Tuesday Tidbits #166 ADVENTURE TIME

There’s Just Something About an Adventure!

“On the Road Again. Goin’ Places Where I’ve Never Been.” ~Willie Nelson

Hello Friends. Welcome In.


And what’s even better… we had two adventures this week! A drive down to Tucson took us to see The World Renowned Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. There was razzle dazzle around every corner and sparkles to catch our eyes.


And guess what… these gorgeous ROCKS make beautiful jewelry. Oh yea! Display case after display case filled with lots of sparkle! We are happy to say that a few lovely pieces came home with us!

Backroad Adventures

If we are lucky… the backroads can lead us to mountain tops!

The Bradshaw Mountains

Or deep into canyons filled with impressive beauty!

The Saguaros look like small sticks!

You never know where our excursions will take us (thank goodness for GAIA Trails app and sweet man’s memory!) I’m always amazed by what we see along the way…

Out in the middle of nowhere! Spell check is needed!
One of the many wild Burros that roam our desert! This one was not frightened by us.

Back in the Neighborhood

It’s always nice to return home after an adventure or two. A charming stroll in the neighborhood brings us to our very own loveliness.

Rosemary in bloom.
Fairy Duster
A tree full of Mourning Doves.

It was an amazing week full of fun and adventure. I’m so glad you came along! Thank you!