Tuesday Tidbits #172 Spring is Arriving

When the Easter Decor Comes Out

Spring is in the air when the Easter Eggs and Easter Decor come out of storage.

Hand painted blown out Eggs that I brought to Arizona all the way from Ohio on the plane!
Little chicks along with my handmade felts.
Bunnies, Carrots and Eggs in the She Shed.

We have two Quail Eggs that were forgotten years ago in our outdoor Hutch. I think the Quail forgot about them and never returned. I don’t know how they even got into the Hutch to begin with! Anyways, I left them there. Then… I forgot about them until I started cleaning the Hutch. These old eggs needed a a prettier place so I decided to make a nest for the eggs…

I made the nest out of a plant from our back yard. I am not sure of the plants name.
If you know Quail… they usually don’t make a nest. They lay their eggs anywhere! So this is a wonderful nest for Quail Eggs! 😀

And let’s not forget the cute carrots!

Desert Blooms

Spring is in the air when the desert starts to show off with lots of color!

Texas Mountain Laurel
Orange Globe Mallow
Hints of Desert Color.
A Hedgehog Cactus in Bloom!
Yellow Trumpet Bush
Fragrant Citrus Blooms. These smell sooooooooo wonderful!
Bees love Citrus Blooms
Desert Marigold
The Beaked Yucca Tree is next to the Aloe Vera plant with Yellow Blooms. The agave remains green with no blooms. Beautiful landscaping.
Mexican Petunia

Creature Feature

Spring is in the air when the Desert Lizards show themselves. I won’t mention or share… snakes. But they are out too. 😬🤭

Longer Days

Spring is in the air when Sunsets are viewed a little later at night.

Beautiful Ending

Spring is in the air when we see a Rainbow after a light rain.

A beautiful ending to our day!

I hope Spring is trying to show itself in your Neck of the Woods.

Thank you for visiting and I wish for you to have a wonderful Tuesday!

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #172 Spring is Arriving

    1. And Happy Tuesday to you Dear Judy. I love the simple pleasures of the seasons… but Spring is so pretty here in the desert! Hugs!

    1. I like our Lizards too! However… one jolted out in front of me the other day and startled me. He was a biggin’!
      Enjoy your Tuesday Tim… are you getting rain? We are getting some today and it feels awesome.

  1. I’m in the process of getting Easter out, too. And oh, how I love that sweet nest you made for those treasured quail eggs. The ones from Ohio are exquisite. Seeing the blown out eggs reminds me of the hours my mom and I did the same (lots of puffing — they didn’t have those “blow-out helper gadgets” back then!). Many happy hours with that. Most of the originals are long broken and others have replaced, but still, so special. I still plan to make carrots, though I don’t know about the sewing — might have to bring out the glue gun! Those are especially cute. Too much fun — too little time. I love it all, Nancy!

    1. I know what you mean about TIME! Good golly I love doing so much and just can’t fit it ALL in!
      Hope you can make some carrots my friend. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  2. Good morning, Nancy. Those hand painted eggs are gorgeous. I am so glad they made it all the way home with you. The tray speaks of this special season, I just love your felties. Your fabulous she shed is all dressed for spring/Easter and it is so inviting! The desert blooms are stunning and thank you for sharing them along with beautiful sunset and rainbow. Enjoy your day!

    1. What lovely words from a lovely friend… thank you Pam.
      I love those eggs… they are very special. And so is my She Shed.
      Hugs to you and Happy Tuesday!

    1. I brought out less this year but it’s so much more special because only the most important to me came out and it looks less cluttered. Thank you for enjoying it all along with me. Happy Tuesday!

    1. It’s a special love quote to the both of us for many different reasons. Thank you for enjoying it!
      Happy Tuesday Julie!

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful signs of spring in the desert. I am not familiar with the Texas Mountain Laurel, but it is certainly lovely. Have a great week, Nancy!

    1. Texas Mountain Laurel does very well here. We had a bush at out last house but it can grow into a large tree as well. Those pretty purple blooms get me all the time!
      Enjoy your Tuesday my friend!

    1. Thank you Chris! How nice of you. I kind of take after my Mom… she loved decorating with the simple things she had.
      I’m still hoping you surprise your wife with those Cream Puffs!
      Happy Tuesday!

  4. Hey Nancy. You must love changing your decor to suit the season (or reason) and I always look forward to seeing what decorations you’ve put out 🥰 I hope the season is a good one for you – everything around you looks amazing.

  5. It’s so much fun when the seasons change and you can break out fresh decor! I love the beautiful eggs you carefully brought from PA, and your she shed looks so pretty all decked out for Spring with blooms and your painted cactus glasses 🙂 Your tray with the felt cactus and bright yellow flowers is adorable! I always love seeing your beautiful desert in bloom, especially the cacti, and the rainbow is amazing! Yay for longer days! Have a wonderful week Nancy!

  6. Stunning photographs, Nancy! Indoors and out. This is the first year we have stayed so late in AZ and we are loving all the blooms. I feel as if I can’t take enough photographs to share with the loved ones back home STILL dealing with the lingering snow.🤣. We return to the frigid at the top of the month and I am certain I will relish looking back upon these many photos, as I sit next to a frozen lake.

    1. They just got a late snow and they are not happy about it!
      The cacti are a little late blooming this year… so hopefully you get to see some before you head back.
      Enjoy your time here! The weather has been amAZing!

  7. I love that you found quail eggs to preserve. They are such nervous little birds, no wonder they drop their eggs wherever. Funny thing is, they seem so protective of the babies once they hatch.

    It truly is Spring and your yard is so brilliant with color and festive for Easter. Always feels so homey to look at your home. (And I am not sure I would venture far from the she shed. Always something to do in there).

    Love your beaked yucca/aloe landscape photo.

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