Sunday Flower Therapy

We have …just what the Doctor ordered!

Flowers from our desert backyard are starting to show off. It’s Spring here and our desert gardens are alive!

Not only are the cacti blooming but so are our roses!

In the morning when we sit outside with our coffee… we hear the birds sing, and view our lovely flowers and gorgeous collected rocks. It reminds us of how God has enriched us with his blessings! We are so Thankful …in more ways then one.

Then with added Whimsy… there are smiles all around!

Don’t you just LOVE whimsy in the Garden. I feel it adds fun and conversation!

Thank you for strolling through the gardens with us. We enjoy the views each and every day and are delighted you were able to come along.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

47 thoughts on “Sunday Flower Therapy

  1. Thank you for the kind invitation to stroll around and meet your flowers. Almost as good as being there! Gorgeous, gorgeous, Nancy.

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

  2. Oh Nancy, CACTUS LOVE!!! And the ROSES! I want to paint every one of these photos!! The frogs are adorable, and I loe the truck planter! You have made my Sunday, I will be painting today!!

  3. Beautiful desert gardens, Nancy! Love the close up images of these flowers. The one above the red roses is different, but gorgeous.

  4. Thank you so much Nancy for a stroll through your garden….I love cactus blooms and yours are lovely. I could sit in your garden for hours on end just enjoying the view. Your roses are spectacular. And yes, whimsey is fun. I love to see it in unexpected places like the little truck and the smiling frog. so cute. Blessings dear friend.

  5. Nancy, what a beautiful walk through your garden. Oh those blooming cacti and roses are amazing. How I would enjoy having coffee and conversation with you in your garden my friend. Yes, yes, yes to the whimsy, it makes me smile! ❤️

    1. Oh Pam… we would chat all day… but I would have to ask you to bring your Mom’s pound cake! 😀
      I know we both enjoy our gardens… flowers bring such joy!
      Thank you for the love!

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