Tuesday Tidbits #24

“I would love to go to Oatman, AZ.” I said to sweet man…

And you know what, he made it happen… it’s what he does… it’s the reason why I call him Sweet Man!

Oatman, AZ has Wild Burros that just hang out in the streets. It’s an Old Mining town on Rte. 66. The Burros are descendants of the Burros the Prospectors used for hauling rock and ore up out of the mines. …Look at that landscape in the background!

The scenery driving into Oatman was gorgeous!

The yellow brittle bush was in bloom almost everywhere.

When we arrived a Burro greeted me right away.

Sweet Man fed some…

Oatman is not very big and is full of Rte. 66 gift shops, eateries and a Saloon. A cute place to walk around in. You have to keep in mind it’s an old Mining Town that was a booming town in 1920’s. By 1931 this area had produced 1.8 million ounces of gold! In 1942 the mines were closed as they were nonessential to the war effort. But the Burros stayed in the area.

We got a kick out of this old relic… a Pay Phone?!?!

As we were walking through the town… a stampede of Donkeys came up from a side area and one was braying very loud. He was stressed out about something. When the stampede was over one donkey comforted the stressed donkey. Please watch the video to see the one comforting the other. It is so darn cute!

This baby was darling with its furry hair.

After our fill of Oatman we headed back down historical Rte. 66.

Once again the scenery was incredible!

We stopped at this overlook called Sitgreave’s Pass and the “awescapes” were unbelievable!

Sweet Man noticed a small cemetery/memorial area at this overlook. After some research I found out that most of the crosses are there due to someone passing away on this stretch of switchbacks or of people who passed away but wished they came to this part of Rte. 66.

Do you see those two orange specks at the top of the above photo? They are old rusty cars that fell off the twisted turns and switchbacks of this old historical road.

This ride was spectacular around every turn!

The clouds started to darken but before it rained… we did get to stop at this fun little place on the side of the road.

Don’t drive on empty on this stretch of road as you can’t get gas at this place or anywhere else. This was a gas station back in the day and there were a few cabins to rent back then too. But not anymore. It’s a Rte. 66 gift shop where a few snacks, soft drinks and hot dogs can be purchased. A guy by the name of Ray owns it and he is quite entertaining. He is in red in the picture below. He was quite the character! These people were from Maine and were having the time of there lives!

He enjoys taking pictures…

I highly encourage this drive along Rte. 66! The scenery is gorgeous and the history can be seen along the way.

Thanks so much for the visit.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #24

  1. We’ve been to Oatman a couple times, but didn’t drive that scenic route. We had the RV. It is a very pretty area though. 2 Years ago the poppies were everywhere.

    1. An amazing area for sure. The poppies were done I was told and the golden yellow of the brittle bush was a carpet.
      Glad you made it to Oatman! Thank you for always visiting!

  2. Nancy, the famous Route 66 is full of nostalgia! I love that neat little town full of burros and that video is too cute. The scenery is magnificent and I love that the two of you take these day trips to see your state! Yโ€™all are having so much fun!

  3. Stunning scenery, all those wildflowers and the blooming cactus! Be still my heart! I love all the places named Jackass, hilarious! What a kooky fun town and the burros are adorable!! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. What a gorgeous landscape! ๐Ÿ™‚ The trip we’re planning for this autumn will very likely not take us to Oatman, but I intend to ride my bicycle on a part of Route 66 between Seligman and Kingman.

      1. Of that I’m sure. I only wish I’d be able to ride my bike all that distance, but I can’t do that. So, we’ll do most of that by car.

  5. We had such a great time visiting this part of AZ. You are right about the scenery and history โ€ฆ beautiful and entertaining. When we visited Oatman the baby burros had stickers on their head saying, “please don’t feed me”. I guess the towns people take really good care of this herd of burros. After all, that’s why the tourists come in droves to visit this unique little historical town. Thanks for taking me back!

      1. I cannot believe how busy we’ve been. Things should settle down the 2nd week in May and we WILL do drinks before we both leave town!

  6. Silly word press…I shall try again. LOL I love your photos of the SW…and how sweet is Sweet Man to give you your heart’s desire…The Captain is like that for me. How lucky we are. Thanks for sharing your road trips….keep on keepin’ on dear friend.

      1. It truly is fun and interesting! Iโ€™m so glad you enjoyed Route 66 and I got to take you back again!

  7. What a fun place!!!! This is totally how I picture Route 66 in my head- it’s almost a caricature of a place! What a great adventure. The donkeys are stinkin’ adorable too. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

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