Tuesday Tidbits #230 Welcome Rain!

Good Tuesday Friends!

It’s Raining!

We nearly broke the record of 30 days without rain. However, 24 days without rain were enough for me! With the window slightly open, I can hear the rain, and I can smell the rain, and then I like to watch the rain make droplets on the plants. Pure bliss!


Rain has a way of slowing me down. That’s a good thing, as I have been nonstop with the gardens, the house, and small projects. I’m doing absolutely nothing today except writing this blog post. I also smell the delicious homemade soup warming on the stove as I sit in our cozy sunroom having my tea.


School’s Out

The kids here in town had their last day of school this past Friday. Do you remember your last days of school when you were growing up? I couldn’t wait to spend all my Summer days at the lake! The lake had endless fun! Swimming, boating, skiing, fishing, and sunbathing. When we needed refreshments, we walked across the street to the Canoe Club. We could have lunch, milkshakes, and play pinball while we all “hung out” with our friends. We would return in the evening after we cooled our sunburned skin with Noxema. (I am sure that made some of you giggle.) In our best summer attire, we would dance to the jukebox songs and wait for the Hot Cars to show up out front. I always tell others I had a great childhood. I was never bored! It was a great place to grow up at.

The Canoe Club! Source: Facebook

The Canoe Club was torn down in the ’90s. Anyone who grew up on this lake, like myself, has fond memories of this old spot.

A beautiful pencil drawing. They have put this print onto T-shirts.
This Historical Marker replaces the Beloved Canoe Club.

I get nostalgic when we are back here in Pennsylvania. The memories come flooding back. Sweet recollections! I thank you for letting me do some musing.

A Walk by the Lake

My favorite tree at the lake!

More flowers are blooming. I spotted this yellow peony the other day! I have never seen a yellow peony before. Have you?

Siberian Iris
Cornflower Mountain Bluet or Bachelor Button?
I call these Wild roses but my plant app calls them Japanese Roses.
A Ladybug on Poison Hemlock.
Pretty Iris
These little pups had to see what I was doing when walking by.
Cute cottage!
Cottage or Lake House? New build overlooking the lake.
Purple Martins and their condos!
Alligators or Crocodiles?
One of the many street posts.

Our Garden Blooms

I call this Midnight at the Oasis.
Another lovely iris.

Boat is In

Boat headed for the water! Looking forward to many boat rides!

It was a great week here at the Lake. I am off to listen to the rain.

Thank You!

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

We wish all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

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54 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #230 Welcome Rain!

  1. We had rain overnight so no watering needed today which is a good thing. I LOVE that yellow peony so I headed online to see where I could get one. The prices range from $25 to $80 for one. That homeowner needs a fence around it. 🙂 All of your flower photos are beautiful, and I know you have a wonderful summer season at the lake, and we all appreciate your sharing your memories and adventures. Happy boating!

    1. That yellow peony was remarkable to see.
      I am thrilled you got rain as well. We have more coming throughout the week! Yay!
      Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  2. Wow, those days dancing to the songs on the jukebox at the Canal Club sound like a wonderful rite of passage indeed, Nance! I can also picture quenching the resulting thirst with a great milkshake at the counter. Maybe an order of burger-and-fries service in a red plastic basket? Anyway. I’m glad they put the pencil drawing a T-shirt for posterity! And your photo of that favorite tree is a keeper, too. Have a great week as we see everything greening up again with the much-needed rain!!

    1. Thank goodness for the rain!
      And yes… Burgers and fries in a red basket!
      Thanks for sharing in my Memory fun!
      Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  3. You’ve shared some wonderful memories of summers past, Nancy. Summer in the sun meant sunburns, and yes, I chuckled at the Noxema reference 😁. Summer rain is so soothing and welcomed. We may have a bit tonight. Love all your flowers and views of the neighborhood. Enjoy!

  4. We all have those days when we need to do nothing but sit and listen to the rain.
    What wonderful memories you have of your summers at the lake. The Canoe Club sounds like a perfect place to hang out with friends. So sad that it doesn’t exist any more. Have a wonderful week!

    1. The whole town was sad when it had to be torn down. But we can enjoy all our memories! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed Tuesday!

