Tuesday Tidbits #167 That’s How it All Began

I went and did it… I broke my own personal rule of only sewing on May 1st! That’s right folks… I pulled out the Sewing Machine!

I made the Table Runner and Napkins.

Who Knew I Would Enjoy Sewing Again?

I know, I know… napkins and a table runner are easy. But hey, I had to start somewhere, right? Now mind you, I took 3 years of Home Economics in high school… mainly to please my Mom. In my third year, I sewed my own Prom dress. Then if that wasn’t enough… I had to sew a plaid suit with lining and that dang plaid had to match! I got A’s on both projects. So… I know a wee bit about sewing. However, I think the plaid suit did me in!

Until… I saw this purple floral fabric the other day while shopping and I knew it would match my tea cups. Well that darn fabric jumped right into my shopping cart. That’s how it all began…

Then Came a Tea Cart

Now aren’t those napkins perfect for the new tea cart? Yes indeed! But something was missing…

Purple Glassware

My head started spinning… should I paint a few glasses to add to the tea cart that goes along with the napkins and table runner? Of course!

That’s How It All Began!

One thing led to another!

More Projects?

I bought more fabric!

You better believe it! There’s going to be more projects! Stay tuned… my head is spinning!