Fair Time

Out here in the Midwest this is the time of year for Fairs. County Fairs, State Fairs, and even town Fairs.

Many people bring their products in to get judged.

Who has the biggest or the best? For that awesome Blue Ribbon!

Who doesn’t love the animals at the Fair?

They all seem to love our attention.

Sweet Man almost brought the bunny home with us! 😊😳

We did learn about lambs and their wool from a nice lady who was knitting …using her lambs wool.

A Spinning wheel…

There’s always fun to be had at the fair…

And you never know who is keeping an eye on you…

Today, Ingrid of Live Laugh RV’s theme is Zoo for Wandering Wednesday . I know these aren’t Zoo animals today however…

Ingrid and I went to Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix a few years ago. Do you think I can find those pictures right now??

I’m just as frazzled as this bird!

But I did share some animal friends from that day HERE! It’s a fun post. I hope you get a chance to click on it! You will be happy you did!

Thanks so much for reading. There’s more over at Ingrid’s!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

38 thoughts on “Fair Time

  1. Nancy you bring back so many wonderful memories for me and my midwest upbringing. The “Fairs” and I mean all the county and state fairs were a part of our lives. My twins were in 4H and we raised every kind of animal to show at the fairs….but long before they were born, Fairs were always a Fall treat. We would go to all of them and I loved to spend most of my time in the agriculture barns and animal barns. There would be a quick walk through the midway and of course the food. The smell of the food was irresistible until one had their “fill”, but that wouldn’t be until the end of the long day because we started very early in the morning. Each fair had their own “thing”…like the rodeo in Abilene, the stock car races in Hutch, The C&W concerts at the state fair and I could go on and on. Thanks, my friend for the memories because here in Florida…they do have fairs, but they just aren’t the same.

    1. Wow! Am I glad I brought back sweet memories for you sugar pie!

      We both have not been to a Fair in a while so this was extra special. We enjoyed the animals as well! The goats were so personable.

      We did stay away from the Fair Food… I know, I know too bad for us. But some of it just does not agree with me like it use too.

      Thanks for enjoying!

    1. Pit… That horse was a lover! He really enjoyed our love back to him.

      And I agree… the Fairs are Small Town USA!

      Thanks for stopping in.

    1. Truth be told… those pictures are back in AZ. (I hope!)

      That bird has been a long favorite. He is sporting a bad hair day just like me! Glad I am going to the hair dresser today!

      Thanks for enjoying the post!

  2. So funny that you nor I can find those photos from our day at the Wildlife World Zoo. Perhaps that’s the universe telling us to do it again 😏 Fairs can be so much fun. Thanks for taking us along!

    1. I am hoping those pictures are on a flash drive back in AZ. They need to be transferred to my google photos as well.

      You and I should go back and talk with the animals again! Good Golly we have lots of Photo shoots to get caught up on. 😊

    1. The lady was full of info about her lambs! They were long haired lambs that came from George Washington’s lamb line!

      Fun day indeed! Thanks so much for popping over!

    1. The animals are our favorite part too! However seeing all the garden vegetables was amazing too.

      I use to want some of the Fair food but it just doesn’t agree with me anymore.

      Thanks for stopping by. I sure do appreciate it!

  3. The fair looks like so much fun. Especially those two people with their faces in the peep holes! Our growing season is so short we would never see such huge pumpkins but I’d love to meander in the fall in areas where such produce can grow.

      1. Ugh i am definitely missing reading all blogs every day! I seem to get through about five on my break:(

  4. Grew up in a serious Grange and 4H family and this colorful photo essay really was an excellent showing of what the Fair is. I would have loved to have been able to show some of those fancy rabbits or the thousand pound pumpkin when I was growing up. Can you imagine? A thousand pound pumpkin? Could very well make a carriage out of it. Wonderful post. Thank you.

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