Tuesday Tidbits #140 Summertime Pleasures

Hello Everyone… Summer is flying by isn’t it? We are enjoying each passing day of summer and hoping you are as well. This is the first summer at the LakeHouse where we have not had any big house projects going on. So we are enjoying these Dog Days of summer just a little bit more then usual!

I had to have Black Eyed Susans in my cutting gardens. But these little pink delights are lovely too. Their names are Chelone obliqua or Turtle Heads.

Late Edition

I’m a bit late getting this post finished and published. Only because our days have been filled with more Family Fun! So that’s a good thing… our hearts are filled with joy because it’s been a wonderful summer!

This Momma goose is having lots of Family Fun as well!


Even though we have had our fair share of rain… we did sneak in some boating.

My handsome captain…

Sunrises and Sunsets

I think everyone can agree… there’s just something about a sunrise or a sunset. None of us tire of them. Especially over this lake …they can be spectacular.

But even from our kitchen windows… What a fabulous way to start the day while making our morning coffee!

Lakeside Walks

When family comes to visit we all like to reminisce about the old times here at the Lake and we do so while taking walks around lakeside. So here is what we see on our walks…

They have a lovely view looking down the street to the lake.
That balcony makes for even better views of the lake.
Special friends live here…
Always fun to have a boat when living at a lake.
Many people take this same picture. I’ve even seen it on local commercials.
Lake Life!

Our Gardens

Our family enjoys seeing the gardens. They say Grandma (my Mom) is looking down from heaven with a big smile!

I could go on forever sharing flowers… but don’t you worry… I’ll save some for next Tuesday. 😊

Creature Feature

I have not seen one of these for years!

A praying mantis. They are a symbol of stillness and they are to bring calm!

Fall is Fast Approaching

We see it in the stores…

I’m not quite ready for Halloween Candy yet!

And we are starting to see it in nature…

I say… slow down just a wee bit summer! We still have lots of fun to be had! And memories still need to be made!

Thanks Again!

Thank you once again for letting me indulge you with another Tuesday Tidbits. This is a place where I can write down my thoughts of the week and perhaps get away from the “real world.” I try real hard to not listen to the news… but somehow it still creeps into our daily lives one way or another. Covid is raising its ugly head again so please stay safe my friends. Take good care and we will chat again next Tuesday.

35 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #140 Summertime Pleasures

  1. Flowers, boating, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and more cute lake houses. What a great summer you are having! I love the Black Eyed Susans with the pink flowers. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Good Morning Beth! Thank you so much for enjoying.

      I just wanted to let you know I have commented twice on your latest post and both my comments disappeared. Hope you get it all figured out.

      1. I am giggling at your comment “the mysteries of WP.” I woke up to changes with my blog on reader… where you have to click over to read the rest of it. No idea why that happened. LOL!

  2. Yes, please slow down summer! The sunrises and sunset photos are gorgeous, and you are living life to the fullest! I just returned to the city after 5 weeks at the beach, and my grands are back in school and even though it’s still hot outside summer feels like it’s over, boo hoo! I’m not ready for Halloween either! Enjoy those boat rides and farmer’s market bounty!

  3. I can relate — in the summer my posting is slower too. Family fun is more important. And it looks like great fun — what glorious skies and beautiful flowers. It will be hard to think about returning to AZ. (Well, till the snow starts to fall!)

    1. Ha! Ha! Jeanie you made me giggle. Until the snow flies… isn’t that the truth. But truth be told…
      I love, love, love both of our homes/paradises. We are a little further away from family when we are in AZ but they all have a place to vacation at. Lol! And I’m just an airplane ride away… it’s all good.
      Thank you for the visit and sweet words.

  4. I enjoyed your pictures so much. They are a much needed vacation from the worldwide craziness. A breath of peace. I’m glad you don’t have any major projects going. Even if you want them and like the results, they can be draining. Enjoy those last days of summer.

  5. I like your ‘lake news’ much better than what is available online. It sounds like you have another good week in the book! You are lucky woman who gets to go to summer camp at the lake with family and friends every year. It’s a good life, Nancy.

    1. Judy… you said it so perfectly! Yes, it’s just like summer camp.
      We are truly blessed and grateful for each day.
      Enjoy the rest of your week my friend!

  6. Stunning photos as always, Nancy! Those sunrises and sunsets look spectacular. Also, I cannot believe Halloween Candy is already in stores! Hard to believe we are getting into fall. Have a great weekend 🙂

  7. So lovely to see the pictures and you enjoy the summer! Oh I miss candy corn!! The pictures of sunrise and sunset are truly stunning. Don’t we all wish the summer never ends.. 🙂

  8. Your pictures are absolutely stunning!! I’m so happy for all of the family memories you are reliving and creating!! Looks like beautiful country!! Enjoy the rest of summer!!

  9. Not having any big house projects definitely makes the summer more enjoyable. Your posts always bring back memories of our summer cottage in Maine…especially the antique wooden boat photo. We had an acquaintance that use to pass by our lake cottage at least once a week in his. Although the lake was famous for antique wooden boats, his was one of the nicest.

    1. That boat is always a treat to see. My Dad had a boat like that when I was too little to be in it.
      I’m always glad to hear that my posts bring back happy memories of Maine for you. That gives me such wonderful joy!
      Happy Week to you my friend!

  10. Such a relaxing place to be. And I agree, a place to distract you from so much going on in the world. Loved the boating photos and I can picture family gatherings where you just talk about life. Very nice. Donna

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