’s a great area to antique in then after that stroll the lake.

      Thanks for the lake love today!

    1. It’s been perfect weather here as of late. Even a bit cool today… which means a fire outside tonight with an adult beverage!

      Thanks for the Lake Love! I’ll be checking in with you soon!

    1. Now Judy… you said it so well. The family connection, the sweet memories, and the love of a beautiful lake! All those combined make this place home! We are blessed to live in two gorgeous places!

      It’s funny… our other paradise is the “desert!”

  3. Beautiful captures of this beautiful lake, Nancy! I especially love the last one, am in owe.
    A perfect place to take vacation, and it’s where you grew up..

  4. The lake is very beautiful, and peaceful. I can see you having a lot of fun there growing up. What a blessing to be able to spend time there now, as an adult. Places with a million memories, good ones, are so valuable. Last time I stepped out of an airplane in the town I went to college in, my eyes teared up from all the memories. Enjoy the rest of your weekend <3

  5. There is much to be said for growing up lakeside. And what a very special lake you had. Nancy, how fortunate you are to still spend summers there. How cool is this! Thank you for such a beautiful photo-essay about a beautiful place.

    1. Oh I will never stop loving this lake! I cherish the memories I have and look forward to all the new memories to come!
      Thank you so much for all the love and for enjoying my recent posts!😊

  6. Living on a lake is my dream! Last year with all of the Covid going on, we rented a house on a lake for the family and had the best time. My granddaughters would spend all day in the lake! We would spend all day on the dock or in the water. After selling our second home in Ohio last year, I am not in a hurry for a second home, but I dream about someday!!

    1. Oh Chloe thank you for following me! I am so honored and truly appreciate you.

      Yes living near a lake… is fabulous! Our LakeHouse here in Pennsylvania is my childhood home. We enjoy our summer months here as lake living is like no other!
      Thank you for the visit and I sure hope you come back again.
      Happy Sunday to you!

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