Tuesday Tidbits #168 Peace for Ukraine

Prayers for Ukraine!

Hi and Welcome to March. I will be honest… I’m having a hard time posting today. While I sit here in a warm cozy home filled with everything I need… many, many people are having to flee their homes with out their husbands or older sons. I cry for the people of Ukraine. What a senseless and sad war. Yesterday on the news I saw an 8 year old Ukrainian boy in very good English say… Putin is a Monster. I agree… the whole World is Watching.

So today I share some pictures of our Sonoran Desert from an adventure we had a few days ago and ask you to Pray for Peace for the Ukraine people as you scroll through.

Four Peaks and our beloved Saguaros.
The sky was incredible! That’s Saguaro Lake in the forefront.
Saguaro Lake
All the Jeeps that joined us on our Adventure.
When a saguaro dies it leaves behind its wooden skeleton. Still quite beautiful!
The first poppies of the season.
Another beautiful wooden sculpture!
Love seeing Four Peaks!
At the end of the day… the snow could be seen on Four Peaks!

Thank you so much for your visit. I appreciate you. And I would appreciate if you can pray for the ending of this war… 💙💛🇺🇦🙏🏻

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #168 Peace for Ukraine

  1. I had a post in my head yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to write it. It seemed trivial in comparison to what we are all witnessing. They definitely have my prayers. I’ve never seen a saguaro skeleton so that shot is pretty interesting.

    1. Kind of looks like a creature from the dinosaur ages…
      I know exactly how you feel… so much is trivial compared to what the people are going through in the Ukraine.

  2. Good morning, Nancy. Beautiful and peaceful photos…your adventures are always a delight. My thoughts and prayers are for Ukraine and its people. They weigh heavy on my heart 🙏🏻🇺🇦

    Love and hugs!

    1. Love and hugs to you as well dear Pam… I know each prayer is heard with our all loving God. And I know each and every Ukranian person appreciates each and every prayer.

  3. Thank you for your words today Nancy and the peaceful photos of your beautiful desert. I am sick about what’s going on in Ukraine and can barely watch the news… prayers and prayers…

  4. Indeed. Peace for Ukraine, for us all. I was thinking much the same today — I lost a mitten, a favorite, leather mitten I’ve had for years. And I was really frustrated at myself. And then it was like, “wait a minute — you lost a MITTEN. People are losing their homes, their lives, their family, their country.” I found the mitten. I hope they will be able to return to their homes and lives but I fear the loss will be great.

  5. We have so much to be grateful for. I can’t imagine the fear and plight of those displaced, Praying for this craziness to end. Everyday people are the pawns in the chess game that governments love to play. So sad! Thank you for posting your lovely desert pictures.

  6. I’ve had the same trouble. It is very hard to be comfortable and not think of their suffering.
    I have prayed and prayed. My heart is heavy for all the people. It is a terrible situation.
    Your desert trip was very beautiful. I am grateful to see the beautiful scenery through your lens.

  7. I agree. I have been glued to the TV. Like you the children have my heart, but I can’t imagine being the mama bear right now. How do you tell them it’s going to be ok? Thank God for their strength in unity, and knowing no matter how hard, they have too, FOR the children.

    You photos were with grace as intended. A deep breath is needed for all of us.

    Perfectly timed, perfectly penned, perfect. Have a good week. Donna

      1. We are indeed! 🌵🌵🌵 I do not know what happened but for some reason a few of the blogs I follow dropped from my notifications and have not been appearing in my Reader column – sadly yours was one. 😔 I thought perhaps the few of you (who’ve been missing) were taking a writing break, but am so glad I looked into it to discover the glitch so that I might receive your posts as they launch once again!! I guess there was something which occurred during an update through WP in the summer that caused this for some WP subscribers. 😔 ANYWAY – I am happy to be receiving your notifications again and I tried as best I could to go back and read as many (as possible) that I missed. It was wonderful to see just how well you have been doing, Nancy. I do hope our paths cross in one location or the other – again!! Big hugs until then!!

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