Tuesday Tidbits #141 Are You Staying Cool?

I think I just saw a school bus go by… it’s that time of year again! Let’s hope these kids can get an uninterrupted year of school under their belt.

It’s Another Week… And Another Tuesday Tidbits

Hello Folks… is it HOT and HUMID your way? It is here! I have given up weeding and gardening. If I go outside… I will melt. So instead I stay in and cook or bake… the air conditioning is on full blast!

We have lots of tomatoes from our garden… so a Veggie Frittata was made. Here is the recipe for this delicious Frittata.


I made a Peach Crisp following a recipe on Pinterest from Oh Sweet Basil. It’s delicious!

And more Margherita Pizzas using prepackaged flatbreads from the store.

I did not follow a recipe… I just used some tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes, olive oil and mozzarella. Basil was added with a sprinkle of some red pepper flakes.

My Potting Bench

I do like to play with my dishes. So yesterday morning, while it was still cool, I decided to have tea on the patio and used my Potting Bench.

It’s fun to be fancy with a rustic flare.
Some added fun in my tea pot basket.
I found some local honey in this cute Mason Jar. It says Love and Perfect Mason. 💛

Sunflowers Were Found!

Sweet Man was out and about and he found these wonderful Sunflowers! He came home and said let’s go see the Sunflowers! 🌻

I was a Happy Girl!

A Brewery Cools Us Off!

While I sit and enjoy a cold beer… sweet man is picking the Hops for the next new batch of beer.

Lots more to be picked!

Back at Our Place

The Coleus are doing very well… They must love the weather we are having.

We enjoy these on our back patio.

It’s been a good week here at Two Trails One Road but we continue to pray for our Nation and our World. There is too much unsettling news. We can only hope that things can somehow improve.

Thank you for stopping by my friends… it’s always good to hear from you.

36 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #141 Are You Staying Cool?

  1. The backed goods look heavenly. Our sunflowers are just starting to bloom. I never knew you could pick your own hops, but then again, i don’t brew my own. Have a great week, Nancy.

    1. Good Morning Chris. Yes… you can pick hops. They grow on a vine and very tall. They are neat to see.
      Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Off to the lake is a good destination and then a nice lunch of those menu selections would make for a good day. 🙂 If I had tea on my potting bench, I’d need to sweep the soil off and sterilize it. 🙂 Beautiful tea service.

    1. I did hose the potting bench down somewhat… lol!
      And the lake is calling our names…
      Thank you for stopping by! Stay safe my friend and enjoy your Tuesday!

    1. What did we ever do without air conditioning??
      And yes… the sunflowers were so beautiful to see!
      Enjoy your Tuesday Beth.

  3. Now I know what I’ll do with my peaches! That crisp looks delicious and I just brought back a large back of peaches from the market up north. Not that I want the oven on in 90 degrees but it might be worth it!

    It look like a wonderful time. That sunflower/blue sky/big mile photo i terrific and I love your hutch!

    1. Sweet Manmade that potting bench/hutch/buffet for the back patio. I love it! It is so versatile.
      Have a beautiful day Jeanie!

    1. I agree! This is the best time of year for so many wonderful recipes to be made. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your Tuesday, Dorothy!

  4. Where do I begin? The frittata, pizza, peach crisp all look delicious. The potting bench is beautifully curated. I agree it is too hot and humid for weeding, I give up. I am so glad your sweet man found sunflowers, they make me smile.

    My heart is heavy and we continue to pray. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!

    1. Thank you for enjoying this week’s fun.
      I’m right there with you Pam… prayers indeed.
      Have a blessed Tuesday dear Pam.

  5. Your frittata looks so good! Yes, it’s so hot and humid here my windows have been fogged up! Your morning tea party sounds lovely and the honey jar is such a fun find! Love the sunflowers and does your husband brew his own beer?? Yes, the news is quite awful, I’m glad you’re keeping busy doing happy things…

    1. He has brewed his own but this was at a local brewery. He was helping out…😃
      And yes… “sometimes we need to turn off the headlines and make our own headlines.”
      Thank you for stopping by. And enjoy your Tuesday, Jenna!

  6. Well, there’s no heat and humidity here, Nancy, as we are having one final blast of winter before spring officially arrives (Sept 1). Must say, you look like a ray of sunshine next to those sunflowers 🌻 Enjoy the rest of your summer, it’ll be over before you know it.

    1. You are so right Clare… it will be over before we know it!
      Thanks for the visit and for the sweet words. Spring is coming Clare!

  7. So much fun to see what you are up to. Summer is fleeting fast and we have to take every opportunity to enjoy what it offers and that includes a cold beer!

  8. Things are upsetting and unsettling in our world. That makes it the perfect time for you to bring out your lovely tea things and plan a brief escape in the cool of the morning. 💜

  9. Things are upsetting and unsettling in our crazy world, but that makes it the perfect time to bring out your lovely tea things for a brief escape in the cool of early morning!

  10. Love your post…..the sun flowers are stunning!! I t has been grossly hot here in Southern California….ugh!! I am getting ready for a late lunch which your delicious foods reminded me of…..have a great week!!

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