Tuesday Tidbits #212 Hello Again Prescott

Happy February!

I had a nice break while visiting with friends. It’s nice to be back here in BlogLand and I’ll be catching up with all of you very soon. I’m so glad you made time in your day to be here for another Tuesday Tidbits. I have lots to share with you.

This sign is in an Antique Store in Prescott.

Sweet Man and I had a Date Day last week. We drove north to Prescott, Arizona. (Pronounced Pres-kit …not Pres-scott.) We enjoy antiquing in Prescott. We were disappointed to see that some antique stores closed. But we still had a few stores to peruse. I didn’t come home empty handed… treasures were found!

Prescott Square

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the Square when we were in Prescott a few days ago but here are some from the fall.

Yavapai County Court House

Prescott Square decorated for Christmas.
Prescott is Arizona’s Christmas City.

Hassayampa Inn

Right up the street from the square you can stay at the Hassayampa Jnn.

Inside the lobby at the Hassayampa Inn.
Beautiful! It’s a lovely place.

Whiskey Row

When in Prescott… Whiskey Row is a stop for us because it’s a historical spot. Lunch can be had at The Palace, a restaurant and saloon. Opened in 1877… it’s considered one of the most historical bars in Arizona where famous patrons like Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, and Doc Holiday once drank, ate and played cards here. Steve McQueen was in a movie that was partly made in this bar.

The swinging doors into the saloon.
Inside The Palace.
The famous historical bar.
Many patrons and staff dress historically.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Palace.

Watson Lake

After lunch and antiquing …a stop at the ever beautiful Watson Lake is another must when in Prescott!

Snow capped Humphrey’s Peak can be seen in the distance.
Taking a break!

I hope you enjoyed your time with us in Prescott. We just shared a bit of Prescott but there’s much more to explore. Here’s hoping you get to visit here some day soon!

Thank You

Thanks so much for visiting!

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

47 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #212 Hello Again Prescott

  1. Good morning, Nancy! I so enjoyed reading about your trip to Prescott. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, sweet friend!

  2. what a pretty tour…I always enjoy your photos, thank you for sharing. The high mountain desert is so beautiful and makes me long for New Mexico.

    1. You should have seen our server. She wore a dress like The Painted Ladies of the Wild West wore. But a belt full of knives!!
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Beautiful photos. Love that old Navajo Lodge sign. I say Watson there is water in lake Watson. You two are looking great.

  4. It looks like a lot of fun was had on this day trip, Nance! My wandering bad joke brain tells me that Prescott is a natural landing place for public relations people. Have a great week!

  5. What a fun day trip! The town square is quite beautiful and the Lodge looks like quite a place to stay~ my favorite is the old saloon, love those swinging doors and cowboys! The lake and scenery are gorgeous, I love that you are always exploring such unusual places and share them with us!

    1. Thank you Jenna! I started this Blog knowing that there were lots of neat places to see here in AZ and even other places. So I am always glad you come along and enjoy with us! Have a great week my friend!

  6. Great post! I always appreciate reviews and recommendations so I can mentally take note of where to go if I’m in the area. Looks like you had a fun day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a charming town! And a terrific getaway, it seems. I love that there is good antiquing, good restaurants and wonderful sites to see. I don’t know if this is far from you but if it wasn’t I’d be inclined to go often!

    1. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. It’s a higher elevation so at this time of year there may be snow. In the summer it has delightful temperatures compared to the heat in the Valley.
      We take guests here often!
      I am so glad you enjoyed! Happy Tuesday to you Jeannie.

  8. The Hassayampa Inn looks like a place we would stay at! And of course, the Palace restaurant and saloon would be another place to hang our hats. Thanks for the recommendations!

  9. What a nice tour of Prescott for everyone to see. I liked how you showed it in different seasons. What a great place for a day date. Love your photos of Watson Lake.

  10. I have never been to Prescott (and I have always pronounced it wrong it seems–thanks for the lesson!). It looks like a fun, beautiful place full of history. Thanks for sharing your day date!

    1. Hey there girl… have you warmed up from your trip to Antarctica yet?
      I found a little Mary Engelbreit trinket box… I love it!
      Happy New Week to you my friend!

    1. There’s my sweet friend!🥰
      I’m so glad you got away with your dear RM… well deserved.
      And I’m always glad to take you on our adventures. Happy new week to you as well.

  11. I love viewing your adventures, Nancy. The mountain views are outstanding.
    Interesting to see the wild west flair in dress of the patrons and staff.

  12. We were just talking about about Prescott yesterday befor eht Super Bowl with our oldest daughter and her husband (we all lived in Goodyear the last time the Super Bowl was hosted there). We all love Prescott and spent a number of times up there enjoying all of it! What struck me immediately was the courthouse in the town square with the shops and stores across the street around it. The town I was a kid in (up to age 10) in southwestern Iowa had the exact same set-up. It took me back many many years to that town! Anyway…..great post and love the captures!! My best to you and your husband!!

  13. Hi friend! And happy St. Valentines Day! We made it back to AZ at the start of the month! Yipee! Fully immersed ourselves in all things bike & trails since arriving -hoping to catch some free time soon to share some of our views too. Until then I love looking at yours. 😊 Hugs!

    1. Welcome to AZ my friend! The weather is a bit chilly today but it will warm up. We are hoping for a super bloom as we have had a good amount of rain. The desert is green so starting very soon we should see wildflowers starting to burst on the scene!
      Hugs to you!

      1. That’s so exciting to hear!!! I’ve always wanted to see one. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 In all the years we’ve visited I never remember having seen the Mountains so green. ❤️☀️❤️

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