Sea Days on a Cruise

We really enjoy the Sea Days on a cruise. First off we sleep in and get breakfast delivered to our cabin!

It’s a day where you don’t have to hurry. Our seas were a bit rough this past cruise… all the better for me. The rocking makes me sleep like a baby. I don’t use motion sickness pills or patches but they are available for you, so if that is a concern… please use them.

Heading to one of the pool areas is relaxing. Having brunch outside with the ocean breezes is always a treat! Then relaxing with an umbrella drink and a book is right up my alley.

After a morning of sun …it’s time to hear one of the speakers.

They usually are quite informative and sometimes their lecture pertains to the next excursion for the following day. I take pictures of the screen as the information given is great advice …especially if we are doing our own excursion.

Another way to get some sun and to relax is to watch one of their outdoor movies.

Or take in an evening movie under the stars.

Usually their is a sunset going on right behind you at the same time.

Most sea days there is a formal night involved. Where you dress fancy for dinner. I pack lighter with every cruise… but still have not mastered everything in a carry on!

With a 15 day cruise there are usually 6 formal nights. You can have 6 different dresses or pant suits but repeating one of those outfits and changing it up is my best advice. Less to pack! I will say… I am amazed of some of the gorgeous ballgowns that women can pack. I’m all about simple but yet classy sophistication. Lol!

** Great tip… sweet man packed an all purpose power strip. Perfect for curling irons and charging your phones and iPads etc.!


Formal nights brings out the Cruise Crew so that we can meet who is taking care of us. The second picture shows the Captain on the balcony.

We choose anytime dining so that we sit with different people every time we dine or we make a reservation for just the two of us.

Lunch is usually in the cafeteria setting for us. Then dinner is at the more formal dining rooms.

Just plan on gaining a few pounds. Or walk it off by doing laps on the ship deck. Usually 3-4 times around… is a mile. Depends on the ship size. Make sure to pack exercise clothes and shoes. The cruise director always has morning exercise classes as well. I have done my share of cruise Zumba!

This picture was taken on one of my exercise walks around the ship.

After dinner… take in a show. Princess Cruise has fabulous Singers and Dancers! We have never been disappointed with the entertainment!

There are also great comedians and fabulous magicians. Even contests to mimic the great TV show “The Voice.” The contestants are passengers who go through a process to get to the Finals!

People ask us often if we ever get bored… we both can say no. There’s always something to do or you set off to relax and read a good book.

We enjoy the passenger involved activities. They are fun to watch or participate in.

Food carving presentation.

Passenger participants in a painting contest.

Hopefully you get a chance to go on a Cruise. We enjoy it very much as it’s a great way to see many places within a certain time period. Plus the added bonus is that we make friends along the way.

There’s always a gorgeous sunrise or sunset!

And who doesn’t like Baked Alaska?!?!!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

PS… I have chosen not to post about the big island. We were there a week before the actual eruption …when the volcano started showing signs of becoming more active. I know that some of the pictures of places we were at …are most likely devastated now. It saddens me to know this and I can’t bring myself to post them now. I also want to show respect to those who are going through this. I send heartfelt prayers to those islanders. 🙏🙏🙏

25 thoughts on “Sea Days on a Cruise

  1. Looks like a blast! I love cruises! You never have to say “Where can we get gas” or “Where can we stop for dinner” and you only have to unpack once but get to see lots of different cities.

    1. You said it so perfectly! We really enjoy cruises and have seen beautiful places because of them!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This post almost enticed me to take another cruise, but alas, the idea of rolling seas has me bolting for the lavatory 🤣

    1. Many people say that… but I love it! I sleep like a baby and the motion keeps everything interesting.

      It also reminds me of the family times with my parents in their motor home. Traveling down the highway and trying to get to the fridge. Rockin’ and a rollin’!
      Thanks for stopping by. Miss you girlfriend!

  3. I think the people on the Big Island will get through this slowly but surely, Nancy. They live with the active volcano every day of their lives, so it was no surprise. The horror of losing houses and possessions is awful, but they will prevail in spirit. I think that’s what the island is all about …

    Yes, we have gone on cruises leaving from coasts now. We enjoy, as you say, seeing many different places in the short time frame. Never have we done tne big 15-day cruise, though. That would take very clever packing, indeed.

    FYI, the RCI fall excursion out of Boston with stops in Maine and Canada is fun and interesting. Halifax, Nova Scotia is a real treat. We’ve done that one twice.

    1. I have seen that cruise and we both have thought about it. It looks like something we would enjoy. Great sights!

      As for the big island… you are so correct. They all know they live on an active volcano. They also respect it and believe in their Hawaiian religious beliefs. Pele the volcano Goddess is the most respected.

      Praying for all.

      1. I loved Maine when we visited a few years ago. So Enjoying the Northeast will be definitely welcomed.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time and truly enjoy cruising. Your photos are spectacular:) My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are cruise fanatics. John and I learned cruising is not for us after a ten day trip. We always thought it wasn’t for us but we wouldn’t know unless we tried one.

    1. It’s not for some…

      We like it as it gets us to places we may never have visited otherwise.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos. And thanks for stopping by.

  5. Nancy, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your sea days on your cruise! I agree that it is a great time to relax and read or nap. I have never been on Princess, but we have taken 4 or 5 European cruises on Oceania. We loved all of them! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you stopped in. We may try another cruise line. However, the more you cruise with one line … the more perks you get. We get free WiFi next time we cruise with Princess.

      It’s another way to relax and yet see places too.

      Thanks for the Sea Days Love.

  6. This looks amazing! I know I would spend a lot of time talking around on deck, drinking the wonderful views with all my senses. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photos! Bringing a book to the pool area I imagine would be a treat as well. The food looks absolutely delicious! It was a few years ago since I’ve been on a cruise. I do enjoy it very much. Looks like you had a fantastic time! It makes me happy to just enjoy your photos.

    1. Happiness is what Ai strive for! So glad you enjoyed the photos!

      Thanks for stopping in and I have coffee here too! 😉

  7. Fabulous cruise photos, Nancy! Thank you for sharing.
    Your beautiful photos remind our princess cruise of Hawaii in Feb. 🙂

  8. Oh that does look like a fun cruise. Such a variety of activities. A wise and sensitive decision
    not to post the areas that have since been affected by the volcanoes. Thank you for sharing these photos and your descriptive words.

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