A Bike Ride Tour

Off I went with camera in hand. I want to give you a quick tour of Lakeside. It’s where we live during the summer here in Edinboro, Pa. It’s also where I grew up. Lots of memories here…

The lake is of course the focus of Lakeside. Edinboro Lake is a 245 acre lake with a depth of 30 ft. But I have heard from locals it’s 40 ft.

A peaceful lake for swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing, and of course winter fun such as ice fishing and skating.

Brrr… brrrrrr…

Let’s get back to summer.

Older cottages are being updated left and right. Beautiful homes dot the landscape.

This lake is loved by many. Homecomings and family reunions are often found as you stroll on the small streets, in my case bike ride.

There’s a sunrise or a sunset depending on what side you are on.

Many a moonrise or moonset as well…

One of the last icons is still standing. As a teenager we hung out here mainly for dances but a some pin ball tournament games took place as well!

A few teenager hang outs have been torn down because of disrepair. But the Jukebox still stands. Oh the sweet memories…

This lake is well loved not only for its beauty but also because of its sweet memories.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

34 thoughts on “A Bike Ride Tour

      1. Who wants a university when they can have such a gorgeous lake?! 😀 But seriously: I would have accompanied you because I like exploring by bicycle.

  1. Nancy, what a beautiful lake and I love love love the sunrises and sunsets. Breath taking. You captured your home place beautifully, I want to visit there and enjoy the beauty of the lake and yes, I loved the winter pictures too. They were picture postcard perfect. Thank you for the tour…so good that you can live where you grew up. I miss the nostalgia of my home town..Hugs

  2. I sure enjoyed the bike ride with you around your lovely lake, Nancy! Looks like a wonderful place to grow up!

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  3. I just got back from a bike ride too – but your scenery wins, hands down! I love the “WOW – Memories at the Lake” bench! I’m sure every resident there agrees with that. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos!

  4. Oh Girlfriend, this was just the best photo essay. Lakeside Communities are such special places. Each unique, and in the case of yours, the cottages themselves are simply so attractive, interesting, and original. You really did capture that sparkle that is ‘summers at the lake.’ You are so fortunate to have this as a continuing part of your families story. Thank you for a great bike about your summer place Nancy. All my best to you.

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