Tuesday Tidbits #167 That’s How it All Began

I went and did it… I broke my own personal rule of only sewing on May 1st! That’s right folks… I pulled out the Sewing Machine!

I made the Table Runner and Napkins.

Who Knew I Would Enjoy Sewing Again?

I know, I know… napkins and a table runner are easy. But hey, I had to start somewhere, right? Now mind you, I took 3 years of Home Economics in high school… mainly to please my Mom. In my third year, I sewed my own Prom dress. Then if that wasn’t enough… I had to sew a plaid suit with lining and that dang plaid had to match! I got A’s on both projects. So… I know a wee bit about sewing. However, I think the plaid suit did me in!

Until… I saw this purple floral fabric the other day while shopping and I knew it would match my tea cups. Well that darn fabric jumped right into my shopping cart. That’s how it all began…

Then Came a Tea Cart

Now aren’t those napkins perfect for the new tea cart? Yes indeed! But something was missing…

Purple Glassware

My head started spinning… should I paint a few glasses to add to the tea cart that goes along with the napkins and table runner? Of course!

That’s How It All Began!

One thing led to another!

More Projects?

I bought more fabric!

You better believe it! There’s going to be more projects! Stay tuned… my head is spinning!

49 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #167 That’s How it All Began

  1. Picture me sitting here with a big smile. 🙂 I love your purple pansy theme including those gorgeous cups and the lovely napkins. Take a bow for your sewing project because they look perfect. Now, we need to address those glasses because they take the whole thing over the top. You did good, lady! As I’ve said before and will say again – anyone who needs a nudge in the interior decorating department just needs to visit you. 🙂 Great spring post!

    1. Judy,Judy, Judy. You made my day! I enjoyed this project but this next one is going to take fun to the next level. Stay tuned.
      In the mean time… I’m off to look for lace zippers. 😊
      Thank you for stopping by and giving me a great big smile.
      Happy Tuesday… you better hurry and make sure you get a beach umbrella! It’s going to be warm this week for you.

    1. Oh that plaid suit… it seriously caused me trauma. I will never forget it. 😃
      Have a fabulous super Tuesday Mr. Mark! Did you know that today it is 2/22/22! Super 2uesday!

  2. Great job on the table runner, napkins and the glasses! Your Home Ec story took me back to epic fail in sewing. All I had to do was make a simple apron. The mistake I made was having blue tread on fabric with a white background. I couldn’t sew in a straight line and of course the teacher took off for that! Oh well, I made lots of clothes for my children and even clothes for my daughter’s Cabbage Patch Doll. No more sewing projects for me! Happy Super 2uesday!

    1. Oh you had daughters and dolls. Yes there was lots of sewing in your life! I had boys and ninja turtles. So… the sewing machine stayed hidden.
      Thanks for enjoying and you have a wonderful Super 2uesday!

      1. I have a son and a daughter. When our son was little he watched me sew dresses for his sister and wanted me to make him something. The best I could do was make him pajamas!

      2. My son actually got new curtains for his room (yes hand sewn) but that was it. My other son got blinds as I wised up! 🤣

  3. Great job! I love your napkins and runner. Your tea cart is lovely. I love your glasses, teapots and teacups! They are beautiful and so cheerful!
    Looks like you found some great fabric.

    1. Oh Bonnie stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun project.
      I am so happy you enjoyed my little dining room project. It was fun and it all gives me a smile when I walk into the room.
      Thanks for the visit. Enjoy this Super 2uesday! 2/22/22!

  4. That’s great you are enjoying sewing. Beautiful tea set and glassware. We have a similar tea set in green that Laurie that was Laurie’s grandmother’s.

    1. Oh I bet Laurie’s grandmother’s tea set is beautiful! I would love to see it.
      Thank you for stopping by and thanks for checking out my little dining room project.
      Have a Super 2uesday! 2/22/22

  5. Nancy, I am so impressed with all of your crafting skills! I love the fabric you selected and it works splendidly with your lovely tea set. Then you just had to show out and paint glasses to match, I am green with envy. I had 9 weeks of sewing in 7th grade. It took me all 9 weeks to make an apron, and it was horrendous looking. I gave up sewing 😂

    I just love these perfect images 💜💜💜 Happy Tuesday!

    1. This is the second Apron I heard about today.
      I don’t remember sewing an apron. But… I guess the plaid suit ruined all my other memories!
      Thanks so much for enjoying my dining room project. It makes me smile when I enter the room.
      Thank you for the sweet visit. Enjoy your Super 2uesday! 2/22/22

  6. Love is homemade…..extraordinary ,,,,stunningly gorgeous……exquisitely beautiful….what more can I say? Yes you did take after mom, the seamstress extraordinaire…..Mom could sew just about anything, like you….I am loving the purple hues…and the glasses, WOW!! Superb…..

    1. Thank you sister friend! You were gifted with being able to paint. I might be able to dabble a little on glasses. Lol!
      Love ya, and happy Super 2uesday!

