Tuesday Tidbits #166 ADVENTURE TIME

There’s Just Something About an Adventure!

“On the Road Again. Goin’ Places Where I’ve Never Been.” ~Willie Nelson

Hello Friends. Welcome In.


And what’s even better… we had two adventures this week! A drive down to Tucson took us to see The World Renowned Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. There was razzle dazzle around every corner and sparkles to catch our eyes.


And guess what… these gorgeous ROCKS make beautiful jewelry. Oh yea! Display case after display case filled with lots of sparkle! We are happy to say that a few lovely pieces came home with us!

Backroad Adventures

If we are lucky… the backroads can lead us to mountain tops!

The Bradshaw Mountains

Or deep into canyons filled with impressive beauty!

The Saguaros look like small sticks!

You never know where our excursions will take us (thank goodness for GAIA Trails app and sweet man’s memory!) I’m always amazed by what we see along the way…

Out in the middle of nowhere! Spell check is needed!
One of the many wild Burros that roam our desert! This one was not frightened by us.

Back in the Neighborhood

It’s always nice to return home after an adventure or two. A charming stroll in the neighborhood brings us to our very own loveliness.

Rosemary in bloom.
Fairy Duster
A tree full of Mourning Doves.

It was an amazing week full of fun and adventure. I’m so glad you came along! Thank you!

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #166 ADVENTURE TIME

  1. Looks like you sure didn’t have any down time last week. 🙂 The rocks are amazing, along with the views, but the flowers made me smile. I’ve never seen a fairy duster, and it’s gorgeous but sure wouldn’t like my growing zone 5. Thanks for sharing because it’s a beauty.

    1. The Fairy Dusters also come in pink… but not as prevalent. The honey bees love these darling little blooms. I know they would not like to grow in Pennsylvania.
      Yes, a busy week but we were ready for some fun! The picture of the mountain tops of the Bradshaw Mountains does not give justice to the vastness of that view. It was incredible. We drove through it all but at this stop to get out and stretch our legs… I looked behind us and saw the incredible view!
      Have a great week Judy… enjoy those ocean breezes!

  2. Nancy, you have so many beautiful blooms in your neighborhood! Seeing those gorgeous photos brightens my day and makes me smile! Everything is dormant and sad looking around here. We have a crazy weather week ahead. Warmer temps with a threat of tornadoes later in the week with winter precipitation predicted the next day. I’m so ready for spring! The gem show sounds wonderful. I imagine you saw some really pretty things. Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead, sweet friend!

    1. Oh Shannon prayers for your area to start the winter snow melt and let the Spring Show begin!
      Thank you so much for coming along on our adventures. It was so good to hear from you.
      I’ll be sure to share more blooms as the temperatures are warming up out here.
      Have a fabulous week ahead, Shannon.

  3. Nancy, the first photo of the amethyst is stunning. The rocks are all amazing. I love taking a ride with you guys, the scenery is always breathtaking! Back at home, all of your blooms are just gorgeous! Happy Tuesday, and I hope it is a good one!

    1. HI Pam! Amethyst is always stunning. I have a friend who has a large piece sitting on her coffee table in their sitting room… its a jaw dropper!
      And we love our desert blooms. Thanks for all the love dear Pam. Happy Tuesday!

  4. So much beauty, Nancy! I am a purple aficionado so the amethyst and the purple flowers called my name. As did the handsome burro! All of the other gems and flowers are beautiful too. This must be the perfect time for outdoor adventures in AZ. Thank you for sharing the fun and beauty.

    1. Yes now until June is the perfect time to live here in the Valley. The weather is superb! So purple is your favorite color as well…💜

      Thank you for enjoying …my friend. Have a good rest of your week.

  5. Nancy, What a lovely adventure to the gem and mineral show. Beautiful specimums. I am so glad you were able to find a treasure for yourself.
    The flowers of the Southwest are beautiful and the scenery you show makes me want to take a trip further west.
    I enjoyed your post.

    1. Thank you Bonnie. I am so glad you enjoyed. I am so glad you enjoy the scenery… we sure do!
      Have a beautiful week ahead, Bonnie.

  6. I wanted to snatch those gemstones right off the screen. My granddaughters birthday is on St Patty’s Day and she asked for crystals and gemstones. I bought these cheap tiny gemstones in the form of a tree and other ones in a necklace and loose stones. What an awesome day you had, so much fun!

    1. The Tucson Show takes up the whole city. It’s unbelievably amazing. There is the main showcase at the Convention Center but then there are a multitude of shows set up all around the city. Many of the hotels are filled with many different vendors. We went to a few different ones and we were exhausted by the end of the day.
      I’m glad your granddaughter is loving crystals and gems… it’s fun to collect!
      Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. The gem show looked like fun and your pictures to display them were so vivid. I do love the redneck and my heart with our burros. Looked like a week to enjoy our beautiful winter. Yesterday was blustery, and always welcome. Fingers crossed for wildflowers and filling up the lakes. Donna

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