Tuesday Tidbits #231 Forget the To-Do List!

It’s Tuesday!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day. We golfed with friends, enjoyed a lunch on the lake and chatted with the kids.

Lunch at Sunset Grill on the Lake!

This week flew by! And with it, the Rhododendron petals are slowly falling off the bushes along with the Peony petals dropping to the ground. We’ve been here at the Lake House for about a month now. These are all reminders to me of how quickly the summer season can fly by.

Our back patio!

Our gardens, our yard work, and housework tend to become a priority. I enjoy it all and love the simple tasks. But I don’t want summer to fly by without doing more of the other things I love. I have not been out on my Kayak yet! Can you believe it? So I am listing what I want to do this summer. I’m keeping it short as I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I don’t want summer to slip away and not do what I love! I will try to follow these thoughts…

“Sometimes our Stop-Doing List needs to be bigger than our To-Do List.” ~Patti Digh

I will enjoy my purple kayak this coming week!

Potting Bench

I did enjoy styling my Potting Bench this week. When I get to play, I am a happy girl. Along with styling the bench I power washed the house siding on the back patio. It makes everything look so fresh!

Sangria anyone?
Come sit for a while and relax!
I love adding small bouquets to my bench. The flowers come from my gardens.
Tiny bouquet!

Banana Bread

Baking helps me slow down and turn off the outside world.

Delicious Banana Bread!

Every time I make this Banana Bread I get lots of compliments. I served this Banana Bread to guests this past weekend. I found this cookbook along with a few others by the same author and illustrator at an antique store. I love these cookbooks

Wonderful Cookbook with beautiful illustrations!
This is the recipe I follow when making banana bread. Recipe by Roxie Kelley and Friends. Illustrated by Shelley Reeves Smith.

What’s Blooming?

Our roses have begun!
Purchased Zinnias!
The Zinnias I planted from seed!
Evening Primrose
Dianthus or carnation.
Spotted Dead Nettle. A lovely ground cover.
Yellow Loosestrife

Making Time

Our lives can get over scheduled, busy and time-consuming. I plan to take in Summer and all it can give me! I hope you do the same!

Thank You!

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

We wish all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

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49 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #231 Forget the To-Do List!

  1. Good morning, Nancy. I can’t wait to see lake photos from your purple kayak. The potting bench is styled with summer perfection. As always your blooms are spectacular. I hope you can spend your day doing what you want to do. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I don’t know what I enjoyed more…the purple kayak…the potting bench (which I could gaze at ALL day – it’s charming!) or the yum factor of the banana bread, combined with a mention of vintage cookbooks!? Love all of that – plus, of course, the blooms. Thanks so much, Nancy! 🥰

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed! Thank you!
      I am off to wash my kayak so I can float very soon on the lake! 💜💟💜
      Thanks for all the love!

  3. Nancy, nice to meet you and find your blog. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty blooms! Thanks for visiting Hyacinths this morning. Your visit brought me straight over. Have a great summer!

  4. Baking, styling, cutting flowers, golfing and seeing friends sounds like a perfect week to me! Your Potting Bench looks so pretty, I love the jars of flowers~ you have so many wonderful blooms at your fingertips! I like your idea of a Things Not to Do list 😂 Happy Kayaking!

  5. Great post! You and universe is telling me something! On my way into work this morning, I listened to a podcast that encouraged listeners to “Design their Summers”. I’m going to make my list TODAY. Replacing my potting bench in my garden and making banana bread will be on that list. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Take care!

  6. Nancy, you’re so good at decorating and obviously at gardening, too. I haven’t tried kayaking but would love to one of these days. “One of these days” reminds me how much I enjoyed your quote. It comes down to prioritizing, doesn’t it, and sometimes we have to ask what’s really necessary and what isn’t so we can do things that make us happy. You’re also blessed to be at a time in your life when you have time to do the things you want to do (at least a number of them.) <3

    1. You said it so perfectly! Thank you always for your sweet comments!
      Kayaking is a blast. We may have to try it on Lake Watson or Saguaro Lake.
      Have a beautiful day, doing nothing! 😃

  7. I just love your potting bench, Nancy. It’s certainly more attractive than mine which is more of a garden work bench covered in all manner of tools and pots – mostly empty ones – and of course the wayward bits of potting mix that missed the pots 🪴

    And I adore that rose 💖

  8. Nancy I am always envious of your beautiful flowers…especially since you maintain two homes. I have problems just maintaining one garden. Here in Florida if one misses a couple days of watering during the hot summer week…a potted plant turns to dirt and brown stems. 😩…Plants in the soil are different but I tend to want plants from up North such as petunias, geraniums, vinca, and begonias which are not really Florida weather tolerant.

    I love your potting bench decor…especially the little pots of flowers. Just lovely.

    I like your idea of making a list for summer and if you don’t get them all in…so be it….carry them over til the next summer because being with your family and friends are more important as they are in “the now”.

    Have a glorious week with your honey..Blessings always.

  9. Such a lovely post, Nancy. We are staying busy trying to keep our mountain cabin fire safe. That means cutting out some trees which makes me sad, but I keep reminding myself that I don’t want to lose them all and the cabin too through fire. It is also a lot of work.😉 I do appreciate your reminder about doing the things we love, and I’m going to try to schedule some of those things in. Happy First Day of Summer–tomorrow!😎

  10. What a delightful quote, “Sometimes our Stop-Doing List needs to be bigger than our To-Do List.” ~Patti Digh. I think you have the secret of life down to a science – great post!

  11. Nancy, I would have a hard time leaving your patio with your cute potting bench and beautiful flowers! Enjoy your kayaking! Enjoy your summer at the lake!

  12. Hi Nancy, this is such a lovely blog. I love your decorating. The little items you add to your bench make it so personal and cute. Your lake house would make a great girls’ trip for sure! That’s an adorable cookbook. Wouldn’t it be nice for all our recipes to be so beautifully illustrated and in such perfectly legible handwriting? LOL Enjoy kayaking next week. I’m waiting for two things. 1. Warmer weather, 2. an invitation as I don’t want to kayak alone.

    1. When I return, we must go kayaking at Watson Lake or Lake Pleasant. It’s so much fun!
      And thanks for all the love. It’s always so good to hear from you.
      By the way, I just got back from kayaking here at our lake… so peaceful!
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. another week and I’ll be at the lake, too — but you are all settled and it looks wonderful. Love those cookbook photos. That’s how I’d like to do my family cookbook!

  14. oh how I love your potting bench, complete with Sangria. Life is good. A refreshing, deep breath for us to read this morning. Now get back out there in your kayak and your garden. I agree. Forget the to-do list sometimes. It will get done..in time.

    1. It sure will!
      You will be happy to know I took a long kayak ride! It was fabulous!
      Thanks for all the love dear friend.
      Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. Love your Rose and Zinnia blooms! No roses here yet as our Rhododendrons are still looking pretty showy and the Poppies are popping out everywhere. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kirt. I love my purple kayak as well! And I enjoyed two outings this week!
      Thanks for the visit. Take good care my friend.

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