Tuesday Tidbits #87 It’s the Little Things

It’s Tuesday all ready. Can you believe it? Gosh this week went fast. So come on in. Welcome Everyone!

Would you care for some Zucchini Bread?

All sliced up at our Kitchen Counter. As you can see… I store our tomatoes in the window and always have basil in water. I also have mint and spearmint in the Rooster Jug. I enjoy minted water.

Zucchini is in abundance now. So I found this recipe on Pinterest from… Cookies and Cups . I changed it up just a bit by adding a 1 1/4 cup of packed grated zucchini and less mini chocolate chips. She asked for 1 cup of chips but I used a 1/2 cup. It is as delicious as it looks!


This week may have gone by fast as we took a few rides into the country and went antiquing in a few country towns along the way. We even enjoyed Ice Cream from a roadside place called Strawberry Delight . Oh my goodness it was some of the best ice cream we have had in a while. And quite affordable! Such a darling little place. I didn’t take a picture of my hot fudge sundae, sorry!

However, I did take a picture of Franklin, Pennsylvania’s town fountain.

And it may not be a hot fudge sundae but on the way home we found this stream. It was a hot day so seeing this in the woods was very cooling.

And right across the road from this stream was such a beautiful sight!

A beautiful monarch caterpillar enjoying a meal of milkweed.

Back home the hostas are blooming in our gardens. You know it’s summertime when they bloom.

I’m happy to see the bees enjoying their blooms.

The bees can be found on the coneflowers as well.

And take a look at our hydrangeas… oh, how I love them!

The veggie garden is starting to produce…

We are looking forward to tomatoes!

Of course I can’t end this post without a look at the lake. If you look way out in the middle you will see someone swimming the length of the lake.

Finding pretty spots on the lake makes me smile.

Not much more going on with sweet man and I but enjoying the little things is what is helping us get through this crazy time.

Thank you for the visit and I hope you can make the Zucchini Bread.

Hope you are enjoying the little things as well…