A Pennsylvania Spring

Happy Spring and welcome to the garden. For those of you who are new followers …these gardens are somewhat new. You see, this is my childhood home. Some of the gardens are brand new but yet have some of the plants and flowers my mother planted 50 years ago, just like these Forget Me Nots. She sprinkled seeds years ago and they are still going strong!

In early spring they cover the beds with their blue hues. Some bloom pink and white as well.

I am a snowbird and sometimes I miss all their glory but this year I witnessed their beautiful expanse.

Our family home has been a loving home in all the years I lived here as a child and young woman in college. And also all the years my parents lived here. Our family grew up here… first it was a cottage but then with additions it became a warm and cozy home. The gardens and beds were all started by my sweet Momma.

These rhododendrons were planted by her and my sister over 40 years ago. Just walking past these lovely blooms brings this family an overwhelming amount of emotions! My brother was just here and was so happy that we are still able to see these gardens!

The rhododendrons are in full bloom and the bees are loving them!

Look at the pollen on his legs!

Love was in abundance here… but when my Mom was ill our full attention was on her. So some of these gardens were neglected. Sweet man and I knew we had some work to do.

This patio was nothing but ivy and weeds. We both knew what we wanted and sweet man made it happen! I spray painted the old wicker… left from my parents. It was in the garage for more then 10 years.

Each bed needed help.

We took old gardens and made them our own! Even a brand new walkway was added. I owe so much of this beauty to my sweet man. He did all the hard work… I just added more love that this yard missed for a while.

I added new Lupines…

But my Mom’s lupines still bloom! These are over 40 years old.

The new and old plants are thrilled to be together!

The above irises are new since last summer. We went to a wonderful lady who digs up plants from her gardens and sales them from $1-$5. These are from her! 💜

The old…like the columbines …keep blooming year after year .

I thank God that my Mom gave my family the love of gardening!

We are thrilled that we can still gather here where we grew up. We also thank God for …sweet man …as he has given his all. Not only on the exterior of our home but also the interior!

Thank you for visiting our gardens here in Pennsylvania.

Make sure you stroll along the paths of new and old.

Enjoy the flowers of new and old…

Sit and relax…

But whatever you do…

“Forget Me Not!”

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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50 thoughts on “A Pennsylvania Spring

    1. Thank you sugar pie!
      I am thrilled you got to see this post. We are finally enjoying this place!The last few years we have been working every summer!
      Miss you bunches!

  1. OMG Nancy these pictures are so very wonderful—I sure understand why you two leave us every year to be there—- miss you!

    1. This is the first year we are enjoying the rewards of our labor! We do have a paradise here and in AZ!
      Miss you bunches!

  2. Nancy, I love everything about this post! How wonderful that you and your sweet man have lovingly restored the home where you grew up! I can see all the love you have put in your Momma’s gardens. Your photos are stunning. When I saw the forget me nots on your IG, I couldn’t wait to stroll through your Pennsylvania garden! The rhododendrons are so beautiful, the lupines with their bright colors make my heart sing. I love the irises an columbine, and the porch with the wicker refreshed is amazing! Thank you for joining Gardens Galore and Happy Gardening to you!

    1. I told you I was going to share for your garden party! 😊🌸😊

      I’m thrilled you were able to stroll along with me. Next time stay a little longer and we’ll have tea together on the back patio.

      It was my pleasure to link up with your party!🤗🌸🤗

  3. Simply beautiful Nance! What a amazing testament to your family home & gardens. What wonderful memories & beauty you shared with us.

  4. A beautiful Pennsylvania spring! How wonderful you have the flowers and memories that your mom planted and are adding to them….a perfect ‘Forget Me Not’ garden! I love those wonderful lupines too. ♥

    1. Oh I am thrilled you had a chance to see our gardens!
      We have worked hard the past few years and it has finally paid off. We are able to sit and enjoy!

      If you could see how widespread the Forget Me Nots are …here in the Spring… it would bring a smile to your face.

      Thank you so much for stopping in.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking a stroll with me! You got to see the spring gardens. Stay tuned for the summer gardens!

  5. Nancy, your garden is beautiful and I love the old and the new. How wonderful to be able to remember your mom whenever you step outside. I love that wicker furniture. It’s amazing how long that old wicker lasts. Thanks for taking me through your spring garden!

    1. I enjoyed the stroll through the gardens with you! Yes, remembering Mom …is with each flower planted. Thanks so much for the garden love!

