Tuesday Tidbits #163 The Quiet

We went to this special spot in the high country last week. It’s isolated and it’s a place of peace for me.

A Place for Quiet

Do you have a place where you can go to recharge?

Sometimes we just need to wander in nature…

Often we have a need to get away from all the NOISE and busy schedules. For me… it can be a get away in the desert. When we get out of the Jeep and view the Wide Open Spaces …the Silence is Golden.

Sitting in silence in our backyard gives me inner peace. A place to hear the birds and see God’s beauty through flowers and through cacti… the “Sounds of Silence” perhaps. Nature and gardening is a beautiful form of therapy.

Or it’s when I sit in our family room before the sun comes up… the Quiet is wonderful!

“Silence is a True Friend Who Never Betrays.” ~Confucius

A morning sunrise out our front door. Only the sound of a Hummingbird.
Sometimes a bowl of Oatmeal accompanies me while I watch the sun come up. A healthy start to my day that nourishes my being.

Baking gives me quiet. If I’m in the kitchen alone and creating a yummy treat or in this case a yummy healthy treat… it does my mind good. I turn off the outside world and Bake Away!

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Cookies are easy. I have made them several times. They are found all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Easy and good for you!

Men Enjoy the Quiet as Well

Sweet Man can spend hours “putteringor “putzing” in his work bench area or office.

Make Time for Yourself and the Quiet

“Sometimes our Stop-Doing List needs to be bigger then our To-Do List.” ~Patti Digh

Our lives can get over scheduled, busy and time consuming. We need to stop and listen to the Quiet. It’s all part of Self-Care.

Soaking in our tub and listening to the Quiet…can give me a recharge.
Outside as well…

Take a Deep Breath and Listen to the Quiet

42 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #163 The Quiet

  1. Good morning, Nancy. What beautiful places of quiet you have discovered. The desert is truly amazing. I also love the places in your home that offer quiet. We all need to turn off the noise and just “be”, what a difference it would make. Thank you for this lovely post, my friend. Now would you please send me a cookie to enjoy with my morning coffee?

    1. These cookies are delicious. And they are perfect for that 3:00 in the afternoon hunger feeling… just add a cup of tea. I know you are on a Blog Hop today. I will be right over. I just put a tea cart together so its been a busy morning. Hugs to you and enjoy your Tuesday!

  2. There is a lot of noise in this world we live in, and taking time for the quiet is more beneficial than a prescription for meds. Right now, my happy place is walking on the beach or in a garden. When I get home, I have several months of puttering and working outside that always feeds my soul. Besides the beach and my garden, I can always feel at peace in the NH mountains. I’m sure everyone has their own quiet refuge, and that is a wonderful thing.

    1. Judy… it is a wonderful thing! We tend to think our days need to be absorbed with To Do Lists, especially in January when we want our houses back to a clean slate. I had a busy December and January… I am going to “quietly pace myself into February.”
      Have a lovely Tuesday by the beach!

  3. I can feel your serenity In both your photos and your writing.

    Good morning.

    My two (toddler) grandkids will be here today. Quiet won’t be on the agenda. Laughter and a messy kitchen might be. I think they would enjoy making those cookies.


    1. Oh your toddlers can have lots of them… very little sugar!
      Thanks for enjoying this post. I had a very busy December and January. My intent is to “quietly pace myself into February!”
      Have so much fun laughing, running and enjoying your littles today! A fun Tuesday for you!

  4. For me, quiet doesn’t always mean without noise. It means without stress. My quiet happy place is the lake — which isn’t always quiet but free of city traffic and obligation. I hadn’t thought about the quiet of baking, but you’re right. Or a wonderful walk where the sounds are nature. Someday when I ever get out of this house I’m looking forward to discovering more quiet than just turning off media!

    1. Oh that dang MEDIA! We don’t need all that horrible news every day! It’s just awful. Anger comes blowing out of my ears… lol!
      So bake a big batch of cookies and curl up with a book! That’s a quiet I did not mention…reading. It’s a wonderful escape.
      Happy Tuesday my Marmalade Gypsy!

