Roses and Romance

I am in love with…


I have Roses in both my gardens. Here at our Desert Home and also at our LakeHouse.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner… what better way to fill the air with Romance …then with Roses!

The easiest way but yet sometimes the most elegant is to just place them in a vase.

Just yesterday I went to our desert Rose Garden and picked a few roses …knowing that I would be using them in my Valentine Decor.

The little, tiny bug flew away before I brought this tender soft Rose in. ☺️

Once again I added them to a vase and placed them on our coffee table.

Styled with vintage silver …gives this vignette a romantic feel.

Don’t throw your Roses away…

when they begin to tire or wilt.

I simply dry them and add them to my decor.

Displayed in this tea cup adds a bit of whimsy and a shabby chic effect.

No Roses?

Then head to the grocery store and purchase many Roses and fill a bowl with them. Simple but yet quite elegant.

Have you begun decorating for Valentine’s Day? Do you have Roses in your gardens?

I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your Valentine’s Decor.

Until Next Time~ Nancy