Tuesday Tidbits #173 Linger Just a Little Longer

Hello April

Hello Folks… April is here and Spring is starting to display her colors here in the desert and our own gardens.

Our desert Rose Garden.

Many days when I wake I walk out onto our patio and backyard gardens. It amazes me how many changes take place each and every day.

Our Hibiscus went dormant for a while during the winter. Then last week I started noticing many buds. I enjoyed watching this bloom in all its stages. Yesterday it bloomed and made me smile. Now I look forward to the next ones!

Our Gardens

It’s back here in our gardens where I purposely linger…

I not only enjoy all the floral beauty but I stop and listen to the beautiful birdsong. It is then… I thank God for another day here in Paradise. Another day to celebrate life. So I linger even more…

Gamble Quail

Sometimes when I linger… Sweet Man joins me. There’s nothing better then the fragrance of sweet roses, light breezes through the trees, a goldfinch singing sweetly or getting to hold hands with the one you love in Paradise.

Our Beautiful Desert

Spring brings more color to our beloved desert…

The Brittle bush has yellow Daisy like flowers. Always a delight to see on our wide open spaces.
A succulent of some sort.

“No matter how chaotic it is… wildflowers still spring up in the middle of nowhere.” ~Sheryl Crow

There is just something amazing when a cactus blooms…

And better yet… there’s just something about Spring in the Desert…

I hope you are noticing signs of Spring in your Paradise…

Wishing you lots of Spring Days in Your Neck of the Woods!

43 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #173 Linger Just a Little Longer

  1. Nancy, your Arizona garden is beautiful. I’ve visited Arizona several times, but never had a desire to live there. Your garden photos though make me seriously think about that because I do envy you the ability to garden year round. Thank you for sharing your beautiful plants and feathered friends.

    1. It is the blue skies and lovely gardens that we enjoy so much here in AZ.
      I am going to enjoy basil this evening thatI planted this past October. SweetMan and I are wondering if it goes dormant or will it die like our gardens do in Pennsylvania… it will be interesting to watch.
      Thank you for the visit dear friend. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy Tuesday, Nancy! Thank you for sharing your paradise, it truly is beautiful. Time spent in your garden is never time wasted. It renews and replenishes with its flowers, birdsong, and time with your Sweet Man. Blessing upon blessing, my friend!

    Wishing you more springtime beauty…enjoy!

  3. So many beautiful blooms Nancy and of course you know the flowering cacti are my favorite! This time of year fascinates me, Mother Nature can put on quite a show with things coming to life and in bloom literally overnight! How sweet to take time to sit and enjoy your garden with the one you love~

    1. As you well reminded me last week… everyday is a gift and everyday is a celebration! And enjoying that celebration in the garden is perfect! Thank you for your kind words. It’s always so good to hear from you!
      Happy April and HappyTuesday!

  4. Your April is looking colorful and splendid! That quail is a stunner and the gardens, dazzle. I hope we wake up here soon. It shouldn’t be TOO much longer! Happy week!

  5. Oh so beautiful! You surely make me homesick for Arizona! I know my man (lol)..and ladies…hungerly await me!
    🌞 🌵 🦎

  6. Your post is such colorful eye candy. You have done a great job with your landscaping of planting the lower growing plants in the front rising to the taller ones in the back. The eye follows so that each one is highlighted. You are an artist in the garden as well as with your home decorating.

  7. Oh Nancy, I love your gardens and would love to sit and sip coffee in the early morning with you. It reminds me of when we lived in N.M. for a little over 10 years. I Loved the high mountain Desert of N.M. (as I have told you several times). I miss the Indian paintbrush wild flowers and all the beautiful birds.

    Speaking of the paintbrushes, I couldn’t help but smile at your comment about the NEW politically correct Cleveland Guardians. You know of my loyalty to my Kansas Sports teams…AND the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA Tournament last night, and I am still dragging today as the game did not start til 9:20 pm….but I digress,

    We, the Kansas City Royals, will be playing our opening game on Thursday and we will be playing the Cleveland Guardians. I have to admit the dude who was always beating that big drum during the games could be a bit annoying sometimes. LOL So I was wondering, since they will be the Guardians instead of the Indians, can we expect to hear a harp instead of a drum? LOL

    Seriously, I hope my Kansas City Chiefs never change their name. I have too many sports shirts, etc.

    Hugs and Blessings Always

    1. I think there will still be lots of Cleveland Indians shirts and caps. But what is kind of cool about the name change is that there is a Bridge very close to the stadium called the Hope Bridge. At the Hope Bridge on both sides “The Guardians of Traffic Statues” flank the Bridge! They have been there forever… so because of these Statues…it is kind of a neat name change.
      As for the harp… hmmmm. Lol!
      Congratulations on the Jayhawks winning the NCAA Tournament!
      Thank you for the visit!

  8. You took me back to our backyard in Goodyear for the 5 years we were there! Beautiful blooms and you did a great job capturing the cactus blooming!! Great post!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. P.S. I miss the quail!! I loved the moms leading the children….she would hop up on our privacy fence and we would see a parade of quail following her!!

  10. I am fascinated by the desert. Your pictures are so pretty. I love the blooming cactus and the beautiful quail and goldfinch.

  11. I am so envious! Your flower garden is gorgeous and well as the dessert. I would love seeing the different kinds of birds, they are amazing. I don’t know how I missed these posts!

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