Tuesday Tidbits #130 Summertime and the Living is Easy

Summer Living

It’s been nice… I mentioned to a friend the other day and now I mentioning it to you as well. It’s nice to wake up every morning and not have the thought of Covid in my thoughts. Being fully vaccinated has given me a sense of relief. I know there is a chance of getting it (pretty darn small chance as they say we are 98% immune) and even if we do… we may not have symptoms or we will not get real sick. So… this summer has been enjoyable for me and sweet man.

The peonies are blooming!
Their fragrance is amazing!
They look like they are dancing in this capture.

Welcome Friends!

I need to forewarn you… this may be a long post. So please grab a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine.

I cut the Rhododendrons and brought them into the LivingRoom. The green pottery is from a favorite place here locally that we have enjoyed for years. (Campbells Pottery.) Well, the owner/potter has decided he is going to retire. Everyone is happy for him but sad to see this favorite local business close. It will be greatly missed. My sister and I will head down there this week and see if there is anything left to purchase.

The blue dish is from there as well. To make the easy beignets see my past post… Easy Beignets


We had a Triathlon here this past Saturday at the lake. It was well attended and quite fun!

Even our local traffic girl got in on it!

Traffic Control Tonya!

Around Lakeside

It’s always a great to walk around and see the latest!

Edinboro Lake

The Wild Roses are in bloom everywhere.

I always try to share a Lakeside home when I can…

Love their flag… 🌵

You can see more Lakeside Houses here… A Bike Ride Tour.

A lovely garden!

I spotted Queen Anne’s Lace! My first summer sighting!

Ladybugs having some fun! 🤭

In Our Gardens

A 50+ year old lupine that my Mom planted!
Love the morning sun.

Creature Feature

Do you remember the baby Robins from last week… well they left the nest. Here is one of them…

Inspiration at the Potting Bench

And the potting bench got a little inspiration from these Blogging Friends. On certain Monday’s …they have a feature called Monday Morning Blooms. This week they used Mason Jars as their theme. Please visit them… Pam at Everyday Living , Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is , Lidy at French Garden House and Shirley at Housepitality Designs.

Here are my jars! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

Last but Not Least

I have to share some Sunroom pictures. You see… I am loving my corner cupboard that we found at a garage sale last summer… It’s filled with some of my Ruby Red Glass Collection.

That candy dish was my Mom’s! I think she liked red too!
Living in a town called Edinboro… you have to have lots of tartan plaid! There are lots of treasured family heirlooms in this room as well.
I think we like birds!

Thank You Always!

Thank you for reading this far and always for following along! And here are a few clouds we see when sitting out on our back patio! Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of your week friends!