Tuesday Tidbits #125 The Calendar Says May

Hello friends. Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Tidbits.

It’s starting to warm up here in The Valley of the Sun… aka Phoenix, Arizona. So that means we get up a bit earlier to get our outdoor activities done in the cooler temperatures.

The Season for Saguaro Blooms

My walks and bike rides are earlier and I have enjoyed the saguaros blooming in our neighborhood and all around the area. They tend to bloom a bit later in the Spring then the other cacti.

They are always fun to spot!

Spring in the Sonoran Desert

The other cacti are still blooming as well. Here is my neighbor’s pink cacti.

Pretty in Pink!

And these purple blossoms found on this particular tree is a delight to the eyes.

Spring in the desert is wonderful!

Look at all these blooms… and more to come as well.
Such beautiful blooms!

Adventures Continue

We did get out for a small adventure this week to an abandoned Pumice Quarry.

Opal could be found on the surface of some of the Pumice.

This Opal fluoresces a bright green under UV light.

Backyard Gardening

I did enjoy spending time taking care of some overgrowth in our backyard. Lots of trimming but this little guy can see out into the yard now!

He enjoys sitting in my heart garden.

And my white petrified wood that has quite a bit of Druzy on it can be easily seen now.

The white rock standing is Petrified Wood. It was found in light soil which gives it the light color.
Petrified Wood
Druzy Quartz that has grown on the surface of this Petrified Wood.

This Weeks Creature Feature!

This one is quite colorful!
He moved into the shade!

With warmer temperatures the lizards come out to play. We enjoy watching them do push ups on top of our backyard wall.

Kentucky Derby

Every year we enjoy watching the race. We did not have a party this year but we made sure to join in the fun with those who attended Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Mint Juleps for the both of us!

Did your horse win? Our horses did not. But it’s so fun to watch along with all the Hats and Outfits!

Thank You!

It’s always nice to hear from you. Thanks goes out to all of you for following along. I appreciate your kindness. Sending well wishes for you to have a beautiful Tuesday and a lovely week ahead.