  6. You and your sweet man are able to pitch in, enhance and enjoy your family piece of heaven every spring and summer, Nance. That’s the definition of a life well lived. Congratulations.

    1. Oh Mr. Mark you said it perfectly!

      In November, for Thanksgiving, my kids and my siblings and their kids gathered here. My sister and I made my Mom’s dishes. Mr. Mark… it was wonderful!!

      My Parents are looking down with a great big smile.

      Thanks for the garden love Mr. Mark.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Nancy. I could feel the love coming thru the screen as I viewed all the beautiful flowers. There’s no doubt a lot of hard work and love went into fixing up this part of your life and it shows. You both have done an incredible job. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nancy, I got all teary eyes looking at these beautiful garden of yours, and reading about the emotional connections. It is so wonderful, and so filled with love. Just perfect. I can understand the enormous value for your family to be able to gather here. I am so happy for you.

    1. The one thing I love is that my kids and my siblings and their kids can still gather here.

      My sister and I still try to make the special dishes my Mom made.

      And today sweet man thinks we should gather the cousins for a reunion. It will bring back memories of when we were small.

      I am so happy you enjoyed our gardens! Thank you! 🤗

    1. Because we have another Paradise in Arizona. Plus… in the winter these gardens get covered in 3 feet of snow. (I’m just not a snow person anymore…)

      Thanks for the garden love!

      1. I know about that other paradise. It’s lovely too and I wouldn’t enjoy all that snow either. At least not after the first five minutes. I’ll have to take some photos of my ‘winter’ garden and share them.

      2. Oh I can’t wait Clare!

        We were here in November and it snowed about 5-6 inches. Big huge flakes. We had a fire roaring in the fireplace that my Dad built… it was beautiful.

        ……..But then the snow got sloppy. And we had to shovel. Then it was cold.
        AZ was calling our names.

  9. Hello Nancy..what a green respite for me today to visit in your childhood, still evolving gardens. As you know, it is so dry here out west, and your gorgeous photos of greenery and blooms back East take me to my own childhood and raising, with many familiar species.
    You continue to do just do such lovely renovations, decorations, and landscaping to this family home and I enjoy seeing it unfold. All my best to you. XOX- JoHanna

    1. Oh JoHanna I was thrilled that you got to see this post! We love it here in the summer.

      We are just so sad for our Southwest that is in need of so much rain. I know we live in the Sonoran desert but the desert likes a drink too!

      Thank you so much for stopping in. I’m just tickled that you got to see the flowers.

  10. Picture me smiling while I read this post and admired the beautiful photos. 🙂 To have beautiful gardens is great, to have lovely wicker furniture and a beautifully decorated patio makes it even better, but when you add in your lifetime of wonderful family memories, you have gardens that are truly out of this world. 🙂

    1. Oh Judy… you just spoke …my heart! You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for understanding how I feel!

      Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

  11. Your gardens look like a spread from Better Homes and Gardens. Just lovely:) The flowers are some of my favorites, but I really enjoy all the little fun figurines within the plants. The Forget-Me-Nots are beautiful!! Your wicker furniture so says summer and the lake. You’ve done such a great job with the gardens. Thanks for the tour:)

    1. I’m so glad you stopped in. We are very pleased how the gardens are growing! It’s fun to step back and watch now.

      I know you have a cactus garden that could one day be in the works!

      Thanks for the garden love!

  12. Not only is your post exploding with beauty and color Nance but also with love and such sweet memories of your Mom. What a fabulous tradition of bringing things to life. Special kudos to that sweet husband of yours. You two clearly make a great team!

    1. Thank you sweet Sue! I am thrilled you got to see our gardens! We are pleased with how they turned out!

      Now we get to enjoy them!

      Thanks for stopping in and strolling through the garden with me!

    1. Oh I am so happy you strolled through the gardens my friend!

      Welcome home by the way! Looking forward to your photos! Even though I have seen some on IG!

      1. Thanks! I’m still time wobbly and have a LOT of photos to go through from two cameras. There were tons of rhodies/azaleas in Scotland. Even by the sides of roads. We visited two gardens there and it was so beautiful.

  13. Absolutely stunning. I love the history in your garden. I have the hardest time with Lupines in my garden. They are more like annuals for me, so I’m surprised yours have lived so long. Beautiful photography!

    1. These Lupines only come up in these two areas of the garden. They must like the soil and light!

      Thanks so much for strolling through our Spring Garden!

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