Tuesday Tidbits #75 A Desert Adventure with Waterfalls

Hello and Welcome In! I can’t believe I’m posting my 75th Edition of Tuesday Tidbits! On this 75th Edition I have an Adventure for you! We are lucky as we live in the Wild, Wild West with wide open spaces. We love our desert and so do our friends so we gathered a few of them with their 4 wheel drive vehicles… and with some Social Distancing… we headed out to find some Water Falls!

On the way we saw beautiful flowers. It’s Spring in the Desert!

Mariposa Lilies
A lovely succulent.
Moss Verbena I do believe.
Paddle Cactus Blooms

We love seeing the flowers but we also enjoy the variety of landscapes that the Southwest has to offer us.

When I drive down a trail like this… I especially look forward to what is around the curve. And in this case what is around the hill?

In this case… there were a lot more boulders but larger. Are you able to spot a saguaro or two? That gives you a reference as to how big these boulders were.

Finally we get to our destination…

These were the small falls… and there were more further up the trail.

 Whenever you find water in the desert… it’s a good day!

This water led to a beautiful pool of water. But getting there took some work! We had to climb a lot of boulders.

The pool was beautiful and refreshing!

Clear cool water!

But since we didn’t bring our trunks or bathing suits… it was time to climb up and out.

Heading out to the desert and seeing nature did us all some good!

Wishing all of you to stay well and to Stay safe my friends!

59 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #75 A Desert Adventure with Waterfalls

    1. It was a fun day! I had trouble this morning with WordPress crashing on my iPad. The videos should be up and running now. Technical Issues this morning!

      Thanks for viewing! Stay well!

  1. Yes, water in the desert is always a special treat. Sounds like another fun day exploring, but it’s getting a little too hot for this gal. None the less, I’m loving all the blooms and our precious saguaros have started budding.

    1. HOT is the operative word! Too early for my liking but the mornings, evenings and nights are cooler.
      And yes… the saguaros are blooming!
      Thanks for coming along with us on our adventure.
      By The Way… I just saw this comment from you. It was in my Spam folder. Goodness Gracious WP likes to have fun with us sometimes!

  2. Nancy, I love your explorations around your beautiful state. The mariposa lilies are stunning as are all the blooms that you find. I love the sound of a waterfall, it is so soothing. Thank you for inviting us along on your adventures. It is always fun and exciting.

    Happy Tuesday and I always look forward to your Tuesday Tidbits. I remember when you started them in memory of your Dad. I can’t believe it is number 75.

    1. Oh thank you for remembering that these Tuesday Tidbits are tributes to my Dad! He would have celebrated his birthday last week and would have been 107 years old!

      This adventure was fun! It’s so good to get out and enjoy nature! But seeing those falls was a real treat. We are going to head back when it’s a little cooler… late fall… and hopefully after it has rained. Hopefully the Falls are flowing more robust.
      And how about those Mariposa Lilies… we never saw them before but a friend who was with us knew of them and was so excited to see them! There were red ones as well… but the brush was too high. And I was not about to go into the brush as it’s snake season!
      Happy Tuesday and thank you for all your gracious comments! Stay well my friend!

      1. You are most welcome – and we will be allowed back into some of our National Parks as of Saturday morning – yeah! 🥰 – but only if they are within 50 km (31 miles) of where you live. It’s something.

    1. This road was pretty easy. But spectacular beauty along the way.
      Stay safe and so glad to hear from you. It’s always good to know that you and yours are doing well. 😊

    1. Same here! We loved seeing them scattered in the landscape like orange gum drops! So glad to hear from you! Stay well my friend!

  3. You’re right about the joy in finding water in the desert. You hit the jackpot! Love finding flowers in the desert. I’m waiting for the cholla to burst out. We have seen a few blooms but more are coming!

    1. We want to go back in the fall and perhaps after a wee bit of rain.

      I have been watching your adventures on Facebook! Fun! Fun! Fun!

      Take care my friend!

    1. Thanks so much Jenna. The desert in Spring is fabulous!
      I do have to tell you that my walking stick is not only to help with the hiking but it also helps at making vibrations when I bang it on the ground to scare snakes away! 😳

  4. So much beauty and open space. I loved seeing the videos of the water too. Blissful.
    Wonderful that you could get out and do some exploring in this beautiful natural landscape.

    1. Hello New Friend! Nature sure does help us during this crazy time.
      And finding water in the desert is always a great day.
      I thank you for your visit and hope you can return on Tuesday. I’m hoping to share the scones I made today! Delish!
      Happy Week to You!

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