Welcome to Our Desert Home in Spring

Early Sunday morning I strolled through our desert garden to pick a rose to bring inside.

I love walking up that little rock path enjoying the lantana along the way.

A sweet visitor stops by to say hello.

As I decide which rose to pick Mr. Quail watches in earnest.

And a bird splashes in the cool water.

But there it is… my Montezuma Rose!

Inside I decide to place my rose in an old vintage silver dish. It sits perfectly on the table.

It’s as perfect as a painting!

I am trying to keep the same color pallet in the kitchen.

When we don’t use the “good” napkins …the small fence post basket holds our everyday napkins.

You can see the napkins tucked behind the jelly jar that holds the blush flower.

Let’s head outside to enjoy a few cocktails. I still have some peeps left so we can enjoy peeptinis! Recipe follows!

Mix together
1 part Whipped Cream vodka
1 part Pineapple Vodka
Add as much pineapple juice that you wish.
Add a splash of half and half.
Rim your martini glasses with colored sugar. Add a peep!

I am so glad you could come for a spring visit! I enjoyed your company! Please come again!

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49 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Desert Home in Spring

  1. This is gorgeous Nancy, for all the reasons I can think of – it’s warm and welcoming and above all, makes me want to get on a plane and come visit. (One day)

    1. You know sugar pie we could meet one day! I have met two bloggers already!

      Glad you enjoyed the spring decor. Can’t wait to see your yard in all it’s splendor!

  2. So lovely. I have enjoyed spending time with you. I felt as if I were walking amongst the lantana and picking the rose to put under the cloche. Just so lovely.

    1. I am so glad you got to visit our desert garden. You have fields of yellow right now in France… we have trees covered in yellow right now. Our Palo Verdes are in bloom with pretty yellow blossoms!

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave me kind words!😊

    1. We love our quail. They march like soldiers when they are on top of our wall. With that plume held high.
      They can have lots and lots of babies which trot right behind their march!

      Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Nancy, what amazing shots of your beautiful garden. The tose is stunning. Thanks for inviting me, I wish I could linger this morning, but it is time for my little one to arrive! Happy Monday~

    1. We would love for you to visit!
      Lots to photograph and lots of hummers too! And I hear peeps show up on an adult beverage! I know you need a visit to Mesa sometime soon……..!

      1. I knew you were kidding… but seriously… when you both come out… please let me know. Spring is the best for photography op’s!

    1. My neighbor keeps telling me that winter does not want to end. Hang in there… “Sprinter” is all most over! Warmth is coming….!

  4. Beautiful rose and beautiful back yard! I had a Quail jump up on the ledge of my office window last week. So cute…can’t wait to see them parade their babies around!! It is definitely springtime in the desert with all of the Palo verde trees in bloom…great post, Nancy!

    1. Thanks for your kind words!

      The quail are always something to see. We sure do love them.

      The Palo Verdes are blooming and it makes the desert phenomenal!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Such a beautiful life you and RL have created. You are soooo fortunate to have found one another. F
    Backyard is a lovely retreat. Good planting’s and care AND love!

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness. How nice of you to stroll along for our desert spring tour.

      This garden was planted with lots of love so you said it perfectly! Thank you!

      1. The love is obvious 🙂 Thank you for the tour. Oooh, I almost forgot, the drink was delicious 🙂

        Have a wonderful day!

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