Tuesday Tidbits #76 Scones

Hello and Welcome In for Tuesday Tidbits!

Mother’s Day is coming and I have the perfect start for breakfast or brunch! How about…

Strawberry Scones!

Do you know Jenna? Well you should … please follow Jenna at The Painted Apron. She shares amazing recipes that are so delicious. But she is also extremely creative. She is an artist and shares tutorials of her paintings. Many times she adds her paintings along with her recipes. I visited Jenna last week and she shared her Strawberry Orange Scones that she adapted from the recipe of Scott and Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine

Since I am having a bit more time on my hands because of this crazy Pandemic… I decided to try making their version of Scones. You see… it’s a “new to me” way of making them!

These Strawberry Scones were incredibly moist!

Instead of cutting the butter into the flour, the new method is that you melt the butter and let it cool just a bit …then here is the magic… you add one cup of ice cold heavy whipping cream to the melted butter. Sounds strange but it makes the butter turn into little “globules” as Scott and Chris say.

Then that globule mixture of cream and butter is slowly folded into the flour mixture. I also followed their tip of letting the diced Strawberries dry on a few paper towels for 20 minutes. This tip results in No Soggy Scones!

I also made a Mock version of Devonshire Cream. Recipe for that was found at What’s Cooking America So easy and so delicious!

After they are baked …delightfully moist scones are ready for your table. I got about 15 Scones from Scott and Chris’s recipe. As you can see I did not roll the dough out as I feel they become too tough that way. And the leftovers stored well in a container in the fridge. They have not turned into Hockey Pucks!

Set a pretty table and enjoy the Strawberry Scones!

Speaking of pretty tablescapes please head over to Pam at Everyday Living. She shares beautifully set tables and shares such stunning ideas of how to make your table lovely for your special meals. Her centerpieces are always a spectacular focal point!

I decided to cut some bougainvillea and place them in a vintage green vase. This was so simple but it added a touch of elegance.

I hope you give these Strawberry Scones a try. Please take a look at Jenna’s Version and also Scott and Chris’ version. I’m so happy I did!

Have a beautiful week my friends!

41 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #76 Scones

    1. Hi my friend! It was all so delicious! And I’m going to have one with coffee outside today. I have some leftover mock Devonshire cream too.
      These were easy… and delicious!

  1. Your strawberry scones with cream make me think of Wimbledon tennis, Nance, which we won’t get to watch on TV in the coming season. Thanks for bringing me the color and pizzazz.

  2. I’m so happy you tried and liked these scones, so so easy to make! Your Devonshire cream sounds divine, I must do that next time! Thank you so much for the very nice shout out, it brings me such joy to share and inspire other people, my little way of giving back…Have a wonderful week in your beautiful Arizona Nancy! Have I told you that my mother-in-law had that pink dishware? I always smile when I see it in your posts…

    1. You do inspire! I paint glasses because of you and have made a few of your recipes! Now if I could just do a water color painting! Happy week to you my friend!

    1. I’ve made dry scones before… so I had to give these a try. I’m telling you melting the butter and then adding ice cold heavy whipping cream was the trick. And folding it all together ever so lightly.
      Our Bougainvillea is putting on a show right now. So it was perfect for the table!
      Thank you for always stopping in with such kind words! Happy week to you!

  3. I do love a good scone! I’ll definitely be giving these a try when we are in Wisconsin. Your tablescapes are always so pretty and inviting.

  4. That seems easier than cutting the butter into the flour….but I don’t have whipping cream and won’t until my next foray into the grocery store in a week or so….but I might try these then! 🙂

    1. I purposely picked up whipping cream after I saw Jenna’s recipe.
      I will tell you… 2 days later I am enjoying one cold! It is still very good! Let me know if you bake some. And I bet Katie will enjoy a morsel of one! ☺️😉

  5. I love your tea ideas, and scones are an essential for an elegant tea.
    Your bougainvillea is lovely and suddenly made me miss my temporary home in Mexico where the bougainvillea was so beautiful. Although I miss Mexico, it was time to return to New Mexico, and I am very thankful to be in the U.S. again–especially during the pandemic.

    1. Oh I’m glad you are back too! So you are in New Mexico? Where a-bouts?

      These scones are incredible! Hope you can try them!

  6. Nancy, what a beautiful table my friend. The scones look delicious and I must check out the mock Devonshire cream. Have I ever mentioned how much I love scones? Thank you so much for the kind and gracious shout-out. You are a rare jewel dear one!

    1. Oh Pam these scones are so good! Extremely moist! And the mock Devonshire Cream is quite good!

      And I like being called a “rare jewel!” Hugs to you sweet friend! 🤗🤗

  7. I didn’t know you blogged Nancy, as I do as well! Just became a follower 😊💖 These scones look soo good and I like the idea of mixing cream and butter together! Yum!

  8. Oh my this looks delicious!! i have been craving all things berries the last few weeks so strawberry scones sound oh so yummy! Thanks for sharing, Nancy 🙂

  9. Mmmmmm ..I wish I was there right now enjoying this deliciousness. These look delectable and thanks for the recipe. I will try when I have all of the ingredients. Your table setting is beautious. I must say it is so inviting. You are remarkable and a delight to follow.

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