    1. And I had another rose bloom today! I need to get a picture of it before it opens fully.
      Thank you for the visit, Julie. Have a beautiful Tuesday!

  5. I hear ya on the need for quiet time. Those treats look yummy. I baked way too much for the holidays which isn’t a bad thing …. it’s the eating of all those baked goodies that needs to stop. 🤣 Happy Tuesday!

    1. This I know… I did as well! So healthy eating is on our menu planner.
      You and I are lucky we live here… beautiful places to escape!
      Oh by the way… Are you making mimosas yet? Lemon water? Grapefruit for breakfast? 🙂
      Happy Tuesday Ingrid!

      1. The grapefruit aren’t quite ready and the oranges are just now starting to be ready for picking. Our neighbors said the end of Jan – begin of Feb is when they are best. So we’re taking their advice … although, that bright orange color tempted us and we started picking a few here and there a little early 😁

    1. Oh Beth… this I know! Do you have camellias blooming yet? Your butterfly garden is just gorgeous! And you live so close to the water and all those amazing birds!
      Happy Tuesday my friend!

  6. Such a beautiful post. I feel relaxed thinking and viewing your photos.
    I will make those cookies! They sound very good and different than my usual chocolate chip.
    The dessert is indeed lovely.

    1. We love living here in amAZing Arizona! So many beautiful places to see!
      Have a quiet Tuesday Bonnie! Are you part of the Valentine’s Blog Hop? I will have to check and see.

  7. I love your thoughts on where you can celebrate quiet as well as the quote about a stop-doing list. That would turn my world upside down! I love to check off and cross off on my lists of things to do. I’ll give this reversed list some thought. Meanwhile I do enjoy quiet when and where I can find it. It is easier to find at our cabin in New Mexico where the snow can come up to your thigh than in Oklahoma suburbia, but right now I am thankful for suburbia as are the dogs when we go on our walks. Enjoy a fun week with moments of quiet!

    1. I hear ya! I too like to cross off my to do lists… but I noticed I was spending too much time on them. Plus… we had a very busy December and January. I plan on quietly easing my way into February.
      Enjoy your Tuesday walk with the pups!

      1. Thanks. While I was on my walk, I thought about your cookies and have two questions. Should the bananas be very ripe (as you would use for banana bread) or firm? In thinking about spacing on the baking pan, do these balls flatten out? I’m looking forward to making and eating them.

      2. Good question. Ripe bananas is what I use. I spaced mine the first time and they did not spread (in my electric oven.) The second time I put them closer together and I was fine. I put them on parchment paper as well. If you want them a tad sweeter add some honey. I’m trying to eat a bit healthier… because of too many goodies over the Holidays!

  8. Oh Nancy, I too have learned to enjoy the “quiet”…While I was ill, Psalm 46:10 became my mantra….”Be still and know that I am God”….and I have carried that Bible verse with me. We all need to slow down and look at the beauty that surrounds us. No matter where we live, there is God’s beauty if one will open their eyes to what is happening now instead of worrying about tomorrow. I also love the early morning hours as a special quiet time…before the sun comes up but the birds are there with their singing. Your desert pictures are so beautiful and remind me of our years living in the high mountain desert of New Mexico. And yes, I do keep a day timer and thankfulness journal, but if I miss something, I do not worry over it. thank you for your beautiful thoughts and photos of your home, plus I am writing down that recipe. Hugs and Blessings my friend.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

    1. Oh Kari… what a beautiful verse to keep tucked away in your head. I too love that verse.
      Thank God you are a survivor! I prayed hard for you!
      Enjoy these cookies… and if they are not sweet enough… you can always add honey to your next batch!
      Happy Tuesday!

  9. Happy Tuesday Nancy, and yes we all need our private space and quiet time now and then and I’m sure the desert can be quite beautiful and serene…when things get crazy at my house {living with 3 noisy guys} I retreat to my bedroom and shut out the world! I also love to sit on my beach house porch and look out at the Gulf, instant relaxation!

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