Tuesday Tidbits #25

Rise and Shine!

Welcome to my 25th edition of Tuesday Tidbits! 25 weeks has flown by and 25 postings in a row! If you are new to my blog… I share a little bit of this and a little bit of that every Tuesday. It’s why I call it Tuesday Tidbits!

Today I am sharing a Kitchen Chalkboard that I made. We have an area in our Kitchen where I display a seasonal chalkboard.

Here you can see a few that I have made in the past for different Holidays.

After the purchase of some chickens for our kitchen. I decided I wanted a chicken on the new chalkboard. And so it began…

Chalkboard Pens are purchased from Walmart and found near the craft paint. It’s what I use and I love them! They glide easily and give a beautiful white finish unlike regular chalk. In the next picture you are able to see that with just a wet paper towel mistakes can be easily wiped away! Sweet Man has purchased the chalkboard at Home Depot and cuts them to fit certain frames. He also made this frame from repurposed Barn Wood.

After two more tries I got the wing right. The two previous tries were pretty bad and they wiped away easily! Now I all need are a few finishing touches.

If I had a yellow chalk marker I would have made the beak yellow and perhaps the nest as well.

It looks great in the kitchen! And the other chickens approve!

Hope you can add some whimsy to your home. What I like about this… is that I made it! Happy Tuesday and I sure do appreciate your visits!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #25

  1. Nancy, I adore your “rise and shine” chalkboard! Kudos to your sweet hubby for that wonderful frame and to you for your lovely artwork. It is fun to have seasonal decor to add in a few key places like your kitchen where you spend a lot of time! Happy Tuesday sweet friend!❤️

    1. It is always fun to change things up in our homes.
      Thanks for coming over and enjoying our latest change in the kitchen!

  2. Nancy I like your chalkboard and your drawing, I can’t draw a thing so my attempts at a wing would top the charts. LOL I am definitely challenged but perhaps a marking pen works easier than actual paint. Clever idea my friend….have a great day.

    1. The chalk marker works fabulously! When I started making these I used regular chalk… ugh!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my new chalkboard! 😊

  3. How adorable, I love the way you change it for the seasons or theme, such a cute idea! I love to do chalkboards too, but I can never get the image to completely disappear, especially the white. I have to recoat the chalkboard with chalkboard paint each time to get a clean slate. Does that happen to you?

    1. If it’s on there for a while… yes… it does stay there at times. So now…. because they can be a lot of work… I take the board out and save it. Then sweet man cuts several boards to fit the frame. Easy Peasy! In the fall I will pop in a new one.

      I will say this chalk marker from Walmart does clean up nicely! Thank you for enjoying my latest chalkboard art!😊

  4. Nice! I’ve always wondered about the chalk pens (if they smudge, wipe off etc). So thanks so much for this post, and I’ve learned a lot just by reading comments. I have a spot in my house that is being re-done, so maybe I’ll try my hand at creating a chalkboard to go in the new space. Thanks for the idea!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed!

      The chalk markers are the way to go! You need to shake them and prime them to get them started. Once they dry… your artwork is good to go!

      Have fun making art!

  5. How cute and creative, Nancy! Thank you for explaining how you made it. So cheerful!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  6. This is tooooo cute, Nancy!!! I walked around Michaels yesterday and got the itch to start crafting. I’d love to make a chalkboard like this sometime! Maybe when we are settled in Austin I can do it as a little touch on our new place  Thanks for sharing – it looks so good!

    1. It’s a fun way to add a little of your own personality into your home. I’m glad you enjoyed!

      O-H -I -O is coming your way very soon! Have fun!

      1. Yess! I am just reading this now so shedding a bit of a tear as I say goodbye to the O-H-I-O … but being there was good for my soul!

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