  7. So, my dear, exactly what time is tea? I’ll be there with a little treat, something lemon I think to coordinate with the exquisite napkins, and glasses, and everything else. Maybe some candied pansies to top it all off. You choose the music.

    1. It’s a date! I would enjoy some delicious lemon bars. And sugared pansies too? Oh wow, now I’m living large!
      Thanks for the fun. Enjoy your Super 2uesday! 2/22/22

  8. Beautiful, Nancy. Your sewing looks great and I am so glad you got your machine out. Your glasses are so pretty. I love how you let your creativity flow and your home flourishes from that energy. Can’t wait to see what you sew next. Much love to you both. <3

    1. Thank you Jane. I enjoy that I made the dining room projects. It does add love and energy to the room. Brings a smile to my face each time I enter the room.
      Enjoy your day my friend!

  9. Oh Nancy, your tea cups are just gorgeous! I love that they inspired you to do so many creative projects! The fabric you found is so pretty with them, and you know I love your painted glasses, such a cute design! The tea cart is fabulous with all the purple, gold and green…perfect Mardi Gras colors! Have fun with your sewing!

    1. They are Mardi Gras Colors! Shoot… I could have added that to the post. 😃
      Every time I bring out a paint brush I think of you… now if I could just try doing it on canvas… 😳
      Thanks for enjoying my project Jenna. The next one is going to be fun… stay tuned.
      Enjoy your Super 2uesday! 2/22/22

  10. Great job and the sewing AND the painting. I have fabric and a bunch of projects just waiting for me to pull out the machine. Perhaps when it’s 110 outside this summer, I’ll finally tackle the projects. I totally understand working with plaid and the parallels of lining up the design … challenging to say the least. Look forward to seeing more of your sewing skills.

    1. Good Morning Ingrid. Yes, please wait until this summer when it’s hot. However, it looks like rain for several days. Hallelujah! Our desert loves rain… perhaps the poppies and Lupines will pop. I always think of you when I think of our Arizona Poppies. Our hike up Pinnacle Peak and ALL the Poppes and other gorgeous blooms.
      Thanks for enjoying my Home Ec project… the Trauma of plaid!
      Enjoy your Super 2uesday! 2/22/22

  11. Oh that purple delightfulness! Your talents are amazing! How fun to find fabric to coordinate with your teacups, and then be able to paint glasses to match, and create such a lovely runner and napkins! A tea fit for a queen… how I would enjoy this darling tea table! I will look forward to seeing what you create next with the beautiful fabric you’ve gathered! Blessings to you 🙂

    1. Thank you Spicy in Idaho! It was a fun project and the Dining Room brings me joy each time I enter it now.
      Enjoy your Super 2uesday Spicy Idaho! 😀

  12. What an amazing teascape (made up word but it certainly fits). I love purple and I love tea china. Yours is beyond words beautiful. Do you know the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? That is what I thought of as I read your story of how one thing led to another. It is a saying in our family; other people may look at us in confusion, but we know what it means! Thank you for sharing your project; it will bring a smile to my face all 2/22/22.

    1. I was an Early Childhood Teacher… so I know the children’s book you speak of. To tell you the truth… I thought of that book the whole time I was writing this post. Great minds think alike!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it all. I wonder what book you and I will think of with my next project. 😃
      Happy Super 2uesday my friend. Thank you so much for the visit.

    1. Me too! I’m glad it stayed in the cart as well. Thank you so very much for enjoying… and thank you always for visiting. It warms my heart.
      Enjoy your 2uesday!

  13. Kudos, Nancy. You are so clever and so artsy. I love everything 💜 Funny story – I too did Home Economics in high shcool, but I did five years and not because my mother wanted me to, but because I wanted to, and I’m so glad I did. When our girls were little, I made their clothes (even their underwear), but the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken was to make my daughters wedding dress. It was not a conventional gown, but rather a beautiful royal purple, floor length dress that she loved – and still does. We are two peas from the same pod you and me.

    1. I was hoping you saw the purple! 💟💜
      So you can sew too… and your daughter’s wedding gown sounds amazing… in purple! Oh my that sounds gorgeous. 💜
      I bet she looked like a Princess coming down the aisle.
      Thank you for the love sweet pea! (We are two peas in a pod!)😊

      1. Melissa and Steven were married in a park, under the canopy of an amazing tree, surrounded by family and friends. It was a wonderful day (almost 13 years ago now) and she glowed.

        And I never miss seeing purple (anywhere) 💜💜💜

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun project. Painting on glass is so forgiving.
      Thank you for the visit my friend! Have a good week and take good care.

  14. hahaha. I loved the process, the projects, how you told a story with the sequence, and the bright colors. I used to love sewing. It was such a satisfying hobby. It’s been a look years. Think this summer, when it heats up, I am going to do some more macrame projects. It is trendy now, and I like it.

    I can almost smell the hyacinths. Have a good weekend…. Get busy. Donna

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