  5. Me, too! The Noxema mention made me smile, Nancy! And…thanks for the peek into the history of the Canoe Club. I’m sorry to hear it was torn down, but how lovely that a marker stands where it once was. And yes…cheers to rain! Enjoy your day! 🥰

    1. I am tickled for you to come visit me over here at Two Trails One Road. Thanks for the sweet words! I am so happy I made you smile!
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. Love those street posts! I’m so glad that you finally got rain. We sorely need it. We got a bit — a splash, I call it, because it wasn’t much. We could do with a good soak. They were talking about maybe this afternoon but the sun seems to put that idea to rest. Your cottage looks so charming — and I’m glad the boat is in!

    1. I’m doing a rain dance for you! Praying it comes your way soon!
      I’ll share more street posts in the future. I like them too!
      Sending Happy Tuesday wishes to you!

  7. I love the smell of rain when it wets the earth after a long dry spell. Your sunroom is beautiful and offers a respite after all of your hard work. Your childhood, like mine was ideal. The Canoe Club sounds like some of the hangouts as a teen, so many happy memories. The flowers are all gorgeous, and the yellow peony is amazing. I haven’t thought of Noxzema in years. I remember my precious Mother using it. I know that the boat will offer many memorable rides and happy times. We desperately need rain. Many places nearby received rain and severe thunderstorms. I just want the rain and no storms. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Praying for rain for you!
      We sure did love our childhood hangouts.
      And how about that yellow peony?!?
      Thanks for all the love.
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Such a lovely place to grow up. I feel the same way when we return to our summer place in Massachusetts on the beach. The smells, sounds, season, all reminders of another time. And yes, I laughed at Noxema. Of course, That was following slathering up with baby oil. fun days. It’s a beautiful home Nancy, inside and out….because of you

    1. Awe… how nice of you!
      And yes, how could I forget the baby oil! Oh goodness.

      Thanks for all the love. Enjoy your day!😊

  9. I hope you enjoyed your very laid back day, and so glad you got some rain! I’m sure it’s a ton of work when opening up your house for the season. I really enjoyed my stroll around the neighborhood with you and loved your fond memories of the Canoe Club. So many beautiful flowers, especially the Iris, so stunning! I love the painted posts~ Happy boating!

    1. I will share more painted posts in the future.
      Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.
      Have a lovely day, Jenna!

  10. Happy Tuesday Nancy! Such pretty bloom…I always love seeing lady bugs which keep the bad bugs away. Glad you have rain! It seems we get stuck in weather patterns. We have been in rainy weekend pattern with only 6 dry weekends so far this year, which has really interfered with our boating time. Glad your boat is in the water, wishing you many happy hours on your lake. ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Mary!
      The ladybugs were such a treat for us to see.
      We are looking forward to lots of boating. I hope you get some dry weekends!
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Alligators or crocodiles? Well now that depends if they’re the “see you later” type or the “In a while” kind of critters…
    Love the blooms – that yellow Peony is just wild! I’ve never seen yellow before except in photos. Hope that you both enjoy a wonderful week!

    1. Hello, my friend! I am still amazed by that peony every time I go by it!
      So glad you could stop by!
      Enjoy the rest of your week!😊

  12. Great post Nancy!! Love the flowers…looks like an awesome summer ahead for you guys! The rain made me think of how much we have enjoyed our move to the Seattle area. The last week was two beautiful sunny days….two cloudy light drizzle days and then two more sunny days…all temps moderate…life is good!!

  13. One of the blessings of my updated hearing aids is that I can hear the rain again. We frequently get afternoon rain showers in the mountains of NM, and I enjoy them so much.

  14. What a blessing to have such good memories! A rainy day of sitting inside and doing nothing or doing whatever you feel like sounds delightful. I do miss those. Feel free to send any extra rain our way.Lol.

    You have beautiful flowers and it makes me happy to know how much you’re enjoying your summer.

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks for enjoying our place right along with us!
      I have been enjoying your Lakeview Cemetery posts!
      Enjoy your day!😊

  15. I enjoyed every pic. Got tickled at the Noxema comment!
    So glad you finally got much needed rain!
    All your flowers are beautiful.
    Enjoy your lake time.

    1. Thank you Bonnie! I am glad you got a kick out of the Noxema comment.
      Thanks so much for enjoying and have yourself a wonderful day!

  16. I chuckled at the Noxzema reference. We settled for pure baby oil in our day. It did so much to protect us! I loved the summer rain when I was a kid in Indiana. It was so warm, but it cooled everything off. In those days our house was cooled by a giant exhaust fan in a garage window. How did we even live through all the mosquito bites, let alone the heat?

    1. I think of that often when I then on the air conditioning here. We never had it when growing up.
      I’m glad I made you chuckle about the Noxema.
      Thanks for all the love!

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