Tuesday Tidbits #44 “Under the Tuscan Sun”

The morning was cool but warm enough to sit on our private Tuscan Veranda sipping coffee… well, Italian Coffee. If only you knew how many times I had to press the button on the “Nespresso Want to Be Machine” to get a full cup of coffee! 🤣 But it was well worth it …as it was tasty coffee!

After another cup… we were off to explore!

We stayed in Fiesole for four days and it was so nice to relax “Under the Tuscan Sun!” Although… everytime we left our Air-BnB … we had to climb the “Stairway to Heaven!” Our front door was at the bottom and our gate out to the world …was at the top! A great way to get our exercise and keep us limber for the Tuscan Hills we climbed each day.

In our area of Tuscany there were more Olive Tree Orchards then Vineyards.

But we did find these grapes…

We came across Persimmons, Plums and Sweet Man enjoyed picking Berries. Hmmm… God is shining the light right on his just picked berries!

The exploring was always interesting. We found little pathways between homes…

And they often led us to amazing vistas!

However the best vista was when we came across a wonderful view of Florence, Italy. If you look closely you can see The Duomo or Cathedral… The Cathedral of Santa Maria. I did not take my Panasonic LUMIX. I would have loved the telescopic lens… but because I wanted to pack very lightly… only cell phone pictures took place on this trip.

We knew it was noon when we heard the Church Towers Ringing!

So off to lunch we went…

We wanted to eat here but they closed for the afternoon. Many places do that in Italy…

So instead we went into the Piazza and had delicious pasta 3 ways which we shared.

We giggled that the water was 4 Euros and the bottle of wine was 5 Euros. It’s true… wine and beer are quite reasonable in Europe.

Fiesole was incredible!

We enjoyed every hill, vista, view and the old world charm.

Oh and the fresh outdoor Markets enticed me to cook a fabulous meal in our kitchen! Cooking “Under the Tuscan Sun” filled my heart with incredible Joy! Sweet Man brought home Black Cherry Gelato…

We loved Fiesole!

I am hoping to finish our European trip in my next post when we head to Florence!

Grazi to all of you for taking the time to share in our days. We appreciate each and every one of you.


Until Next Time ~Nancy

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #44 “Under the Tuscan Sun”

  1. You look radiant under the Tuscan sun. How fun to go to the market and then prepare a meal. I love everything about Tuscany, the scenery, the passageways, the hills, and of course the food. We haven’t traveled outside of the country in four years, I have missed it. RM and I have aging dads that we don’t feel comfortable being so far away. I am excited to see Florence through your eyes, there is so much to see in that beautiful city!

    1. I understand about not wanting to leave the country due to aging parents. Treasure every minute, my friend.

      Thank you for enjoying the Tuscan captures that I shared. And I hope the Tuscan Glow continues here in the U.S. ! Lol! Thank you dear friend!

  2. So beautiful and such magical paths, stairs, and scenery! I can see why you were inspired to cook in your lovely accommodations, it must have been so much fun to go exploring everyday!

    1. Oh cooking in that Tuscan Villa was fabulous! The chitter chatter of Italian Movies on the tv added to the fun!

      Thank you for coming along on our adventure!😊

    1. Yes they do reopen for dinner but many people have their big meal at lunch.
      I may have spoken to soon. Many places by the sea are probably open for both meals… but many inland villages and towns people go to the sea for Holiday during the month of August and return in September. So another reason they close in the afternoon.

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