Tuesday Tidbits #145 A Sunset, A Moonrise, A Sunrise… Oh My!

Hello Friends… another Tuesday has arrived. And tomorrow Autumn arrives as well.

Pumpkins are arriving at the stores and farmer’s markets!
A butternut squash will arrive on a table soon!
The cornfields are ready to be cut and will arrive for someone’s Halloween Decor!
Pumpkin Beer has arrived at our local watering hole!

Welcome to another Tuesday Tidbits!


Welcome Fall!

I enjoy sharing our weekly doings with you but lately I find it hard to sit down at the keyboard to organize my thoughts and pictures. (Maybe I’m getting old!) It’s been another busy week. Perhaps you should grab your coffee… I may have picture overload this week!


We had to make a run to Home Depot and decided to head south to Meadville, Pennsylvania. Across the street from Home Depot is this amazing Art made out of Road Signs!

It’s long… so it has to be captured in several pictures.

A closer look!

Such creativity! We see this fabulous Art often but decided it was time to take pictures of it! We are always amazed and in awe as we pass it.

Sunset Cruise

From Art to boat rides… We enjoyed a lovely sunset cruise on Edinboro Lake from our Pontoon. It was the golden hour…

These are Cormorants perched high in the tree. This weeks Creature Feature!

As the sun was setting… the moon was rising.

From a Sunset with a Moon Rise

to a Morning Sunrise.

From our kitchen window… there are advantages to making coffee in the morning!

After making the morning coffee and watching the sunrise from the kitchen window… a delightful breakfast was made.

A Bacon and Vegetable Frittata was made. Recipe can be found… HERE!

New Squash

A Buttercup Squash was found at a local market and it was highly recommended. So it came home with me along with an Acorn Squash. I think we have a new favorite. The Buttercup is a bit sweeter in taste then the Acorn. We loved it!

Sweet man thought it was gnarly looking…but quite delicious!

The Time Has Come to say Goodbye until Next Week.

Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I wish for you to have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Fall!