Tuesday Tidbits #142 Goodbye August

Last time we chatted I mentioned I saw school busses.

This week I’m proud to say our town is welcoming our returning college students.

Last Day of August

Welcome In Friends… Tomorrow it will be September. I guess we can say Summer is almost over and Autumn is right around the corner. The humidity finally broke for us yesterday! Hallelujah!

Fun still can be had though! We had the lake all to ourselves …because everyone was back in school!

The lake was a sheet of glass…
So beautiful!

Autumnal Feels

No words are necessary…

Goldenrod with Ironweed
Hydrangea drying on the stem.
We told these Turkeys to make a run for it!
And of course all the Tartan Plaid comes out! Edinboro is home of the Fighting Scots!

August Blooms

Even though Fall is coming …these blooms are still performing strong!

My neighbor’s rose!
Our Miranda Lambert Rose.
Our gardens are still blooming!

Troubling Times

I can’t finish this post without mentioning that our thoughts and prayers are with our Nation and our World. And for our families who have lost loved ones…

It’s been a troubling week. Stay safe my friends…

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #142 Goodbye August

  1. It is certainly a beautiful day in your neighborhood, and I envy you the lake without lots of visitors. Yes, the turkeys should make a run for it because the holidays are approaching. It seems like August just started and poof it is over. You are right about the thoughts and prayers. There are so many people being challenged by the times and the environment. Have a good run up to the Labor Day weekend when I suspect your lake will be busy, busy.

  2. It’s beautiful in your world! Isn’t a relief about the humidity breaking? It was grim in Michigan, too. Everything is so pretty. There is something almost magical and mystical about a perfectly calm lake.

  3. The photo of the lake with the cloud reflections in the water is so stunning Nancy! I love your Tartan Plaid collection, go Scots! Beautiful blooms too…yes prayers for everyone effected by the world’s chaos and Hurricane Ida…

  4. Lovely pics and thoughts. Enjoy every moment. Have a lovely rest of August and a more beautiful September.

  5. I join you in praying, Nancy. Your photos of the lake are spectacular. How fun to have it all to yourself. Lots of beauty in your neighborhood. Our temps and humidity are supposed to drop when the rain from Ida leaves. Happy Tuesday!

  6. It really lloks like autumn is coming your way. Here, it’ll be some time, still. I love the serenity of the lake, now without (many) people out on it. Oh and fantastich pictures of the roses! 🙂

  7. “The goldenrod is yellow. The leaves are turning brown.” Your post reminds me of the poem from my childhood. Your pictures are beautiful, and my favorite is the last one with your vase of fresh cut flowers. Enjoy the quiet on the lake. I join you in praying for the families of those killed in Afghanistan, whether our military or the many civilians, and for those who have not yet been afforded passage back to the U.S. The whole situation is so sad.

  8. Nancy, the lake looks beautiful! What a wonderful place to spend the day. As always, your blooms are so pretty. Wishing you a blessed week ahead, sweet friend!

  9. I agree – Goodbye August, HELLO September (and spring for us down under). My garden is already ‘springing’ into life and I can hardly wait to share photos. The lake looks lovely all still and calm – I guess you’ll be sad to leave (sort of, knowing what you love about your Arizona abode).

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