Tuesday Tidbits #163 The Quiet

We went to this special spot in the high country last week. It’s isolated and it’s a place of peace for me.

A Place for Quiet

Do you have a place where you can go to recharge?

Sometimes we just need to wander in nature…

Often we have a need to get away from all the NOISE and busy schedules. For me… it can be a get away in the desert. When we get out of the Jeep and view the Wide Open Spaces …the Silence is Golden.

Sitting in silence in our backyard gives me inner peace. A place to hear the birds and see God’s beauty through flowers and through cacti… the “Sounds of Silence” perhaps. Nature and gardening is a beautiful form of therapy.

Or it’s when I sit in our family room before the sun comes up… the Quiet is wonderful!

“Silence is a True Friend Who Never Betrays.” ~Confucius

A morning sunrise out our front door. Only the sound of a Hummingbird.
Sometimes a bowl of Oatmeal accompanies me while I watch the sun come up. A healthy start to my day that nourishes my being.

Baking gives me quiet. If I’m in the kitchen alone and creating a yummy treat or in this case a yummy healthy treat… it does my mind good. I turn off the outside world and Bake Away!

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Cookies are easy. I have made them several times. They are found all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Easy and good for you!

Men Enjoy the Quiet as Well

Sweet Man can spend hours “putteringor “putzing” in his work bench area or office.

Make Time for Yourself and the Quiet

“Sometimes our Stop-Doing List needs to be bigger then our To-Do List.” ~Patti Digh

Our lives can get over scheduled, busy and time consuming. We need to stop and listen to the Quiet. It’s all part of Self-Care.

Soaking in our tub and listening to the Quiet…can give me a recharge.
Outside as well…

Take a Deep Breath and Listen to the Quiet