Tuscany at Fiesole

Good Sunday Morning Friends! Welcome!

And… Welcome to Fiesole. A small village in Tuscany.

Another train ride from Bologna to Florence, Italy got us to our Bus from Florence to Fiesole. A small town east of Florence.

Tuscany is beautiful with steep hills. The roads are narrow and they twist and turn between the buildings …that are very close to the roads. We kept on saying we were glad we did not rent a car.

We were happy to see that our Air BnB was perfect.

And of course we helped ourselves to the complimentary wine.

After relaxing with our wine we did set out to explore and get a bite to eat.

Napoli Pizza… hit the spot!

It was also good to see the small Piazza of Fiesole…

The beauty inside this church was amazing.

Our first day in Fiesole did not disappoint.

And relaxing on our Villa terrace was the perfect ending to our day.

We are so glad you shared this day with us.

There is more to come… see you on Tuesday.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

33 thoughts on “Tuscany at Fiesole

  1. I was anxiously awaiting Tuscany and Fiesole did not disappoint on your first day! I can get lost in your breathtaking photos, Nancy…each one is beautiful. I need a return trip to Tuscany, it has been too long since we visited these stunning hillside villages.

    Thanks for letting me tag along. Happy Sunday sweet friend!

    1. Fiesole was a lovely place to relax. The hillsides were beautiful around every turn. We had a lovely stay here and so happy we got to share it with you. I still have a few pictures to share before we head to Florence. Thank you for tagging along… we love having you!

  2. Oh MY! I am so jealous. Have longed to go to Tuscany for many, many years..Our Mediterranean cruise years ago proved to be beautiful but we never stepped foot on Tuscan soil. Your pictures are just so beautiful, I feel like I am right there with you. Love you sister.

  3. Tuscany is one of our favourite spots on this planet. We stayed in many small towns on a cycling tour and felt this would be somewhere we could spend some extended time. Lovely to see it through your eyes. Cheers to Tuscany!

    1. Cheers to Tuscany indeed! Oh my to cycle there must have been amazing… but those hills… I know you are in great shape!

      Thank you for the visit sweet Sue! 😊

  4. Just beautiful! I’m so enjoying following you along on your European vacation. This looks like a place I would never want to leave! Did you make all your own arrangements and reservations?

    1. Yes. Sweet Man planned everything… reserved everything… and thought about what we needed etc. He did an amazing job!

      I’m so glad you have enjoyed the trip. I still have a few more posts to share.

      Thank you for all your kind comments!

  5. Another magical fairy tale village, it looks wonderful from your accommodations, to the wine and food, and the quaint streets and buildings, but I can see why you were glad you left the driving to others! Thanks for taking us along!

  6. Beautiful scenery. Looks and sounds like you guys had a fabulous trip. Can’t wait to visit and catch up. We’ve started our migration south.

  7. Nancy, didn’t you just get awestruck with amazement when you would look through the lens of your camera at Tuscany? I’m similar to you in that I never imagined I would have the opportunity to travel, and it changes us in such a fundamental way….. a good way. Whether the details of the cathedrals or the golden light over the landscapes, or how waiters encourage patrons to linger in cafes with never that push to ‘turn the table’ ….Your photos are reminding me that I have to get myself back to those small hill towns. Time definitely slows, the heart opens, and the imagination soars. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. All my best to you dear Nancy. And Sweet Man sure arranged an excellent itinerary!

    1. We loved Italy! I enjoyed all the food! And loved cooking in our little kitchen.

      I sure hope you saw our Germany visits as well. It was wonderful!

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